I walk down the street and gaze up at the starry skies. The little economic city of Arvant is gleaming it's bright lights on this fine, cool summers night, and I can't help but wonder why this land is so beautiful. I walk past St. David's Park and then decide to take a quick rest. I sit on a bench and pull out my brand new Blackberry. I then take a picture of the Blackburn House to use as my new background. I set the background then get up, and walk over to the small grocery shop I've been using for two years.

"Hello Mr. Carpenter." Says the freindly checkout lady.

"Hi." I return to her with a smile. I then make my way to the milk aisle to get what Linly needed for her party. I grab a carton, and walk back to the checkout stand. The freindly assistant exchanges the milk for money and I walk out to go back home. The soft tickle of the wind feels like velvet on my face, and my pale, soft skin shudders at the touch.

I soon arrive at my three story, Victorian style bungalow. The brown bricks almost blend with the deep, dark blue waters that lap at the edge of the street. Ss one side is water and the other a row of houses that goes on into the lighted modern area of the city. The salty air fills my pores as a gust of ripping wind nearly lifts me off my feet. I then go into my house to discover that Linly is still trying to finish up her party things.

"Did you get the milk?" She asked.

"Yep" I said.

"Thanks, I thought your little walk could do some good for once."

"How did it do me anymore good then keep me in shape?" Linly just smiled and said,

"Rob needs you up stairs. It's Becca." I whimper a small bit and say,

"Why does he always pick loose women?" I march upstairs to find my other housemate lying in his bed with the lights off.

"Go away." He said as I opened the door.

"What did she do this time?" I asked him with hope.

"None of your buisness." He awnsered blankly. He sat up and looked at me. He was shirtless and his muscled exterior looked stunning as comapared to my smaller muscles. His brown eyes were red (obviously from tears), and his hair was a mess. I sat down next to him and gave him a pat on the back.

"You can tell me anything, I'm not like Ashley." For the first time his face lit, and he looked at me.

"Yeah, okay. So, me an Becca were like, out ya' know? And she is like dancing, and this guy cam up and was like, yo' b' come get it on. So I like went over to find her, 'cause I was all worried, and she didn't notice me, and they were all like kissin'. I was all like fuck dis' shit! And so I left, now she won't anwser the phone." I looked at him sympathetically. He was sad, obvioiusly, but never like this before. I get up and tell him; "Com'on Linly's party is going to start soon. Get dressed, I will be downstairs." I walk to my room, and change accordingly to Linly's party. She was goin to throw her own get together to announce her camping trip, and I was supporting her all the way. It only took about twenty minutes, and already our home was becoming a night club. But then, a boom from outside announced that the party was over.

Chapter OneEdit

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