'Twas a great long time age when a brave Saxon warrior met his arch enemy, a violent Dane. Here is the conversation held betwix the brave warrior and the nasty fiend:

Wíga: "Éalá! Hit is þú, Dene. Willst þú nù déadian?

(Warrior: "Oh! It is thou, dane. Dost thou want to die now?")

Dene (béonde géap): "Hwæt?! Ic ne wite hwæt þú ymbsprecest."

(Dane (being decietful): "What?! I don't know what thou art speaking about.")

Wíga (ábylgnesse): "Đú stranglice léasast! Ic ofsléa þec ǣdre!"

(Warrior (with wrath): "Thou greatly (lit. "strongly") lyest! I shall kill thee quickly (lit. "directly/soon")!")

*Se Féond flíehð and se wígend æftergáð*

(*The fiend flees (lit. "fleeth") and the warrior goes after him (lit. "Goeth behind/after"*)

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