Epilogue: Angels & Announcements Edit

Ranma sat on the roof of the Dojo, looking out over the sea of houses before him. It had been a week since he and the others had returned from America.

A week since Kenoru had been bound to the purgatory.

A week since he had parted from the Angel, Angela.

Mousse had returned to China a few days earlier to tie up some loose ends, leaving only with a promise that he would return.

Shampoo had left after the Kenoru incident. Ranma still wasn't sure that she knew who he was. In some way, he thought it better that way. She was more than likely returning to her village, explaining of what had happened to Kenoru.

Panty-- no... Kei Tarou had decided to remain in San Francisco. After he had fulfilled his part of the bargain, he decided to hang around there.

Ukyou was staying in Japan for another week before returning to a film shoot back in Los Angeles. It was funny. A B action movie star. Ranma never would have thought.

Akane and Ryouga were back at their own home once again, taking care of little Ranma. Ranma would be lying if he had said he wasn't jealous. But he was happy for them. He also vowed that if Ryouga ever mistreated Akane, he would beat him into a bloody pulp.

His father, mother and sister returned home the day earlier, after spending some quality time back at the Dojo.

Nabiki and Kinami went back to running Ucchans. Nabiki was in the process of getting Ukyou to do a publicity stunt, while Kinami was busily pining over Mousse. Who would have thought?

Doctor Tofu had been strangely silent since his return to Japan. He refused to believe that it was really his brother that had caused all of this. He and Kasumi had left for Beijing a few days earlier to visit the grave of young Kenoru Ono. Perhaps the only thing Tofu could hang on to.

Angela... Ranma hadn't heard from Angela since San Francisco. But he knew he would. And VERY soon.

"Hello again, Ranma."

Ranma didn't turn. He had sensed Angela's presence since she arrived in Japan.

"Are you here to fight me?" Ranma asked. "To kill me? It might be better."

Angela snorted. "Don't be absurd... I'm here to give you some news."

Ranma turned around. "Oh?"

"I've spoken with my contact at the celestial embassy here in Tokyo."

"Celestial Embassy?"

Angela nodded and stepped toward Ranma. "It appears there's another Hellspawn in New York."

Ranma shrugged. "What does that have to do with me?"

"As a rule, Hell only permits one Hellspawn per century."

"So they've done two?"

"No. It seems Malebolgia has torn up your contract, so to speak."

Ranma looked towards her. "What?"

"The Celestial court has also agreed to look over your case. It took some string pulling, but they've looked at it."

Ranma stood up. "What?"

"Ranma, you shouldn't have been condemned to hell. What you killed for in life was a mistake. It was in defense of the one you loved."

Ranma started to breathe heavily. "What are you saying, Angela?"

Angela smiled. "Take off your mask."

Ranma slowly reached for his mask. He hadn't taken it off for over a week. He didn't want to. He hesitated for a moment, and then pulled it off.

Angela handed him a small hand mirror. "Your suit should be able to come off with minimal effort. I'd suspect you haven't been able to use your cloak very effectively lately, have you?"

Ranma looked into the mirror. His face was no longer scarred. His eyes were no longer green. His hair... He HAD hair.

He was himself. He was Ranma Saotome.


Angela smiled. "As I said, your case has been reviewed. Rather than hell, you've been reassigned to heavens army."

"But... I mean... my face. I'm..."

"What? Did you expect to look like a Hellspawn in heaven?"

Ranma looked up. "So I'm going to heaven?"

Angela smirked. "On occasion, yes."

"On Occasion?"

"Ranma, this honour is very rarely bestowed upon a mortal. Only twice in history has this even been considered."


"As an Angel of heaven, it is my duty to bestow this upon you. Honorary Angel Warrior."

Ranma nearly lost his balance.

Angela laughed. "You can stay here in Tokyo. You can go wherever you want, but if the embassy contacts you, and they will, you are required to fulfill anything the require of you. You will be given a staff, like mine. I'm a bounty hunter. That's my job. You... well... think of it kind of like a detective for heaven."

Ranma blinked. "A detective?"

Angela shrugged. "It's the best way I can describe it."

"So then... I'm... human again?"

"In guise, only... You'll also find that some... well... other parts are fully functional, and you can have children. Mortal children. But deeper inside, you are angelic. You will have the powers of an angel, the advantages of an Angel. But just so you know, you'll have the limitations of an angel."

Ranma sighed. "So I'm free, then?"

"In a manner of speaking. You'll work for us here in Tokyo. There are others here."

Ranma couldn't feel it coming, but he knew the smile was plastered on his face, leaving him grinning like an idiot.

"Anyway," she checked her watch. "I'm wanted in New York. The new Hellspawn should be awakening soon, and I'm going to have to hunt him down."

Ranma nodded.

"Good luck, Ranma," she said, jumping down from the roof.

Ranma sucked in a breath of air as he took in the sight around him. He promptly removed his gloves to reveal his hands. Human hands. He then ripped his cloak from himself and jumped down to the ground.

He was human again... Well, human with a few perks. He could live with that.

Ranma looked into the koi pond, revealing his reflection.

Human. Totally human.

He splashed the water on to himself, just as an experiment.

Yup, he was a girl again.

Oh well. Can't win 'em all. Ranma could care less. He was human again. He was no longer deformed.

He ran into the house as fast as he could and bounded up the stairs.

"Hey, Mr. Tendo!" he cried.

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