Mechanically waits before
The peeing-plastic nice front door
Rover, Gnasher, fiery teeth
His nature low and mine beneath
And daily posted, rec and piled
Bills with clawlike screech reviled
Til patience with my lethargy
Passes over, conquers me.

Though anchored, chained, depressed, laid low
Among the cheerful streets, I go
Wistfully, to entertain
Bliss, and amnesia maintain
Til time and pocket wearing thin
Call me back, not home, within,
Massive angst, accumulating
Helpless, now she's dissipating

Anya, in my name, a smile
For the heated square. Flaunt the vile
Grime, (I realise, clings like glue)
You drum, you drill, you twitch, I chew
Time twirls constant, heaven waits.
Managed firm anticipates.
I between a willful rag
Don't act, but wilt, don't rise, I sag.

Anadine et al, who still has no idea what Anadine's password was. Zhalko! ;)

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