Anger Factor

(In the Temple, the Warriors are happily training until Raimundo lets out a shriek of anger. At Clay. Omi and Kimiko walk in to the kitchen to see what the fuss is about.)

Raimundo: Look at the state of this place, Clay! I thought you were only going to get a sandwich!

Clay: Well ah did, but I got hungry again and again.

Raimundo: Clay, you can eat an entire bear and you'd feel peckish for a triple pizza!

Clay: Ah lay off Rai, I don't see a law saying I can't eat too much.

Raimundo: It is a big crime when yah leave a dumpsite behind your meals!

Clay: Which a'll clean up. Yeesh, you’re angrier than a bull in a bullfight.

Raimundo: I have a thousand and one reasons to be!

Clay: Well yo should calm down and instead of shouting, you should leave the cleaning up to me.

Kimiko: Er, Clay has a point. Shouting isn't gonna help Rai.

Raimundo: Sure whatever.

Omi: Now, we should focus on cleaning up this, rather messy kitchen.

(But then Dojo rushed in carrying the Shen Gong Wu scroll.)

Dojo: Hey kids, the kitchen can wait. We got ourselves a new Shen Gong Wu. (Pulls open the scroll.) The Flute of Vorocha, an interesting wu that can make any sound the user desires, good for distracting the enemy, and for pranks.

Clay: Then what are we waiting for let's go.

Raimundo: And I suppose this kitchen's gonna clean itself?

(Everybody slapped their heads.)

Raimundo: What?

(The Warriors arrive, at a desert in Australia.)

Raimundo: Sheesh, can they make this place any hotter?

Kimiko: Well you should have got lighter clothing.

Raimundo: Yeah true.

Dojo: Shush, Shen Gong Wu, due that direction! (Pointing forwards.)

(They walked for a couple of minutes until they came across a small oasis.)

Dojo: Wow, it is the exact same where I put it. This oasis is enchanted.

Raimundo: Anyway, where's the wu?

Omi: If you look closely Raimundo, you can see it is on top of the tree.

Clay: I'll fetch it, no point in Kimiko breaking a nail, Raimundo getting burnt with the hot tree, and Omi sliding down.

(They all stood there embarrassed.)

Clay: Let’s see.

(He wrapped his arms around the tree and started climbing. But when he reached the top, he didn't see the Flute of Vorocha, instead was Chase Young.)

Clay: Whoa, Chase! What in tar nation are you doing here?

Chase: Just doing a little Shen Gong Wu shopping, oh and I think this is the last Flute of Vorocha in stock. (Picked up the Flute.)

Clay: Get your slimy paws off that wu!

(Then he kicked the tree shaking it everywhere, but Chase was not affected by it, then he raised one finger and pointed it towards Clay, and he was pushed back right on top of the others.)

Chase: Enjoy the burning sun. (Then vanishes in purple smoke.)

Clay: Argh, that no good varmint! I had it in my grasp! (Smacked the ground which caused shockwaves throughout the desert.)

Raimundo: Whoa, um, Clay?

Clay What?

Raimundo: (While Kimiko is holding onto his arm.) Er... Just take it easy, it's just one Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: Rai, do you ever listen with your little ears? We need ALL the Shen Gong Wu!

(He bashed the ground again, causing the others to fall down.)

Raimundo: Maybe we should take him back to the Temple.

Omi: Good idea Raimundo, we can take him back to the Temple, and let Master Fung give Clay some inspiring sayings.

Kimiko: I suppose it'll work.

(Back at Chase's Lair, Chase appears from the purple smoke in the middle of the Entrance Hall, with the Flute of Vorocha in his trusty pocket. And with Wuya literally jumping down the stairs to witness his victory.)

Wuya: Did you win it? Eh? Eh?

Chase: Yes, here you are, the Flute of Vorocha. Taken from the hands of the Warrior Clay.

Wuya: (Taking the Flute.) Clay? The cowboy? HAH! No wonder you got the Flute so easily! Well everyone knows when you trust on Clay, you know he will mess it up!

Chase: I will not underestimate the Cowboy! Despite the fact he is as gentle as a lamb.

