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When Xena was crucified by the Romans (depicted in episode 89, The Ides of March), she was taken, half dead, to the Moon. This was a standard Overseer operation. Xena's mind was transferred into a nanorobotic replica of Xena that was sent back to Earth. The nanorobotic replica of Xena stayed on Earth for many years, finally being retired from service on Earth after the events depicted in the last episode of the series.

The biological Xena was cloned on the Moon, and a series of increasingly long-lived clones have existed down through time to the present. Each in the series of clones has been raised by the nanorobotic replica of Xena, resulting in close personality similarities between the clones and the original Xena. Occasionally, these Xena clones have been sent to Earth for special missions. Most of their time has been spent off of Earth. When FBI Agent Monica Reyes of The X-Files is taken to the Moon by the Interventionist agent Gary Seven (see Moon Reyes), she meets a clone of Xena.

Upon reaching the Moon, Gary Seven arranges for Monica to be released to the freedom of the underground Lunar city. This is done under the pretext of Overseers permitting her to be used for an Earth Observer project under the direction of the clones (Rupert and his brothers, see: Fly Paper) who previously used Agent Scully on the global warming project (see: X-Seven).

Gary Seven allows himself to be deported from Earth’s Fence Area, having been “caught” on Earth, a serious violation of the Rules of Intervention. It turns out that the “original Xena” was one of Gary Seven’s clone sisters. She was not known as such to the Observers/Overseers. The Observers/Overseers have known her clone descendants in various guises, often as advanced Genesaunts that have the resources for traveling within Earth’s Fence Area and participating in cover projects such as assimilation of Earth Observer data or study of the Earth Observer culture itself.

The Gary Seven clone sister who meets Monica (name: Sureyz Hicturp) is known to the Overseers as a Genesaunt consultant working on the attempt to identify the source of illegal nanobot technology that has been detected within the Earth/Moon system.
At this same time, another Gary Seven clone sister (Keri Anne Wold, who has been fully infiltrated to Earth culture) becomes the partner of Doggett.

Sureyz arranges to meet Monica under the pretext of collecting Monica's eye-witness account of Gary Seven’s activities on Earth and attempting to collect any possible nanobot’s that Gary might have put in Monica’s body. Sureyz plants her own nanodevice messenger in Monica, which later activates and allows Sureyz to learn Monica’s habits (favorite places to go in the underground city). With this information, Sureyz is able to arrange casual public meetings with Monica and start amplifying Monica’s own doubts about involvement in the Earth Observer project that she is being trained for. Finally, Sureyz secretly meets with Monica to begin to construct the basis for Monica to be able to evade some of the restrictions she will be under that attempt to keep her from making contact with Doggett once she returns to Earth.

As Monica gets to know Sureyz over the course of several weeks, Monica is amazed to learn that she is meeting a clone of a real person who was the source of the Xena legend. Sureyz reveals some of her past in an attempt to gain Monica's trust and devotion to the Interventionist cause. In particular, Xena's exploits on Earth were during a struggle to protect Earth from some particularly virulent invaders from outside of Earth's Fence Area; a struggle during which Earth Overseers relaxed restrictions on visits to Earth by Genesaunts using advanced nanite technology.

The story begins as Monica begins to understand the full scope of the struggle between Interventionists and the Overseers....

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