Adam Morrison

NBA Small Forward Adam Morrison

No, that picture is not of the most recent member of familywatchdog, that is actually 6 foot 8 inch NBA superstar Adam Morrison. Adam Morrison is an American professional basketball player born on July 19, 1984 in Glendville, Montana. After an illustrious career at Mead Senior High School, Adam accepted a scholarship to play basketball for Gonzaga University. Here, he excelled as a small forward and became nationally recognized for leading the Bulldogs to a late run in the NCAA Tournament. Sad to leave his beloved Gonzaga, Adam Morrison was drafted 3rd overall by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2006 NBA Draft. By making this decision to enter the draft, Morrison would miss his senior year of college.

Upon joining the Bobcats, it was obvious to his teammates and head coach Bernie Bickerstaff that he was going to be a superstar. Adam Morrison was so good in fact, that the Bobcats had trouble finding a coach that was able to utilize Morrison's wide variety of skills. In the three years that Adam Morrison spent in Charlotte (2006-2009), the Bobcats had two more head coaches to try to use Morrison; Sam Vincent and Larry Brown. Earlier in his career, Larry Brown lead the Detroit Pistons to a NBA Championship in 2004, but he had no superstar and was not able to lead a team with a superstar such as Adam Morrison. Despite his trouble with coaches, Adam Morrison was able to lead the league in scoring in 2006 with 32 points per game, edging out future teammate Kobe Bryant by .4 points per game.

In 2009, the Charlotte Bobcats elected to trade Adam Morrison to the Los Angeles Lakers mostly due to the fact that they had trouble finding role players who could play alongside of Morrison. The Lakers believed that Phil Jackson, who coached Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, would be able to mold their current players into those who could effectively play with Morrison and eventually lead them to championships. Their plan payed off that year when Adam Morrison lead the Lakers to a NBA Championship while Kobe was on the sidelines with a knee injury.

In the 2009-2010 season, Kobe Bryant was healthy and ready to retake the reigns of the Los Angeles Lakers that Adam Morrison was currently holding. Throughout the season, Morrison and Bryant went back and forth as the leading scorer of the Lakers until eventually they won the NBA Championship for the second year in a row, and to Bryant's dismay, Morrison was named Finals MVP.

Following the season, the Lakers released Morrison because Kobe Bryant did not enjoy having his spotlight stolen in Los Angeles...and there were rumors he was having an affair with General Manager Jerry West.

The Washington Wizards jumped at the opportunity to grab Morrison and signed him as a free agent, but the NBA announced that Adam Morrison was too highly skilled to play in the NBA. No other team or association has attempted to sign him since.

[1] - Adam Morrison highlights during the Lost Angeles Lakers' Championship Run

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