Wuya: That's exactly my point, it's because he's gentle he's always losing.

Chase: Well I won't take any chances, I will check on what there up to.

(He raised his hand and summoned his Heylin Eyeball, which can spy on anything in the world.)

Wuya: Yes, I am most curious as to what the Warriors are plotting.

(Both of them peered into the Eyeball, and seen Clay tossing random things at random places, with Kimiko, Omi, Raimundo and Dojo sitting behind a large shield.)

Wuya: What is wrong with him?

Chase: It seems by defeating him, he has gotten mad.

Wuya: Talk about sore loser! The other Warriors weren't this sore when they lost Shen Gong Wu.

Chase: This could prove a problem.

Wuya: What does?

Chase: Due to Clay's overheated anger, might cause the other Warriors to lose Shen Gong Wu.

Wuya: And we should use that to our advantage, right?

Chase: Wrong! If we are open to this opportunity, then so will Hannibal and Jack, we will get all the Shen Gong Wu quickly, before Hannibal does.

Wuya: Ok. But if I get in a Xiaolin Showdown with that cowboy, don't expect me to go easy on him.

Chase: Very well.

(Back at the Temple, Clay was, right enough, tossing things around, due to his anger.)

Raimundo: Come on, Clay. Enough is enough!

Clay: Grrrr, you don't get it do you! I'm slowing your quest down!

Kimiko: That's not true. You’re our friend.

Omi: Yes, and we shall help you to contain your anger.

(This still didn't make the difference. He was still throwing items in every direction.)

Raimundo: I have an idea. Gather round.

(The four of them got into a huddle, and all nodded their head in agree ment to Raimundo's idea.)

Raimundo: Ok, as quietly as possible, get outta his sight.

(They crept out of Clay's savage rampage. Then two hours later, Raimundo, Kimiko, Omi and Dojo returned with an enormous sandwich.)

Kimiko: Good thing he stopped an hour ago.

(Clay was sitting in the ground all miserable.)

Omi: Oh Clay. We got a little present for you.

(They threw the dish over towards Clay. He looked at it for a brief moment then turned away.)

Kimiko: We wanted to make you feel better by making this sandwich.

Clay: Hmph.

Omi: Could you at least give it a bite?

Clay: I'm not hungry.

Raimundo: (Smacking his head.) Ach, come on. We made it for you.

Clay: I'm not hungry.

(They all smacked their heads. Except for Dojo, who was writhing and shaking.)

Dojo: A new Shen Gong Wu just activated.

(Clay smacked out of his grumpy mood. Dojo jumped into Clay's rubble and pulled out the Shen Gong Wu scroll and opened it.)

Dojo: The Arm of Goro. It allows you to grow and extra pair of arms, with a tiny increase in strength.

Clay: Hmph, you guys go ahead. I'll just slow you down.

Omi: We cannot leave you we need all four of us to get the Arm of Goro.

Clay: Hmph. Alright.

(They arrived at a withered down forest.)

Dojo: Quite...comforting.

Omi: Look. (Pointing to a tree that looked like a monster.) It's the Arm Of Goro.

(But then the same purple smoke appeared.)

Raimundo: Hurry, get the Shen Gong Wu, its Chase!

(Only Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi ran for the Shen Gong Wu, but Clay remained where he was. And the smoke appeared and Chase was there. And Wuya.)

Chase: I see you've got out of your little tantrum.

Wuya: Forget about him, the others are going for the Arm of Goro!

(Chase snapped his fingers and his Cat warriors appeared and charged towards the others.)

Omi: Clay! Get the Arm Of Goro! Hurry!

(Clay stood where he was.)

Raimundo: (While getting clobbered by three of the warriors.) Oh now I’m really mad.

(He grabbed one of the Warriors by the cloak, and span him round, hitting the other Warriors, and then he jumped and touched the Arm of Goro the same time as Chase.)

Omi & Kimiko: Uh oh.

Chase: Raimundo, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Raimundo: Your Flute Of Vorocha, for my Eye Of Dashi!

Chase: I accept. The game is Rock Avalanche, first to get knocked down wins.

