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The Arakaynian - Tale of Ardeth O'Atlantia

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  1. Chapter One - A Gift From the Sea
  2. Chapter Two - The Flight of Gaia
  3. Chapter Three - The Three Free Villages
  4. Chapter Four - The Breaking of Lord Vorlund
  5. Chapter Five - The Tower of Ëaron
  6. Chapter Six - The Fall of Asydia
  7. Chapter Seven - The Swordsman
  8. Chapter Eight - Lord Vorlund Strikes
  9. Chapter Nine - Fïrmane
  10. Chapter Ten - The Passing of Sir Prain
  11. Chapter Eleven - Enmarìl
  12. Chapter Twelve - Keladan
  13. Chapter Thirteen - The World Beneath
  14. Chapter Fourteen - Gateway to the West
  15. Chapter Fifteen - Onset of War
  16. Chapter Sixteen - Revenge
  17. Chapter Seventeen - Journey to Asydia
  18. Chapter Eighteen - The Rescue
  19. Chapter Ninteen - Farewell to Jorma


  1. Lord Reignor's Quest - a quest within the story
  2. The Beginning of Elves - from the archives of the Wizards of Gondland
  3. The Beginning of Dwarfs - from the archives of the Wizards of Gondland
  4. The Beginning of Men - from the archives of the Wizards of Gondland

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