In the year 2419, the galaxy was invaded by a species called the Darmoh'Lok'Ta,a highly advanced race with weapons beyond the capabilities of our scientists to create a defence against. However, it 2436, when the Infinite Imperium was at it's knees, with the Darmoh preparing a final strike, a scientist found a way of using tractor/repulsor fields to fire asteroids or space debris at an enemy. The military immediately started to develop ships with this "Spud Gun" as some people in command called it(the real name being a Hypervelocity Space Debris Launcher/Prototype Alpha/666/9/Beta/Kappa). The first ship in the new Armageddon class rolled off the line in 2457, she was armed with one HSDL, one hundred twenty flak lasers, forty six rail cannons, and twenty fusion cannons. She was also capable of carrying forty eight F-902 Nighthawk space superiority fighters. She was the first and last of her kind though, as Earth fell one week after her launch. A fleet of thirty nine ships, including the new ship dubbed Defiant fled to the jump point near Mercury, and made a blind jump as they were being followed by some Darmoh destroyers. They emerged on the other side of the galaxy in the Veridian system. They set up a government on one of the three Class M planets and renamed it New Earth. They also set up shipyards to build ships for the Imperial Defence Fleet, and weapons factories to build weapons for the Imperial Defence Force. By now the human race was only 64,331 souls. The Imperium was declared officially disbanded until the Darmoh threat had been ended, it was reformed under the name the Human Ressurection League. In 2506, 49 years after leaving Earth, an armada of one hundred and three ships, named the 1st Strike fleet under Fleet Admiral Lord Joseph Taylor set off for Earth, jumping at appoximately 0325 UST. First stop was the Solstice system, where a group of resisters and mercenaries existed called the Freedom Sons, The Sons joined the League and the combined task force, now called "The Saviours", made their final jump for Earth.

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