Italy in 1700 2

Kingdom of Fortea in Red. Fortress of Fortea in bright yellow.

This is my first story so if its very bad, pls write ur comments and suggestions and not insult me. The story is advanced by 300 yrs so the 1700s has SOME 2000s tech, but not all. They've got jeans, ww1-ww2 era military, and tv. They dont have computers, LCDs, and those very modern stuff. The US is independent

The War of Fortean IndependenceEdit

Fortea, Southern Italy, rose up in revolt against their Sicilian overlords. For 160 yrs, since Fortean King Forterro Alminus died in the war against the Sicilians in 1540, Fortea had been lost. Now, the people, led by the 35-yr old conscript Colonel Fareo Dunor, crushed the Sicilian garrison. He secured Fortea and the surrounding territories and declared himself regent until an heir to Alminus could be located, due to the fact that Alminus' last blood relative, Veson Arnium and his wife Cassandra Arnium, were now old and could not reign anymore.

Alexander Jackson and the Fortean DefenseEdit

Alexander Jackson was a 16 yr old teenager studying in L.A. in the States. His mother, Helen, was an accountant while his father, Barrid, was a politician. He, his mother, and his friends, Max and Kimberly, were going to Fortea today, despite his mother's reluctance,

"Let's go Mom!" he said.

"Wait up! I still have to get our tickets."

his mom replied, looking disturbed. The trip to Fortea gone very smooth because of the good winds. When they got down, things got worse.

"Hey guys! Look!" Alex said, seeing regulars repelling mobs of people.

"What the hell are they doing there!?" Max agreed.

"Look out!" Kim said, an artillery shell suddenly above them. They got our just in time and hid behind the building.

"We've got to help them!" Alex said, but his mother stopped him,

"No! I absolutely forbid it! Stay here and I'll take care of things!", Helen said. She suddenly ran towards the south side, away from the city.

"Damn it!" Max cursed as another shell narrowly missed them.

"I gotta help them!" Alex said.

"No! don't..."

Kim's words were cut short when Alex suddenly went out and ran to a field wrapped around with barbed wire.

The commander, Fareo, blocked his way and told him, "Get out of here!"

"People are dying out there! Sicilian troops are massacring them there! There's another battalion coming up from the west, near the post office, flanking the defenses here!" Alex told him while pointing to Fareo the positions, even though he had no idea what he was talking about, the words just coming out of his mouth as he spoke. Fareo looked at him in admiration and asked him,

"How do you know this, you're a foreigner, aren't you?"

"I don't know, I just remember seeing this place before." Alex said.

"Well, if it's true, I'll go there immediately with 200 troops." Fareo said.

"Don't, your perimeter here is precarious at best. You've got a mob of 500 Forteans fighting just 150 well-armed Sicilians. No, you've got to stay here. Send another man to go to the west and beat the Sicilians here." Alex said.

"I'm afraid I can't, I have no one to spare and I'm the only competent field commander here." Fareo replied.

"I'll go then!!!" Alex said.

"No! you can't. You're...."

"...just a kid? I'll prove to you that I've got what it takes to defeat these dudes." Alex interjected angrily. He hated it when people underestimated him.

"OK. Fine." Fareo said. He did that just to get an army to the west. His instincts told him that this kid in front of him was more that just talk. But still, he was dubious about it.

"Just promise that you'll ask for support if you're hard-pressed. Understand?"he asked.

"I promise." Alex replied.

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