Both: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The forest changed into a large valley, in which a tree was using itself as a bridge for the Showdown.)

Both: Gong Ye Tempai!

(Then out in the distance came hundreds of rolling boulders coming towards them. One came towards Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He blew it towards Chase.)

Chase: Flute of Vorocha!

(He blew into it, which made a high pitched screech, which destroyed Raimundo's boulder.)

Raimundo: (Rubbing his ears.) Ouch.

Chase: Quite useful the laws of physics.

Kimiko: Oh he thinks he's so smart at physics.

(Raimundo constantly used his wind powers to avoid the boulders while Chase was using the Flute of Vorocha to destroy the rocks.)

Omi: Come on, Raimundo. You’re still in the contest.

Kimiko: You’re still in the game.

Omi: Oh, thank you Kimiko.

Chase: Time to heat things up.

(He then transformed into his reptilian form.)

Wuya: Oh Raimundo, your going to lose now.

Raimundo: I wouldn’t count on it.

Chase: Flute of Vorocha.

(He aimed towards Raimundo and he lost his balance as the screech was more high pitched, but Raimundo didn't hear it.)

Chase: What?

Raimundo: Ho ho ho, didn't you know, humans can't hear ultrasound.

Kimiko: Woohoo, way to go Rai.

Chase: Very well then. If that's the case.

(He grabbed one of the rocks and hurled it towards Raimundo, he narrowly missed it, but Chase ran up to him and head butted him off the tree making him lose the Showdown.)

Kimiko: Raimundo!

(She ran up to the fallen Raimundo who had his head down.)

Kimiko: You okay?

Raimundo: I'll be fine.

(She then gave him a big hug.)

Wuya: Hm, Sentimental, yet sickening.

Chase: Just before I go. I want to tell you, because of Clay, you have lost a total of three Shen Gong Wu. And I think it's time for Clay to have a wake up call.

(Back at the Temple, Clay was feeling even more down.)

Kimiko: Not to be betraying my friends. But I think Chase is right. We are losing a lot of Shen Gong Wu. Including the Eye of Dashi.

Omi: I must agree. Clay could have easily grabbed the Arm of Goro, but he had to let Raimundo get foolishly defeated by Chase Young.

Raimundo: And heck I’m not making such a big deal about it.

(Then Master Fung appears.)

Master Fung: I see Clay is still upset.

Omi: Correct, after losing two more Shen Gong Wu. There must be a way in which we can persuade Clay to shine and rise.

Master Fung: I believe there might be a way. It will require the Shadow of Fear, The Crystal Glasses and the Reversing Mirror.

Kimiko: What for?

Master Fung: All in due time. But for now do not warn Clay of our plan.

(Later that night, Kimiko, Omi and Raimundo kept awake all night, for Clay to sleep. Eventually he did. Then Master Fung quietly brought them to his bed.)

Master Fung: Did you bring the three Shen Gong Wu?

Omi: Yes.

Master Fung: Then we must go inside Clay, and show him the future, or fake future with the Reversing Mirror. With that he will see the errors of his ways.

Raimundo: Here I’ll go. Shadow of Fear!

(He shrunk down and went inside his ear.)

Kimiko: Good luck.

(Raimundo floated towards Clay's brain and stopped when he came to his dream system.)

Raimundo: Crystal Glasses!

(The Glasses were held up to Clay's dream system.)

Raimundo: Reversing Mirror!

(He used the Reversing Mirror to shape the future to what would be the demise of Omi, Kimiko and him. and it would all be Clay's fault. Later that morning, Clay woke up with a jolt to see Master Fung sitting there.)

Master Fung: Clay, what is the matter?

Clay: Where are the others?

Master Fung: They have gone to search for the new Shen Gong Wu. Why?

Clay: Master Fung sir. I don't know how, but I had this unusual dream, like an oil leak in a beef farm.

Master Fung: Really? Tell me this dream?

Clay: Well first it went hazy, and then I saw Kimiko, Omi and Rai getting bet up by Chase’s felines. Then once Chase got the new Shen Gong Wu, he destroyed them.

Master Fung: And you think this is a dream of the future?

