The Aethyr of Johnny CashEdit

I am silicon chrome.
I am wallpaper bliss.
Sent from Kubla Khan's dome,
Something you can't miss.

I am the sacred river.
I am the Xanadu peak.
Suffering poison liver,
A living cigarette freak.

I am second star forever.
I am torn, wrent flesh.
Not of the land of Never,
Constructed of wire mesh.

I am laudunum laundry,
I am absinthe quake.
Crashed the Microsoft foundry,
Lost within my own sake.

I am subterrainean security.
I am transcendant ash.
Caught within obscurity,
in the Aethyr of Johnny Cash.

I am liberal salvation.
I am democrat anarchy.
Trapped within a lost nation,
In the room without a key.

I am the psychadelic poster.
I am the lunatic calm.
To take you on a rollercoaster,
Injected on cd-rom.

I am beef-style marijuana.
I am born of thought.
Within me lies the faunae,
Where instinct can be taught.

I am porn on beta.
I am crystal crap.
Log on for the data,
and stay to bust your cap.

I am lawless order.
I am painless rash.
To linger on the border,
in the Aethyr of Johnny Cash.

I am the bastard noodle.
I am the man-meat bag.
Take this bloated poodle,
and tie him with this tag.

I am neural network.
I am frosted pork.
In the darkness may I lurk,
where I'll hunt you with a spork.

I am toe-up tired.
I am sliver space.
To he who I admired,
now all hung up with lace.

I am story captor.
I am silent rage.
To write another chapter,
and tear it from the page.

I am long-lost brother.
I am year-old hash.
I will never find another,
from the Aethyr of Johnny Cash.

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