Arachosia Prime
Arachosia Prime
Astrographical information

Galactic Borderlands


Arachosian Province, Arachosia Prime Governorate


Arachosia Prime system


1 (Arachosia the Great)

Orbital position




  • Sargon the Great
  • Shamashi-Adad the Discoverer
  • Exal'ard
  • Two artificial stations
Physical information
Planet type

Class M



Primary terrain
  • Urban
  • Plains
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Oceans
Surface water

51% of surface

Points of interest
  • Palace of the Arachosian Emperors
  • Crypt of the Arachosian Sovereigns
  • Mausoleum of Sargon the Conqueror
  • Monument of the Arachosian Achievements
  • Gallery of the Great Warriors
  • Crypt of the Marcian Kings
  • Marcian Royal Palace
  • Great Arachosian Temple of the Gods
  • University of Arachosia Prime
  • Arachosian Classical Academy of War
Societal information
Native species


Immigrated species
  • Arachosians
  • Amelianians
  • Melanites
  • Rasdallans
  • Kalbachans
  • Rhedites
  • Tashians
  • Dasians
  • Laurasians
  • Nagai
  • Sassi-ruuk
  • Hundreds of other species
Primary language(s)
  • Arachosian
  • Amelianian
  • Melanite
  • Rhedite
  • Kalbachan
  • Rasdallan
  • Dasian
  • Laurasian
  • Dozens of other languages

Imperial Governorship


125.8 billion

  • 50% Arachosians
  • 25% Amelianians
  • 15% Rhedites
  • 10% other (Laurasians, Kalbachans, Rasdallans, Nagai, Sassi-Ruuk, etc.)

Arachosian (formerly Marcian)

Major cities
  • Archalay (capital and largest city)
  • Marcian Royal City
  • Sargonia
  • City of the Arachosian Merchants
Major imports
  • Minerals
  • Raw materials
  • Rare metals
  • Processed foods
  • Consumer items
  • Scrap materials
Major exports
  • Agricultural goods
  • Starships
  • Computer equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Refined minerals
  • Medicinal goods
  • Luxury items
  • Weaponry
  • Military equipment
  • Foodstuffs

Laurasian Empire


Arachosia Prime, also known as Arachosia in the Caladarian Galaxy and formerly as Marcia Prime (during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries), is the adoptive home world of the Arachosian species, the first of three alien species in the first millennium AH to conquer the Laurasians. The Arachosians themselves originated from the Felix Galaxy. Their evolution and progression had been in coordination with that of the Millians, until they obtained a Space Age c. 1000 BH. The Arachosians then jumped ahead, inventing a jump drive within two centuries and conquering the majority of their galaxy between 800 and 600 BH. They became despised, however, for their ruthlessness and dictatorial rule, and eventually, in 585 BH, the subjugated species of the Felix Galaxy rose against them. The Arachosians, overextended, were overwhelmed and driven out of their Galaxy (576).

Thus forced into exile, the Arachosians would spend the next eight and a half centuries in transit across the Extra-Galactic Void. Several generations were born, and died, on the long trip, as the hordes traveled in the space between the galaxies and tried to find a suitable one for them to take possession of. During this long journey, they penetrated into the Calathrinan Galaxy (c. 390 BH) and the Crones Galaxy (c. 325 BH), managing to raid numerous planets and carrying off millions of Calathrinan and Voth slaves (to form the cream of their servant caste, whom they would bring to the Caladarian Galaxy), but were eventually defeated and thrown out by the Calathrinan and Vo'ring Empires of those galaxies. They skirted the outer edge of the Teggedon Spiral (c. 120 BH), having brief blows with “mysterious beings”, but turned away and continued their journey. In the latter 1st century BH, they dispatched probes and scouts to the Caladarian Galaxy and the Angelina Spiral, attempting to see if those galaxies were “useful for their purposes”. The probes and scouts sent to the Caladarian Galaxy arrived in 200 AH, in the edge of the Galactic Borderlands. Over the next three decades, they gathered extensive volumes of data and info about the Caladarian Galaxy, remaining undetected by the Millians or any other species. This information they sent back to the main Arachosian forces, who were now nearing the Caladarian Galaxy. Once the forces had received the info in 235 AH, the king of the Arachosians at the time, Shamashi-Adad (230-46), reorganized his forces and made preparations for a forced entry into the Galaxy.

After many centuries, the first Arachosian forces entered the outskirts of the Caladarian Galaxy in 249, penetrating the Galactic Barrier by ways of the Vector Prime star system, on the extreme edge of the Galactic Borderlands. Gradually, the Hordes moved through the gap, establishing themselves firmly in the Galactic Borderlands, alongside their Calathrinan and Voth servant race-fleets. Over the next three decades, the Arachosians undertook rapid conquests and subjugations throughout the Galactic Borderlands, conquering thousands of different star systems and subjugating the Kalbachans (253), Rasdallans (257), Homi (259), Niss (263), Sassi-ruuk (266), and various pirate, marauder, and criminal groups, who lurked in isolated clusters. The Arachosians impressed the vast majority of these species into their military forces, built extensive defenses throughout their domains, and focused on maintaining their military strength. By 280, the Arachosian Stellar Empire had been constituted and was one of the most powerful nations in the Caladarian Galaxy.

With the Galactic Borderlands under Arachosian domination, extensive campaigns and offensives were launched (280-310), against the Gedrosian Confederacy, the Mauryan Empire, the First Huntite Empire, the Lavellans, the Wakedian Empire of Robert, the Rileans, and numerous other major powers in the Wild Marshes and Outer Borderlands. These campaigns tripled the size of the Arachosian dominions, extending her reach over the southern and eastern spans of the Outer Borderlands, and gathered vast military resources and material for their use. Between 310 and 322, the Arachosian Stellar Emperor, Adad-nirari (299-322), stormed into the Middle Territories, conquering the Eutagans, Benzites, Acamarians, Cadarians, and numerous other major states, establishing a direct boundary with the inner dominions of the Millian Empire and further extending Arachosian territory. The Millians, distracted by their continuing political intrigue and weakened by economic depression, were not able to react. Adad-nirari's son and successor, Sargon the Conqueror" (322-36) destroyed the Millian Empire and subdued the Core Worlds as far as Clancia and Teth. By 336, the Arachosian Empire extended from Clancia in the Central Core to the Galactic Vector in the Outer Borderlands. Only the northern Outer Borderlands and trans-Rebeccan territories remained outside of its jurisdiction. Arachosia Prime briefly became the most populous world in the Caladarian Galaxy, with almost 700 billion inhabitants by 340. After Sargon's death in 336, however, the Arachosian Empire fell victim to a series of internal civil wars, as his generals, governors, and subordinates struggled amongst themselves to divide up his dominions. Arachosia Prime itself eventually became the capital planet of the Arachosian Supreman Empire, established by Tudiya in 353. It remained the capital world of the Arachosian Supreman Empire until its fall in 509 to the Rhedites under King Gomer (501-35). Arachosia Prime thereafter was under the rule of the Rhedites (509-636); the Nicolans (636-750); the Rasdallans (750-801); the Kalbachans (801-974): and then a restored Neo-Arachosian Republic (974-1001), before it was subdued by the Timurid Empire. It remained under Timurid rule for barely two decades, falling back under the dominion of the Neo-Arachosian State by 1019. Eventually, in the early twelfth century, it was conquered by the Amelianian Kingdom of Marcia, remaining under Amelianian rule to the middle of the thirteenth century, when it fell to the Vikanian Barbarians. After a succession of foreign powers governed over the world, it fell under the rule of the Laurasian Empire in the early eighteenth century.

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