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It’s not true, what they say. Smoking has never affected my health.
I’m sure it hasn’t, mother.
Ohhh, look at this. Now this is a splendid ensemble. It’s so blue. Oh! And look at that pattern. Shall I weep?
It is very nice, mother.
Of course it is. Yes, indeed, it is. Do you think Amanda would like it?
It’s a little too. . .well, for Amanda?
Yes, you’re right. Joan. Joan! Joan, would adore this, with those seaweedy, what are those?
I think you’re right. It looks like seaweed.
Rechid! Who would put seaweed patterns on a dress like that? Hmph. I don’t care for it. I don’t care for it at all.
Mother, I need to tell you something.
Ohhhh! What about this?! It compliments your eyes. What do you think? Well it is a little short.
Just a little.
Let’s see if they have a longer size. Certainly they must. Oh, Doris! Oh, Doris! Look at this! It’s beautiful! I must get it for Jane. She’d love it
I think Aunt Jane has a pattern like that
Green like this?
I’m pretty sure.
So she does. Hm. It would look nice on you?
I’m sure, Mother. I need to talk to you.
We’re talking now, aren’t we?
Sort of.
Do you suppose yellow is in this year?
I think it is.
Because this would look nice with my pumps. You know the yellow ones? I hardly wear them.
I need to talk to you about Martin.
That boy certainly was not reared right. Those shoes he wears are devastating.
Yes, well, something has happened.
This coat is pure lush. I want to love it.
I don’t think it will stop you.
Hideous! It’s real fur! My lands.
Mother, Martin and I are getting married.
Oh my God! No! You don’t have a thing to wear!

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