This is just an overview of the story, not the story itself. Any name that are from another story is entirely coincidence. All of this belongs to Yugon.

Chapter 1: Just a normal day...Edit

Mr. Simmons was travelling to the planet Ghalas II when he was shot down by a Rogue ship in the Annorex Galaxy. He landed on the planet Ferion XI when he was shot dowbn, but eventually was saved by Redaxorins who lived on the planet for seven hundred years. This chapter is the story of what happened to him on the planet of Ferion XI. At the end of the chapter, it starts talking about Samantha's normal day and how boring it really is.

Chapter 2: When are we???Edit

Samantha just met Mr. Simmons as she was visiting the wasteplant to find her lost clock her mother got her for her birthday after she died. Mr. Simmons takes her to his "DARTER" or Demensional and Relational Time Equartion Revolver or Spaceship. Mr. Simmons tells her about the destruction of earth that was going to happen if he didn't get there. Samantha tells about her life and how she ended up with the boring life.

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