This story is still in the process of being written, and I started with the last chapter like Rowling did with Harry Potter, please pardon the giant gap in the storyline. Thank you.

The Throne RoomEdit


At the command of Annabeth's voice, the throne room door turned to cloudwood long enough for them to pass through. They were in to the throne room where the usurper Zog sat on his stolen throne.

"Give me back my throne!" Prince Brennus commanded.

"Never," Zog replied in his cold and indifferent voice.

"Listen, you jerk," Annabeth was defending the prince, "give him back his throne!"

"Who's gonna make me!"

"I will." David stumbled through the door using the same entry spell Annabeth and Brennus had used. But David was in no condition to fight; the spell had taken more energy out of his already failing body than expected. Annabeth pulled him aside to attempt to talk some sense into him.

"David, you're too weak. I can't let you do this."

"Annie, listen to me. I want you to go summon Professor Daltos and bring him here. I think I can fight Zog until then."

"Is one of you going to fight me or will I have to wait here all day?" Zog was getting impatient.

"I... will fight you, Zog," David was struggling even to stand, "Kaíte!"

A ring of fire flared up around Zog, but Zog as it turned out was also an accomplished magician, "Dod i ben!" The Welsh words were powerful in the mouth of a master magician and caused the fire to die down. Then Zog countered with an attack of his own, "Burzum-ishi krimp!" A could of darkness began forming around David. As hope was beginning to fail for them, Annie burst back into the room. With her was Professor Daltos.

"You are weakening, Zog. I left you when you were straying to the side of evil and now you have come to using the Coward's Tongue."

"The Black Speech is not for cowards!"

"Zog, I remember teaching you; you always loved to take the easy way out. You never understood the value of hard work."

"And yet I am the one with near infinite power..."

"If you knew your master, you would be scared. Korath always lures the weak in with promises of power, then he sends them on impossible journeys to destroy them. I have a friend who lives on Mount Larkanos in the Fire Realm. I will send you there for your own good," suddenly his voice became deep and powerful, "Na exoristeí sto Ágion Larkanos sto magikó vasíleio tīs fōtiás!" With that, Zog vanished along with the darkness he had summoned.

Epilogue: The CoronationEdit

After defeating Zog, our heroes found and rescued Miranda. That night, Daltos held a coronation ceremony to restore Brennus to his throne. Afterward, Daltos pulled Annabeth, David, Miranda and Derek aside to speak to them, "Annie, your powers are greater than you would ever think. Always trust your instincts in the journey ahead. And, David. You did a wonderful job as princess. Remember your lessons, they will guide you to your destiny. Miranda, you have no powers, yet you survived this long. I will awaken what little powers you have. And Derek, I know you hate adventure, but you must guide and protect the children on their journey to fulfill the Prophecy. Please take them to Lt. Chronos in the Desert Realm. There is a portal in the far corner of this castle."

With that, he lead the group through the deep dark tunnels under Castle Lukas, suddenly it went pitch black. When the light returned, they were standing on a cliff over a great desert.

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