I'm just a Shakespeare fan writing a fanfiction for one of his plays. But a little bit of Water Song and The Diamond Secret is included too for fun.

Chapter 1Edit

Isabella walked into the shop. "Hallo Isabella wie sind sie heute?" Mrs. Hoffmann greeted Isabella. Isabella nodded to the old woman and continued her shopping. The war had put Germany into great poverty. Even rich men like Isabella's father, Commander Mueller, could barely pay taxes. Isabella paid for her groceries and left the Hoffmann's shop..

Isabella got into the car. Exhausted, she laid her head back in the seat. It was the same every day. Wake up, eat, go to the store, clean, etc. Isabella wanted some adventure in her life. This remote town was not at all like Berlin. Before Hitler, before World War 1, Berlin was a wonderful place. Full of activity and now it was a trash dump. She missed Ava and Heidi, her two best friends.

A few weeks ago, Heidi and her family were attacked by Americans and killed. Ava's family had fled Germany because of the Holocaust. They were safely in America now. No way to communicate with her. Germany was so lonely without them.Tears slid down her cheeks in rememberance of her friends. She had barely noticed when she arrived home.

Her father was sitting in the kitchen talking to someone. ""Vater! Sie sind home!" Isabella was happy to see her father and hugged him. He grimaced and she noticed the wound on his shoulder. "It's nothing, my Isa," he said, noticing her stare. "Hello beautiful," a male voice said. Isabella saw the other man at the table. His uniform identified him as American. He was bound to the chair and his face was cut and bruised."Sergeant Trevor Simmons, at your service" he said.

She could tell he was one of those men who believed he could have any woman he wanted. Her father slapped him. "You do not speak to my daughter that way!" he snapped. "She is to be refered to as Miss Isabella. She will keep you in check and make sure you do not give us away. You are a prisoner of this house." Isabella did not want to take care of this arrogant man, but she obeyed her father and dismissed herself to her room.

Chapter 2Edit

The next few weeks, Isabella ignored Trevor. She did what he asked without a word, giving him the impression she didn't speak English. She usually sat at the window seat and embroidered. "That's pretty good embroidery." Trevor remarked one day. She glanced up at him and returned to her work. "When I was still living in Tennessee my ma used to embroider" Trevor said. "She'd made blankets with the countryside on them, I had taken one of them here to Germany but I don't know where it is. I lost it when your dad captured me."

Isabella knew exactly where it was. She and her sister Gabbie were admiring it while their father was searching Trevor's pack for weapons. Their father had let the girls keep it. It was a beautiful blanket with a small farm embroidered on it. She got up and went to her closet. Trevor followed close behind. "Where do you think your going?" he asked. "I'm going to get your blanket." she replied. She searched around some more and pulled out the light blue blanket from under Gabbie's toys. "Is this it?" she reluctantly handed the blanket to him and returned to her sewing. Trevor thanked her endlessly and kissed her hands in gratitude. Eventually her father came home and Trevor left to his room and slept peacefully. Isabella understood that because she had given back one of his most prized possesions they were not exactly friends, but not enemies anymore either.

Chapter 3Edit

"Er ist eine Art cute wenn er schläft" Gabby giggled as the girls did laundry. Gabby had watched Trevor for Isabella last night and was smitten by him. "I guess so...." Isabella was to distracted with the laundry to bother with her childish thirteen year old sister. Gabby babbled on about how cute and wonderful Trevor was. Some things Gabbie mentioned, Isabella had not cared enough to notice before. "He has the nicest smile.... haven't you noticed? And he just adores you Isa. You can see it in his eyes. You're so nice to him, giving him back his old blanket a last month, giving him some of Mama's gingerbread. If I didn't know you like I do, I'd say you liked him."

Isabella nearly dropped the dirndl she was hanging. "But like I said, I know you would never fall for an American." "I am only nice too him because I think he should have someone show him kindness here in Germany. It's bad for our country if well bred ladies treat poor strangers cruelly." Isabella didn't meet her sister's eyes, pretending that there was a stain in the shirt she was hanging up and threw it back in the unwashed pile. Isa wondered if she was being too nice to Trevor after all. Giving him back his stuff wasn't all that much of a big deal. Was it?

