This is a story I (Star wars lover 1) wrote a few years ago, it's my sister's favorite out of all my stories, I hope to get it published one day. Here we go...

Chapter One: The LaytonsEdit

"Annie!" From her perch on the apple tree branch, where she clutched a rosy, juicy red apple, Anna Faith Layton, or, Annie for short, a nine year old girl, put a hand over her eyes and looked tword the lonely log cabin in the distance. She could see her Ma standing in the doorway of the little log house. "Coming!" She called, half climbing, half jumping down from the tree.

She ran to the house past the barns and cow pastures, golden wheat fields and Apple trees, the garden and pumpkin patch, and to the door. Bare feet thudded against the grass, her pink calico dress stuck to her skin, and two golden yellow braids bounced. Annie stopped, breathless at the cabin door.

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