Clay: Well it had to be, cus it's because of me there in this situation.

Master Fung: We need to make haste, the others are with Dojo, but you will take the Crouching Cougar, and a map of where the Shen Gong Wu is.

Clay: Let's just hope I’m not too late. Crouching Cougar!

(Later on in the skies. While Dojo is flying the others to the next Shen Gong Wu.)

Dojo: It's called the The King Chameleon. Whoever possesses it can disguise you depending on the environment. For example if you used this in a forest, you'd transform into a bush.

Omi: Most interesting.

Kimiko: Keep your sash on, Omi. All we have to do is stall for time, while Clay awakens, otherwise the plan will screw up.

(They arrived at a cliffside, and there was the King Chameleon, with Chase, Wuya and his cats.)

Raimundo: Okay guys we need to fight the cats and deliberately lose to them. So Clay can think the prediction came true.

Kimiko: Okay let's go.

(They jumped in front of Chase and Wuya.)

Omi: You may have defeated us twice before. But I assure you, Chase Young, you will never get the King Chameleon.

Chase: Really? Well you’re a bit outnumbered. And where's your cowboy friend?

Kimiko: That's none of your business!

Raimundo: Less talk, more fight!

(He shot out towards the cats, and started fighting them one-by-one. Then deliberately he let one of the cats slash him in the back.)

Kimiko: Raimundo! Now you'll pay!

(Then she too shot towards the cats and fighting them, and Omi joined in. They were deliberately losing, just as a means to buy some more time.)

Chase: Come on you're making this too easy!

Raimundo: Come on guys we have to win!

(Then in the distance they heard a continuous thudding sound, getting nearer and nearer. Until the Warriors seen who it was, it was Clay! Mounted on the Crouching Cougar, he raced to their aid.)

Clay: Hey partners!

Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo: Clay!

Clay: You stand back, this is my fight. Wudai Crater Earth!

(He stomped the ground and rock spikes washed away the cats. Then he jumped down and touched the King Chameleon the same time as Wuya.)

Clay: Wuya, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Wuya: The game is Cliff Survival, Last man standing wins.

Clay: My Changing Chopsticks for your Arm of Goro.

Wuya: And to make it interesting, I call for a Shen Ye Bu Dare, my Eye of Dashi for your Fist of Tebigong.

Both: Lets go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The cliffside turned into a huge circular arena in which Wuya and Clay where standing.)

Both: Gong Ye Tempai.

Wuya: Eye of Dashi!

(The lightning bolts came towards Clay.)

Kimiko: Clay, look out!

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He got encased in a rock armor. This caused the electricity to do nothing.)

Wuya: Oh Yeah! Arm of Goro!

(She sprouted a second pair of arms and started punching away at Clay. Then with one big punch sent him flying towards the edge.)

Raimundo: Come on Clay. You’re not out yet!

(He stood up to see Wuya approaching.)

Clay: Changing Chopsticks!

(He shrunk which caused Wuya to go to the edge, trying to keep her balance. But Clay shrank up, then...)

Clay: Fist of Tebigong!

(He punched Wuya over the edge giving him a clear victory. The arena changed back to its normal position.)

Omi: That was a most splendid victory, Clay.

(But then Chase approached Clay.)

Chase: I just wanted to say, your anger could have endangered your companions mission. And I wanted to say, I apologize for what I said earlier.

Clay: Well now I’m no longer what I was earlier there partner.

Chase: Well, let’s hope you won't be for the remainder of your life.

(And with that he and Wuya diminished within the purple smoke.)

Clay: Woowee. I actually saved your rear ends.

Kimiko: And I don't know about them two but I am most impressed.

(Then as Clay turned around towards Dojo, Kimiko gave Omi and Raimundo a little wink. They understood. Back at the Temple.)

Master Fung: An excellent task Clay. You have rescued your comrades at the harsher time.

Clay: Well thanks Master Fung sir.

Omi: Just do us a favor next time Clay, do not go mad next time you lose a Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: Oh I won't. And Rai, you wouldn't have that sandwich you gave me earlier; I’m feeling a little peckish

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