Alexandra paused before picking up the phone. It occurred to her that perhaps that wasn't the wisest course of action, given the events of the evening. Ignoring the phone's insistent clanging, she instead turned back to face her visitor.

"So as I was saying... it's called 'multi-level marketing'..." the giant Amoeba said through its large vacuole. Alexandra gulped as she nervously listened to the unicelluar organism continue with its sales pitch. "You're a completely independent business owner, but without all the risk!"

Hopeful that the long-winded salesman was now done, Alexandra turned her back on the Amoeba and answered the phone. It was a telemarketer who would not take "no" for an answer. By the time Alexandra could complete the call and turn back, the Amoeba had undergone mitosis and was beside itself. Great, now she had TWO salesmen...

The phone clung again, gripping at her. She could hear it whisphering for her to pick it up. The two salesmen leaned forward, clutching her table in anticipation. She reached back, picking it up without looking away from the two salesmen. Before she could say hello, she was listening to a sales pitch. She tried to hang up, but her phone stiffened against her attempt to hang up. Great, now she had THREE salesmen...

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