Welcome to the wonderful journey of a lifetime! Where mythology and Science collide, where religion and theories merge to form the miraculous world of Mr. Simmons!

Mr. Simmons summaryEdit

During 2014, Mrs. Norbury was weeding her lawn as always during a horribly hot summer afternoon as her neighbour, Samantha Cruz was reading a book. As she was, she saw a miracle in front of her: a man popped out of nowhere in a strange suit wearing a hat that looked like a spider. He was dressed like a business man, yet wasn't one. Soon, Samantha was in for a journey of her own life and the entire whole of reality and the concept of all will be defined as Samantha travel with this mysterious man who claims to be what he calls an Arayan who travelled from planet Enertia. Now Samantha is in for the ride of her life!


  1. Just a normal day...
  2. When are we???
  3. Battle of their lives
  4. Who knew?
  5. Arayan companions
  6. Sammy goes mad
  7. Kaos Theory
  8. Simmons is Sick
  9. Who does time revolve around?
  10. Why, God?
  11. Truth Revealed
  12. final descent
  13. Simmons is dead...
  14. Enertian Crystals
  15. The final Descent...again
  16. Battle with God
  17. Nuariatumnarian
  18. I guess this is goodbye...

Other ThingsEdit

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