The middle-aged planet Sol III was listed in the Register as an unremarkable garden world, where life had been developing with little interference for the past 3.5 billion years. There had been some indigenous sentient species of the reptilian, but they were kept under hibernation by the planet's goddess Gaea, who favored mammals as the dominant life form. Occasionally beings from the far more advanced planet Mars came by, but they preferred to leave it alone. Only a very few beings in the universe were aware that one day, the planet would be home to one of the most powerful species in the galaxy.

Gaea, like all other planetary deities, possessed all the knowledge and memories of the beings living on the sphere she inhabited. For a long time, she had known through contact with extraterrestrials that she was not alone in the universe. This made her happy, but she had a strong desire to send her descendants throughout the galaxy and have them learn as much as possible. At one point, she had been visited by an incarnation of the Son of God. The encounter lasted only one of her days, but he promised her that her children would have an enduring legacy, but she would have to be very patient and welcoming to outsiders.

About 803,563,781 years after Gaea first attained consciousness, she saw a bird-shaped spaceship coming. It landed on a large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A large door opened and a number of humanoid figures in uniforms came out. Gaea read their minds and found that all of them had benevolent intentions.

The leader summoned the planet's deity, and she appeared as one of their females in a beautiful green dress. He said to her, "Hello, Gaea. I am Kishvara Anwë, the leader of the Annunaki colony assigned Sol III. We are a species of advanced beings who have been trained by the legendary Progenitors themselves to explore the universe and guide all sentient beings to their true potential. We wish to establish a city here so that we can live on your world and do tests on its native fauna, especially the primates and cetaceans. I assure you that we will not harm them in any way."

"Thank you very much," Gaea replied, "I look forward to the great wisdom that you have for my children. Many of them are endowed with great curiosity and wish to understand the universe that they live in."

"It is good to see a cooperative goddess," Anwë continued, "The Oracle, our means of communication with the Progenitors, has warned us that not all planetary deities are welling to accept our aid. Some are downright hostile."

"I see nothing hostile about you whatsoever," Gaea assured him, "You can do whatever you want, as long as you promise me that not of my children will go extinct, that they will not become slaves or monstrosities, and that one day, they will visit other worlds."

Anwë looked at Gaea with the fullest respect and said, "I promise you that we will do our best to teach your children to do great things."

When Gaea disappeared, Anwë placed a few crystals under the ground. Within minutes, magnificent buildings rose out of the ground. Everyone came out of the spaceship to see the new city that they were going to live in. It was as beautiful as the vast metropolises on their own worlds. All they needed to do was install a communication port so that they could contact the Oracle.

Unfortunately for the Anunnaki's plans, one of the ship's passengers, Loki, was secretly in contact with a Demon Lord from one of the hell planes. He sent a message to his master, saying, "It is done. I have found a new world for you to create new species of servants." The Demon Lord replied, "That is good, but be careful. Our enemies are watching us at every turn."

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