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This wiki is designed to carry stories based on the Barefoot in the Park universe as depicted in the 1967 Paramount Pictures film (based on the 1963 Neil Simon play) starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

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Existing storiesEdit

Barefoot in the BallparkEdit

Timeline: present day

Rating: T (; PG-13 (MPAA)

Nearly forty years after Paul and Corie Bratton have a wild and crazy start to their ultimately successful marriage, their daughter Miggie and her longtime boyfriend find that taking their relationship to the next level is a lot more complicated than first thought.


All actors listed are hypothetical casting choices if this story were a major motion picture.

  • Paul Bratton (Robert Redford), a former lawyer who owns a baseball team in Denver, Colorado. He went "Barefoot in the Park" during a drunken spat with Corie right after their New York honeymoon. They made up. Paul's character is modeled loosely on Ted Turner.
  • Corie Bratton (Jane Fonda), Paul's wife and an outspoken, nationally known social activist. She is still a little crazy and has loosened Paul up considerably over the course of their marriage. They live on a huge ranch in eastern Colorado. Corie's character is a more mature version of her character in the 1967 movie and reflects some real-life aspects of Fonda's life.
  • Meredith "Miggie" Bratton (Jennifer Anniston), a young lawyer in Denver. Daughter to Paul and Corie. Went to Stanford Law School. Miggie is under some pressure to take over operations of the baseball team owned by her now middle-aged dad. She is practical like Dad, but highly socially conscious like Mom.
  • Mark Williams (Jesse L. Martin), a young lawyer in Denver. Longtime boyfriend to Miggie. Oldest son of a legendary pitcher who played on Paul's baseball team in the '70's. Paul helped him get into Harvard Law School. Everybody knows Mark and Miggie will be married one of these days but they are afraid of making that final step...
  • Wally Williams (John Amos), retired star pitcher for the otherwise mediocre baseball team, who lives in a huge house in Aspen. He is a legend in Denver and has become a part owner of the team with Paul.
  • Colorado Rockies, a baseball team which exists in real-life, but in this timeline it was founded in 1975, when Paul inherits a minor-league team from a long-lost uncle and turns it into a moderately successful big-league team.

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