Author Ninteen45 (Works) is fine with any constructive edits you wish to make to this literary work.

A small part of a larger series I'm doing. I may change a few details.

"I don't know where I am or how I got here. All I know is that my friends are trapped in this house with me. I do not know where this house is, because it is boarded. I barely even know myself. I'm called Fiona Hawkburn, I'm 18 and I'm suffering either a nightmare or hell. I only recently had been put in this mansion by what seems to be magic. I'm here with 4 others, Gary Stones, 17, Marcus Flinch, 18, Samantha Newman, 16 and David Irons, 19. For a whole year I've been trapped here and, God forbid, I might die here. Each day the furniture fixes, the food reappears and we are healed from the pain this house causes. The first day I was here, I woke in the bathroom, the others around me, trying to wake me. As I got up, the one with the red hair, Marcus, pulled me down. As I asked him why he did that. I found out. The shower had swung around my head as I ducked and it would have hit me. Another time, Samantha was strangled by a force for about a minute, then thrown into Gary.

Each day this force beats and attacks us with objects in the house, and each day the pain ends and we are healed for another day of misery. All I hope for now is death. All they hope for is death. For one too many times have we attempted to escape, but it always results in us being beaten until we are choking in our own blood on the floor.We have gotten to live with it, But we still prey for help. All I can do is shove this under the door, and hope you, or anybody else, finds us. Please, I beg of you.

Recently, the attacks have been getting worse. I was thrown out of the bathroom two days ago and Gary was dragged down the stairs. We also found a list of names on the wall, the first being someone called Philip Acres, the last being mine. As expected, this was scary for us all when we found it. The forces here are also, for some unholy reason, attacking us in a more violent way. For no reason at all David was pinned to the table as knives stuck through his hands and the table. He was then left there all night as the knives seemed to be hot. Also, I fear the forces in this house are targeting one of us each, as in this morning I felt like an invisible man had held me down in bed all morning. Later on, I was struck by a vase then dragged into my bed again where I was pinned to the wall by knives that were forced through my wrists. After an hour Marcus and Samantha helped me down.

Help us. David is missing. I think something happened to him. Yesterday, it was his birthday. I just hope he's okay. Also, The attacks are now evenly spread but still violent. Gary and me were attacked all morning and Marcus and Samantha were just attacked in the bathroom. I just want to know why anybody would be so cruel. It's unfair. Please, please, help us.

It's been 2 years now, I'm really scared. Marcus has disappeared the day after his birthday and mine is today. I hope I would just die just fall asleep and never wake."

As she wrote this in her room, her tears, cold with sorrow, fell onto the paper. She was next. Someone, or something, would take her. She was afraid. At night, when she was asleep two men dressed in black, grabbed her and covered her head. She was hurried out of the house with - oddly enough considering the situation - no resistance. The outside of the house was just a massive lab, haphazardly fused with the building in question in what looks like a fortification in order to prevent somebody escaping. Screens, monitors and even machines worked around her. They placed her in a room, on a table, and began work. They bound her to the table and removed the Black bag, blinding her with a bright light. As soon as this happened she began to cry. "Why... Why! you monsters! You evil monsters!" She screamed at the men. They paid no attention. The sedatives did the talking as they were administered. One man then pulled out a scanner and flashes it across her body. Another sits down and reads from a screen. "Heart rate: Normal. Blood flow: Fast. Almost no change to her hormonal responses. No abnormalities to her physical structure." He called across the room, taking notes down on the computer. The other man turned and put a note beside her. "This is another failed experiment then. End the procedure?"

"Yes. Also, happy birthday, whatever it is worth."

"Happy birthday indeed."

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