Directed by George A. Romero
Vin Diesel
Produced by George A. Romero
Steven Spielberg
Written by George A. Romero
John A. Russo
Steven Spielberg
Vin Diesel
Starring EriK Frillery
Nina Dobrev
Vanessa Hudgens
Music by Random
Editing by Dave Gris
Distributed by Walt Disney
Release date(s) April 18, 2008
Running time 100 Min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget 200,000 $
Gross revenue 978,398,839,978 USD
Followed by Abandoned II: Slayer (2009)
Abandoned III: Bloodshed (2010)
Abandoned IV: All Hope Is Gone (2011)
Abandoned V: Slaughter City (2012)

Abandoned is a 2008 american psychological horror film about Downtown, Minnesota being abandoned four years ago, because of a fire; The film stars, EriK Frillery as Derek Snow, Nina Dobrev as Sarah Michelle Snow, and Vanessa Hudgens as Herself.

Plot Edit

The film begins at a five-star hotel where Vanessa, Sarah, and Derek are sleeping, where Derek cannot sleep like any other night, Sarah comforts him, the next day, Derek meets several teens, whom are heading to Downtown, Minneapolis, as they head down there they cross fence that says, "Don not cross, please turn back, the police have the authority to arrest you, and charge you with a fine up to 1,000 dollars." and after crossing, they head to the center of Downtown, where Derek has a feeling someone or something is watching him, it them shows a man watching him, while they reach the center of Downtown, they find a man named Carguss Ragull, they think he survived, he then runs away, they head to the Target Center where, they find him again and Carguss reveals his face and it is all mutilated, they run to the gate, but it disappeared, they headed back to check if the man was still their, but he left, then it got dark, and then they turned on the light, they then see, weird looking creatures coming out of the wall, then Jones was killed, and as they run from the monsters, they get Jones friend, Shawn killed, and as they run and they find Carguss, and Carguss kills the monsters.

While they head to the gates again when the darkness ends, they split up and and find out that the gate it on the other side of the cliff over far away, the military notice that many people just enter Downtown, they then find out they are gone when they search for them, they had security cameras up when the darkness came, then as the the military take a look at the camera, they notice they disappeared in thin air, then as Derek, Sarah, Vanessa, and Drake then the darkness comes again, a even weirder monster with no arms comes and kills Drake, then as the other side of Downtown, Joey, Sharon, and Donovan are walking when more monsters with no arms come, they killed Donovan.

After the darkness ends once again, the military, are searching for the teens, and as they notice a man named Carguss Ragull a man you seen earlier in the film, he tells them there in trouble, and that they are right next to them, the military are baffled, they then beat him almost to death, and Carguss disappearsm he then decides to help the stranded survivors, they are told to head to a Gothic Church, they then ask why they have to do this, he tells them that Satan is his father, and that they sacrificed humans to him, and that be turned against his son and his people by killing them, but he did not Carguss, then more monsters without arms come, and more monster come, they then escape, and reach a gun shop, they then take guns, and ammo, they start killing the zombies and after killing many, Satan has the keys and lets them go, after going through his trial, Derek stops, and takes out his shotgun, and kills, Carguss by blowing off his head.

The film ends where Vanessa said "You did really good helping us escape Downtown, we are not going back." Then Derek says "I am" which then it ends.

Sequels Edit

The film was the top grossing film ever, and that many critics gave it a five-star and the even got nominated for 17 Emmy awards, and won 17 Emmie's.

The First Sequel Edit

The first sequel, Abandoned II: Slayer will feature several different cast members, like, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, JoJo, and Vin Diesel. The film began production in April 20th, and ended June 17th. They began filming July 25th

The Second Sequel Edit

In July 3rd they started production of the sequel called Abandoned III: Bloodshed they will start filming in December 10th.

The Third Sequel Edit

After there done filming Abandoned II they will begin production with Abandoned IV: All Hope Is Gone which they will start filming right after there done with production.

The Fourth Sequel Edit

The fifth film in the soon to be series, Abandoned V: Slaughter City will be in theaters in 2012 and is not in production yet, they planned on it in 2011 right there done with the fourth Abandoned film. They will plan on filming in October, 2011.

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