"Well it's time to open the portal," said Jack. Him and a man by the name of John ran toward the control panel, as it took two people to open it. They both typed in their password and watched as the portal opened, and saw a red bright light in the center of a massive ring.

"Everyone into the portal fast, before the enemy gets here", yelled John. There were groups entering the portal. The groups were random people picked through a lottery and had 100 people in each. The groups that had to enter first were also picked by a lottery.

"Hurry up and get inside the portal people we have over 6 billion people needing to get through, don't take your time or we will only get a few groups before the city gets bombed," yelled John "Jesus, I hope we get enough people through to start a community on the other side of the portal, because if not then the human race will be gone.

"Holy crap, do you hear that John, I think the enemy bombers are here. If they get here before we can get the rest of group 125 through, the enemy will be able to enter as well. I want you to go through, and become the leader when group 125 goes in," said Jack.

"But you have been our leader for 5 years."said John.

"Yes, I have been, but someone who is experienced has to stay behind and activate the self-destruct on the portal, and I don't want that to be you." said Jack.

"Look I am not going through at all if you don't," yelled John.

"You know what? Fine, if you want it that way, go over there and start the self-destruct, now that group 125 is all the way through," said Jack. As John walked past the portal to start the self-destruct, Jack pushed him through the portal.

"Bye John, it was great knowing you," said Jack.

"It was great knowing you too, good friend," said John. As he said this he felt the pain of the portal pulling all his molecules apart so to transport him to the new world of the humans. One that was far away from their enemy. The planet known as Planeta.

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