Well, I've never been much of a poem writer, but I figured I would have this up for when I do decide to try my hand at such things. No promises on their grace or skill, or anything else. I'm not a poem writer, not in the least. But hell, I can try right? Bookworm2MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 23:42, May 26, 2011 (UTC)


Strength cannot be measured, nor rated nor compared
All people have it, in their own way, even the impaired
Strength is may be the power to kill, the power to end a life
Or it could be the power to bring forth a new life, a life without strife

Strength may be the skill to fly a jet
Or the ability to to see what has not happened yet
Strength could be the knowledge of the wise
Or the courage to say your goodbyes

When all things are said and done
Strength is the one thing that few can claim
to have had in spades, somewhere near fame
Strength is a force, unique to each person.

Strength is the power, the power to be.


Courage is the power to fight when all seems lost
Courage is the power to fight at any personal cost
Courage is when your afraid, but you keep on going anyway
Courage is when your in pain, but you force a smile everyday

Courage is the strength to fight
Even when your lacks light
Courage is the wisdom of the wise
Found in any size

Courage is when you stand strong
And sing you song all day long
Courage is when the battle's begone
And you don't flee, you don't run

Courage is when you've been defeated
When you've been crushed, beaten, and cheated
But you get up, you keep moving through
And then, and then, right on que

You leap back into battle, angry and hurt
You make great effort, you exert
Yourself to your full, you best, your last
The game reset, the die recast

Courage is when you've been crushed
When you've been hushed
But you speak your mind, you say your say
And you keep on fighting anyway


Shattered, cracked, destroyed, ruined.
A toy that no one wants.
What happens when you drop something.
The fate of a soul that no one cared for.

Crushed, smashed, abused, hurt.
The lost cause, a sorrowful spirit.
The heart of one now lost.
The soul of one now alone.

Lifeless, dead, empty of joy.
The sun set to a sad watcher.
A memorable spot, the bench they once sat on.The grave, a hidden reminder of what was lost.

Ignored, forgotten, left behind.
The child, abandoned and left to fade away.
The lost soul, the endless wanderer.
Ignored by all, loved by none.

Snapped, splintered, imperfect.
The mind of one who has lost.
All they loved, all they sought.
Sorrow wrought, sorrow remembered.

The Toy, built to be broken.
The Soul, small and easily extinguished.
The Heart, fragile and easily shattered.
The Child, innocence easily lost.
The Mind, weak and easy to disbalance.

Broken, burned, crushed, cracked.
Shattered, splintered, snapped, ignored.
Forgotten, left behind, lost, lifeless, ruined.
Abused, dead, hurt, empty of joy.

Many ways to be broken.
Few ways to stay whole.
Breaking others is easy.
Being broken is not.


Night Becomes DayEdit

Night Becomes Day

the stars fade away

Night becomes day

the shadows kept at bay

Night Becomes Day

The sky fades to blue

We cannot love you

The day comes anew

I have forgotten you

Until the night come back to you

When Night Becomes Day

We all fade away

Into the blue sky so new

We do not love you

And the sky is still blue

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