Now, for those who know nothing of death row, you are not very alert… Basically it’s when inmates are awaiting execution.

Three days. That was the wait in front of Calvin Dannah, a serial killer. His past was one filled with dark secrets, and gruesome murders.

Police have so far revealed fifteen bodies, scattered about El Paso, Texas, most had several lacerations on the back, chest and face, others had multiple stab wounds, and two were found burned. The gruesome findings had sparked a huge manhunt, leading in an anonymous phone call leading police straight to Calvin’s door.

The trial was a quick one, evidence was against Calvin, his DNA was found all over the bodies and the surrounding areas. The Judge Daniel Faey sentenced Calvin to death. The first person at that time to be sentenced to death for three years.

“I’ll be back.” He cried to everyone, as he was dragged down by two guards, even though his hands and legs were shackled, he was threatening, he sent shivers down everybody in that courtroom, most were victims families, all of whom were pleased with the verdict.

“You can’t keep me in here!” Calvin laughed manically.

“You just watch us, boy.” The chief was a large man, chewing tobacco, “You ain’t getting out of this place alive.” He turned to leave.

Calvin grinned through his mesh of dark, greasy hair, “Fat cunt!” he said, sniggering. The chief stopped, but thought better of turning around. What good would it do?

“Facing the chair, eh?” The elderly man in the next cell asked, he looked like the place had had a terrible effect on him, he had withered with age terribly, and most of his grey hair had fallen out.

“What’s it to you, Granddad?” Calving jeered, sitting on the bed in his cell.

“Tomorrow, I’m going.” The old man smiled feebly, “I repent Killing my wife, and I take my punishment, knowing I deserve it.”

“So?” Calvin couldn’t care less, “You can fuck the chair for all I care.” He laid down and breathed calmly, “I’m gonna get out of here.”

“I’d like to see you try.” The man laughed, “Without getting shot… I’m Harry.” He extended an arm through the bars. “You?”

Calvin, though confused and reluctant, shook Harry’s hand, “Erm, Calvin.”

“What are you in for Calvin?” Harry asked… thinking murder or armed robbery.

“I killed 22 people.”

The smile dropped from Harry’s face, “How? Why?”


“That’s sick.” Harry said withdrawing his hand.

“Well, I’m not in here for flower arranging.” Calvin said, returning his spiteful nature to the surface.

“I hate people who show no remorse for their actions.” Harry said.

“Whoa,” Calvin said, chuckling, “You’re not exactly Jesus of fucking Nazareth yourself!” He looked out to the corridor, “How did you do it? Poison? Gun? Or something interesting like chainsaw her fucking head off?”

“That’s not important.” Harry said, “I killed her and that’s that, and I deserve to die.”


“Why did you kill 22 people?” Harry was in disbelief, he couldn’t understand why someone would do something so grotesque.

“Fun.” Calvin laughed, “Like I said, some gays, some Jews, some blacks, went through the whole fucking spectrum, I did.”

“I die tomorrow.” Harry sat and contemplated his imminent death.

“Do you think your skin’ll bubble and drop off, or you’re organs’ll ignite or something.” Calvin said, “Or will you just frazzle a bit and die.”

“I don’t know,” Harry said, disgusted, “Leave me alone, you sick fucker!”

Calvin grabbed the bars in-between the two cells, “I hope you’re eyeballs burst and ooze down you’re face, And you’re heart bursts through shock.”

“SHUT UP!! FUCKING SHUT UP!” Harry was close to tears, sick with worry.

“Fine! Fine!” Calvin held his thin arms up, and walked back from the bars, he lay down on his bed, and closed his eyes, next time he opened them it was light and Harry was gone.

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