Genetically modified bacteria designed by Troodontidae sapiens to carry their genome into the future.


The protective container that was sent through a wormhole from 65,000,000 years in the past to 2009. The capsule carried Bacterias and nanobots that had been made by Troodontidae sapiens.

Troodontidae sapiensEdit

Intelligent dinosauroids who originated on Earth in the distant past (evolved a large human-like brain between 100-65 million years ago.


65 million years ago, Troodontidae sapiens discovered how to produce wormholes that could be used for time travel. A major limitation on that wormhole technology was that its use was limited to relatively small objects resistant to the high gravitational forces that were unavoidable associated with travel through the wormholes (see Capsule). Also, it was not possible to control exactly where and when the wormhole would terminate in the future.

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