Last weekend we played at the Verizon Center in DC and it was amazing. The place was packed with wild fans who made up one of the best audiences we have ever played for. We started with born to be wild, which was a good choice. Rudd kept putting in these crazy drum fills that really added to the song. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, and of course hells bells, were big hits, we even played big balls and the crowd loved it. Angus had an insane solo during TNT, and combined with the special effects that the Verizon Center put on, it sent chills down my spine. It was a blast and we all look forward to playing there again. - Brian (Mitch)


Traveling country-wide is getting pretty old, but hey whatever’s rolling in the money is fine by me. We’re on the road again after the band performed in D.C. the other night. Great turn out; screaming fans, the band was feeling it, my cell hasn’t stopped ringing about the show. Probably the best so far; everyone I have spoken to has only raved about it. The fans in D.C. were crazy. Girls yelling and screaming, the guys drunk out of their minds trying to rush the stage after the show. It was unbelievable. Who would of thought D.C. would have a turn out like that? I’m not surprised though, it was a job well done by me… but for the band’s sake of course. (Tamar)


I cannot believe he made me go to this stupid ACDC concert. This is so dumb. I have so many other better things I could be doing and he doesn’t even appreciate that I came. It is so loud; I have a migraine I want to go home. This place is gross and there are so many gross people here. This band is so old and gross, they are not even close to being attractive and they never were. I don’t understand why anyone likes them they just loud and gross. I want to go home. –some agitated girl (Holly)

Well I can't believe this day was here. I finally got to see an ACDC conert with my best friend. I suprised her with the tickets and we were both super excited. We had front row seats and when we got there I couldn't belive it. The show was great, there were sparks flying, fire coming up from the stage, and loud music. After the concert my friend and I tried to get on the tourbus to meet with the group and hopefully ride with them for a couple of days. The bodygaurd would not let us on the bus for anything. We kicked, cried, screamed, and even debated flashing him just to get on. After we got all dressed up and painted our faces, I was pissed. When the security got on the bus I put a nail and 3 of the bus' tires and went home to blog about how HORRIBLE their concert was. I hate you AC/DC.

-disgruntled groupie (brandon)

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