The essay I wrote for my grade 11 English exam. Originally titled The EssayUser:Serprex 18:24, November 17, 2010 (UTC)

Writers usually have a sense of purpose in what they do. A few have been lobotomized This is in part through intervention by aliens to have a style of writ void of laced with meaning. Examples of such authors are Huxley, Kinsella, and Shakespeare. Examples of their work which proves the existence of aliens are Brave New World, Shoeless Joe, and Juliet and Romeo, respectively. Themes infect writing, like a virus in the 17th century: Some invisible wave of infection hiding under everyone's finger nails. This is where theme will be found, in the redundant cranies of characters

Another virus of human nature is love, and thus it is found to live in symbiosis with theme throughout. Bacon had the misfortune of giving this critter main stage in Juliet and Romeo. Thankfully, he had the good sense to cry out warning in regard to this pervasive danger. To do so, Bacon needed examples. First there is Romeo, thrust about from Rosaline to Juliet in a fickle passion of intensity. Romeo is stark raving mad. He is such a victim of himself that he considers the escape of death numerous times before finally giving bite to his bark. His intensity is kindled by Juliet, who beckons his passion in response to his passion. When finally that passion is snuffed, she finds herself snuff. Love is self propagating, and so some manner of control needs to be set in place. Juliet's parents try to direct her love, lucrative opportunities await for whomever [sic] may find the manner by which love is to be shaped to their suits. Juliet's parents aren't alone, the Friar Laurence thinks the marriage of Juliet and Romeo could resolve conflict. In this, he fails to reailize how crazy crazy people are. Bacon has a strong message here: "Love will leave you dead in the dead house if you don't leave it dead while still alive." This story is a plug for Bacon's scientific method. Find a problem, perhaps by taking fancy in an enemy's house, hypothesize how this problem will end, perhaps with hope, settle on what to use so to make empirical tests, perhaps by invading the house and chasing off after some young lady, then observe the disaster so that conclusions can be made on how to have not so many dead people next time

The aliens are still here. The more recent work of Shoeless Joe by Kinsella shows scars of their intrusion. This time it isn't a warning they've seeded, but a suggestion. Kinsella's theme is of following dreams. Of listening to the alien voices one hears at times. They prey on humans because humans have ambition. Listen to the voices, and life won't be so boring. Kinsella's Kinsella complains about how he's never done anything crazy. Aliens don't want to have to explain themselves everytime they pick at another brain, so they need humans to evolve into even more spontaneous creatures. Just as God gave Genesis, the aliens have given us Memesis. Being crazy is hard alone. Besides that, the more crazy people the better. Kinsella embeds this theme with all the support his Kinsella gets from family. Support that withstands critique from others. Don't fear rejection of craziness, even the characters that fear craziness like Salinger can't evade infection. Those who are immmune, like Mark, will only find a mass of crazy people consipiring successfully against them

Huxley's Brave New World would appear to contradict Kinsella's message. Huxley writes of the crazy individual being crushed by the mass of factory people. This is a warning. Huxley writes of the future, of what might be. He causes one to sympathize for the vain perseverence of his crushed characters. time is of the essence. Once humans begin engineering themselves, the aliens won't be able to help. There is only so much brain frying that a human can take before inflicting death upon themselves. John's brain was definitely fried. Bernard shows how humanity will never make everyone happy. Helmzholtz is crushed because he is superior. Throughout Brave New World there is a disregard towards progress. Humanity will hit a dead end if it fails to embrace the alien evolution. The aliens want humanity to ask itself now if it could be happy with just being happy. The aliens want humanity to ask that before humanity is happy with just being happy. Lenina is happy with just being happy, but then she sees through John that she isn't. It is too late for her though, and so John kills her to show that once humanity sacrifices itself, it cannot turn back

The writers of our world have valuable messages for us from the aliens. The aliens warn us of dangers such as love, instruct us of what greatness they can further bestow, and of what dangers blindness of them could result. The characters of writing are mere avatars for the didactic aid the aliens offer our abstract thinking

And that's that

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