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A Ripple is a work (in progress) by Swannie. It is about two siblings, May and Lucas, that end up in a fantasy world. This takes place after their visit to Sweden, in which the children learn about mythical creatures. After May has a realistic dream, she wonders if the creatures are real. The new world brings them loads of adventure and there is always something waiting around the corner.

A breeze flowed through May’s hair like a hint of spring during the summer. Running through the field of daisies she realized that things were about to change. Something was going to happen, but she was unsure of what it could be.

Home at Last

They had just arrived home from their visit to Sweden. May was extremely glad to be home. “Finally, we made it back! I am so tired,” she exclaimed.

The Kundswell family had originally come from Sweden, and they wanted to see where their ancestors had lived. While the family was in the country, they became explorers. “Don’t you think the food was amazing,” asked Mama.

“It was even better than the old diner down the road! It’s nice to get away from all the fast food for once,” replied Papa.

“Can’t we just go to bed, now,” asked May.

It was already 1 A.M. when they pulled in to their driveway. The Kundswells lived on the countryside of New York, so it took them a while to drive home. Mama was tired, too, and said, “Yes, it’s definitely time for everyone to go to bed. We’ve had a long day, so let’s just go jump into bed!” No one could disagree with that, so everyone made their way into their bedrooms. They were back to the usual routine.

As May lie awake in her bed, she couldn’t help but think about the myths and legends she heard in Sweden. “Weren’t those stories awesome that we heard,” she said to Lucas, her older brother.

“Yeah, sure they were. Let’s just go to sleep now.”

But, May just kept talking about the fairies, nymphs, dragons, and everything else she had learned about during her vacation to Sweden. Then she said, “Of course, none of it is real, though.” From that thought an idea sprouted.

What if all of those creatures were real, thought May.


That night, May had the wildest dreams she had ever encountered. They weren’t nightmares, but they were filled with silent adventure. She dreamed she was running along the countryside while chasing fairies. The fairies would hide in the flowers, and she would find them. She was playing with nymphs and other wondrous mythical creatures, too. May was in a fantasy world, and she loved it!

The roads were dirt, lined with cherry blossoms, and stretched out as far as the eye could see. It was amazing how everything seemed so real to May. Finally, she got down to the river. It was very calm and crystal clear. But, May was not expecting what was about to happen next. In disbelief, she watched all of her newfound friends fall into the water. They never came out, and May had no idea what had happened to them.

“Nooooo!” May woke up screaming, but she caught herself before she woke the others.

Oh, it was only a dream, she thought. That was a relieving thought for May, because in that dream she had become close friends with the otherworldly beings. She couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to them in the water.

Why would they just leave me there, alone alongside the river, May wondered.

May, who was an intellectual girl, tried to analyze the dream. She realized that the most obvious reason she had the dream was because of all the Swedish folklore she had heard. “But, why would they leave me so suddenly? Was I supposed to follow them,” she quietly asked herself. With these thoughts circling her mind, May fell asleep once again.

Anger in the Morning

The moment she woke up was the start of a soon-to-be hectic morning. Just about everyone in the house was still terribly tired, and everybody was out of energy. Unfortunately, Mama had to tend to her vegetable garden and Papa needed to do his daily chores on the farm. Both of May’s parents had grown up on a farm, so they knew what needed to be accomplished each day.

“May, Lucas, get out of bed,” Mama yelled. They didn’t want to, but they knew that they must.

“Great, we’re back to the old grind,” sighed Lucas.

“They don’t even give us one day of rest! I mean, we’re not mules,” May said as she jumped angrily out of her bed.

As the morning progressed, everyone but May was in a good mood. I always have to do the most chores. I hate this, she shouted in her head. May had to weed the vegetable garden with Mama, feed the horses and kittens, and throw hay down from the haymow.

At last, to May’s satisfaction, everyone came inside to eat lunch. “We’ve got some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes! Who wants a salad,” Mama asked.

“Come on! Do we have to have that? I really don’t like the radishes,” whined May after her mother suggested this.

“May, they’re good for you. Why don’t you just try them, and see if you like them,” Papa said.

It was like May had a red hot lava stream flowing through her body, and she was getting angry. “I am so tired of all of you ignoring me all the time! Why can’t we ever do anything that I want to do, and why do I always have to do so many chores? Ugh! We just got home last night, can’t we just relax today?”

With that, May ran out the door and down the road. The entire way, she was thinking to herself what she was going to do. I can’t believe I’m running away, she thought as she kept running.

Then May noticed something. It was something that she had never even thought about, but was so obvious to begin with. At that moment, May was stupefied to learn that the place in her dream was actually her home.

This changed ever aspect of the dream that she thought she had understood. “Why would they be around here,” May asked herself, about the magical creatures. To be sure that it really was the place, May ran down the road. When she got to the river and the cherry blossoms, she was positive that this was her dream location. May panicked, not knowing if the dream was real, and if it meant anything. She hurried back to the house.

Telling Lucas

“Lucas! Come quick. I need to tell you something,” cried May as she sprinted in the front door.

“What is it? I’m eating,” Lucas answered.

“I don’t care if you’re eating! Just come!” As May said that, she was pulling Lucas out the door by his shirt collar. Eventually, she let go and they were both running down the dirt road.

“Can’t you just tell me? What’s going on,” demanded Lucas.

“All right, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“I promise.” By the time Lucas had agreed to this, they were walking.

“Remember all of the stories we heard in Sweden about the magical fairies and all of the other creatures,” May asked.

“Yes. This is what you wanted to tell me so badly? I’m going back to the house.”

“No, wait,” May pleaded. As she started her story, they began walking into a field of wildflowers. “Well, I had this dream and all of those things were in it. We were playing around and having fun. But, then they all just disappeared into the water.”

“So what? It’s just a dream,” said Lucas.

“Well, I realized today that this was the place in my dream. All of the creatures and I were playing around here, in this field, on our farm, down that road! And, then they just disappeared into the water in the river down there.” May pointed to the river. It wasn’t far away, so they decided to take a walk down to it.

“So, why does any of this matter,” asked Lucas, confused.

“I don’t know. I just feel weird about it. The dream was like real life, and it was really awkward when I figured out that it took place here,” replied May.

A Ripple in the Stream

When they got to the river, it was as calm as can be. All of a sudden, there was a little ripple in the water. Then, May began having flashbacks. They were all of her dream. Images went racing through her mind of her adventures with the creatures, and then of the river. The river was where they all vanished, and there was a movement in the water when it happened.

Suddenly, May fainted. Lucas was very alarmed, not knowing what to do. “May! Wake up, please! Wait, I’m going to get Mama and Papa!” As he was about to run home, a blanket of silence covered the area. At that moment, a string of blinding light encircled them, and Lucas embraced May in his arms as he fell asleep.

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