Chapter 4Edit

The next day, Commander Mueller had decided to leave. The Soviets had been attacking Berlin and the Commander was determined to help the Germans. Isabella was once again in charge of the house. Gabbie was at a neighbor's house. By the time she came back, the Commander would be gone.

Isabella watched her father drive off. She missed him already. He was almost never home and what if he got killed? The Soviets were very powerful. They probably outnumbered Germany. Isabella felt a hand on her shoulder. Trevor. Only then did she notice she was shaking. "What if he never comes back?" Isabella whimpered. "What if he's captured and I never see him again?" The reality of it shocked her. His shoulder hadn't completely healed and so how would he hande a gun if his good arm was wounded? She held back the tears that threatened to flow.

Trevor pulled her into a hug. It was a friendly, nice type of hug. She hugged him back because it was nice to have some comfort. The hug lasted a little too long in Isabella's opinion but she didn't care. She thought about what Gabby had said yesterday. "He adores you Isa. You can see it in his eyes" Isabella knew Gabby was right. You could see it.

Chapter 5Edit

Trevor accompanied Gabby and Isabella to the store. He had been allowed some freedom as long as either Isabella or Gabbie accompanied him to make sure he didn't run off. Isabella noticed the way Gabby would take quick glances at Trevor then giggle quietly behind her hand. Isabella rolled her eyes and continued her shopping. She and Gabby where looking at some lederhosen that where on sale when suddenly,Isabella was knocked off her feet.

Boom! The windows of the store were shattered. some of the glass cut Isabella but she didn't cry out. More bombs went off. Isabella heard screams coming from outside. Rubble covered the floors and nearly half the shop was destroyed. After a while the bombing stopped and Isabella got up."Gabby? Trevor? Are you two all right? Where are you?" She heard Gabby groan as she dragged herself from under a shelf. She was covered in flour, sugar and some spice Isabella thought was ginger. Trevor was a few feet behind her, also covered in flour and sugar. She was releived to see that Gabby was okay and Trevor as still there and not dead. Sadly, not everyone was as lucky as them. She spotted Mr. Hoffmann weeping beside the body of his dead wife. Isabella was frightened. Her father had moved the family here because he thought they would be safe in a town this small. And her mother, was she all right? Mother had been ill the past month and she had little to no chance of surviving the blast of that bomb. Ignoring everyone else, Isabella ran out of whatever was left of the shop, and sprinted towards home.

Paying no attention to Gabby or Trevor, she ran in the direction of the forest.

Chapter 6Edit

Isabella made her way to her home. Thorns and branches tore at her dress and her bare feet. She didn't care as long as her mother was all right. She hoped the bombers hadn't seen the house from the air. She ran until the house came into veiw.

At first, she stayed silent, taking in the house. It was a pile of rubble, burning on the secluded hillside it was built on. She heard Gabby and Trevor catching up to her. The Allies had bombed her home. Tears welled up in her eyes as Gabby came to see what was wrong. Isabella hugged the sobbing Gabby feircly. If their father was dead too, than Gabby was the only family she had left.

Chapter 7Edit

Trevor was able to find a car and drive halfway to the neighboring town. The other half of the way they would have to walk. Gabby had lost her usually cheerful self and said nothing the whole day. Isabella was also grieving, but she didn't sit around and mope like Gabby. She helped set up the fire and a place to sleep. Trevor had gone hunting.

After a while, Trevor still hadn't shown up. Making sure Gabby was okay, Isabella went to follow him. The forest was getting dark. The trees cast dark shadows over her. "Trevor?" Isabella whispered. Her foot caught a stone and Isabella tripped, hitting her head on a rock. She tumbled down the ravine and landed hard on her back. Her vision blurred and she felt dizzy. She silently cursed herself for being so clumsy and not seeing the ravine before she fell into it.

An animal had climbed down into the ravine.But animals don't have blond hair, Isabella thought. Trevor's familiar voice seemed distant. "Isa? Are you okay?" Isabella groaned before the world went black.

Chapter 8Edit


Isabella is standing in her house, right outside her father's study. Her ear is pressed up against the wood door, she could hear a muffled conversation. Her father was yelling at someone, she heard the sound of a gun loading. The air suddenly felt cold and Isabella pulled her robe closer around herself. "Filthy American" her father said. Isabella froze, Trevor. She opened the door just a crack to see her father golding his gun up to Trevor's head.

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