Sam was driving on his way to family in The Republic of California when on the radio in his car he heard of 'The New Southeast War'. Sam was old enough to have lived through the last one-21 years ago-but not remember much of it. What he did remember sent shivers down his spine.

The states of Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana all had violent histories and in recent years, Cuba and Texas joined. Within a year of the US breaking down in 1860, Kentucky and Virginia were at war, and Arkansas was annexed by Louisiana. In 1872 Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida triple teamed Alabama, and Tennessee tried to gain land in this war almost making Georgia and Mississippi declare war on them. In the last 5 years stress had been building and it was only a matter of time before 'The New Southeast War' broke out.

"Dad, what's going on?" Sam's 13 year old son asked. Sam listened and then said,"Cubans, always has to be Cuba!" with great disgust at Cuba. Even here in the Southwest, Cuba was well known. It defeated Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana all at the same time, conquered most of the Caribbean and went so far as to invade New York City. It even defeated Texas once.

The more Sam listened the more concerned he got. As he was from Georgia he listened intently whenever Georgia was mentioned. What he heard scared him deeply. Roswell, his home had been bombed and then taken by Carolina, and Atlanta was under siege by Cuba. Georgia's allies of Louisiana and Kentucky were in trouble also. Texas' surprise entry knocked Louisiana out of the war in 3 days and Kentucky was under attack from Ohio. "At least we can wait this war out safely," Sam said.

Chapter 1Edit

Since Carolina had defeated Georgia, Sam and his wife Rebeca could move or live under Carolinian rule. They chose to return to Roswell. His son and daughters weren't happy about this.

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