Of the Journey of Lord Reignor in seek of dwarfs and his meeting with Drag the Devastating.

This is a mini-story within the much larger The Arakaynian - Tale of Ardeth O'Atlantia

Lord Reignor is the son of Eäron, who is a high elf, and direct descendant of Elithranduil, the lord of the elves when wizards first appeared.

When Lord Reignor was but a child, and his father Eäron ruled over both elves and dwarfs along with Thail, king of dwarfs. A wonderful peace that was, when the dwarfs and elves existed in harmony. They lived in the Tower of Eäron for a long while, and of the joys of those days, memories still exists, for the walls of that tower still sings of them. It was in this tower that Reignor grew up, among dwarfs and elves.

It is not sure why, but when Lord Reignor was old and as wise as his father, he left the tower to go further west, continuing the Great West Road. He and his kin built the road until the came to a stream, over which were trees so tall and thick, that Reignor knew he would never want to leave them. Here is where he established his dominion.

A long time after, the first humans, and indeed the first other than elves, Sir Prain and friends, were allowed to enter the land of the wood elves, dominion of Lord Reignor. Lord Reignor named these as elf-friends, although elves still bore great hatred for men.

Mere fifty years later, five more humans enter their dominion. These were Ardeth descendant of Ardon, Jama and Jorma son of Jor, and Han and Fowler all from the village of Arák. These five were seeking the assistance of the dwarfs. When Lord Reignor heard of those whom he had grown up amongst, he left that very night to seek them out. He called upon the great harpy of the forest, a bird who had served him more than once before on great errands. Together they traveled to the Tower of Eäron to examine its ruins to search for clues as to where the dwarfs of the rest of his kin and his father went. His journey took him far south, where the forests grew so thick that no light penetrated the floors of the woods. Lord Reignor thought that only the darkest of creatures could dwell here.

Instead, he found the night elves, or rather they found him. The night elves were the elves who were still loyal to Eäron, father of Lord Reignor. They had dark purple eyes and black hooded cloaks. They could see far in the darkness and were faster than the wood elves. Lord Reignor did not want to spend long in the land of the night elves, and so he asked of the dwarfs, they said that they reside in the mountains to the far west of middle earth. The night elves also warned him that a few months before, a dragon had awakened. Drag the Devastating, was awake, and was serving a wizard by the name of Lord Vorlund. The recalled that the last time dragons were seen, the world was nearly destroyed. They also said that Lord Eäron had sent warrior night elves in all directions to hunt down this dragon before it grew more powerful.

And so Lord Reignor left this darkened land, without talking to his father.

He was flying towards the mountains of the west, when he met with Drag. There was a fierce battle in which Lord Reignor, and the great harpy he rode, lost. They fell. The great bird was slain. The dragon flew away to the northwest.

For a few days, Lord Reignor wandered until he came to the edge of his kingdom. He has been saved, but would he choose to give the Arakaynians the terrible news of the Dragon?

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