20090717User:Serprex 20:11, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Today I woke at 5 to write an email before having a bagal with jam. Then I was wisked away to the train station to leave at 7:59 and watch old men play sudoku until 10:30. Brampton's train area was nice with the numerous flower pots. Ate the handfull of candy Jack gave me when I showed up at his place when looking for the workplace of Phillip Buckareff. This is what I do when I'm sick, drop in on people. Walked for awhile until I reached the home of Luda. He answered the door to my stating "I need to use the phone". He was rather confused. He noted numerous times that it was weird seeing me. He also noted that he thought we were joking about me dropping in on his party. So he hurried to try and figure out a way to get rid of me while I prattled with Josh about being at Luda's. Thus ended those plans, and began my hiking. Hiked around trying to follow text based directions on how to walk from Brampton to Oakville. Ended up asking a person if the bus went to Oakville. She gave me a bus ticket and some directions. Asked of my lostness. Was able to guess that I'd met Luda over the internet. Ended up in Mississauga. Asking for directions on how to get to Oakville ended me on a bus with an old man reading a book stating "You're going in the completely wrong direction" before returning to his reading. So I got off the bus and found a gas station to call my sister who wasn't able to be contacted while I was at Luda's. She asked if I was drunk. I listed off the 7up I found that I'd mixed with the water filled 7up water I'd stolen from a patio along with the gross berry juice I'd found by the bus stop along with the bagal along with candy. She directed me to take some roads and walk some ways. I ended up taking a bus that took a turn and returned to being lost. Being lost is fun, this was a case of being assured I'd not find recognizable land. Eventually I ended up on Hurontario near Square One to find the Go station I was to find. Go station led to ending up in Toronto. Poor smelling. Confusions and crowds and phone calling led to buying a strawberry smoothie. Soon after I was on a train to finally reach Oakville. Unfortunately I'm still dealing with a popped ear. But now I'm here, watching my sister and her roommate dress up for drinking. My sister wanted to give me some shots, my we decided I'm in a state that the drinking that is to occur later will be enough already. She's also decided that I've become a pill popper since I've been taking pain killers throughout the day. I'm probably at the point that I don't need them, but habits are habits. She's now asking if I'm ready to go, so I guess I'm ready to go