"Ahasuerus." That's what they call me. I have no idea where that comes from, but I'm pretty sure that's not my name. One guy thought I was Nero, another said I was John the Baptist. I have no idea who I am, I forgot that so long ago. I don't know my parents, my family, my wives, children, nothing. I spent uncountable years away from so-called "society" and it just got scarier and more confusing everytime I tried to re-enter it. It's too big now, there's no hiding. Maybe, just maybe, my journey will soon be over.

We found him twenty years ago, a beggar in Joliet, arrested for a crime he most likely didn't commit. He was a raving loonatic then, as he still occasionally seems to be, although he's more lucid today. The interrogators were alarmed at some of the details he said, and he was placed in a psych ward and later mental institution. After a few years, my people looked into it, and we suspected he may have been this man of legend. Could this man have existed? How is that even feasible? I got the go ahead from my superiors and we transferred him here.

After three years, I was transferred to this area. I heard rumors of the experiments, but would finally be able to confirm them firsthand. I've heard they've attempted to kill this man, to starve him, and to set conditions for him to die. Yet, some force, something, would revive him, or stop them. This could be the medical breakthrough of the Millennium(s). What was this force, this "thing?" Was it redundant organ systems? Was it restorative tissue? Was it magic? Could it be "God"? I would be in the thick of things. I could use my medical expertise to find out, to study, to test, to learn everything I possibly could. Or so I thought.

This place is barren, arid, deserted... kinda. I've lived here most of my life, practically in a hut, because of my dad's "top secret" job. Yet, I hadn't seen anything of consequence for the last sixteen years. I would have gone off to college, made something of myself, if it wasn't for that one day. The "secret" government facility was destroyed, just about everything died, and I met The Man. The Man, as I called him, was awe-inspiring, knowledgeful, a little loony, but most importantly, something different. Did he die with everything else in the explosion? Can he bring them back? Regardless, he would have to be the key to whatever was coming. Perhaps it was Him.

Finally, the end is coming. Everything has been set in motion, and I'm ready to come back, to "re-enter society" as some say. No one will remember me, even though they think they know my face. Only one man might recognize me, so I might as well pay him a visit.

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