The Beginning of Elves:

The first of the elves lived in the white woods on the remains of the Blacklands. Then it was the fairest place in the world, for the evils had not yet begun. The Elves lived in peace among themselves, and went about their days singing and laughing. They take to liking the trees and talked to them, and never once did they think of crossing out of the white woods, which at that time covered most of the southern lands of the Blacklands.

Of this race, there were few that took to liking the sky and the birds and some the waterways of the white woods, but all love the trees. None of their blood had ever been spilt, and none had ever died, for this race of creatures was made to live forever, to always see that no harm came to the world's trees. Of this First race of Elves, one name must be mentioned, and this was Elithranduil Tinilmaril, Lord of the Elves, and wisest amongst his kin. Of the great things done by this race the building of the Tower of Arlar stands out.

If I may touch on the beginning of this race, it is said of old that they were the sons and daughters of the spirit of the woods, born to keep it as it was in the days of the beginning. It may, however, be noted here that in this they failed!

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