Data entry September 15, 1921

Dark ... it was pitch dark in my office as I .. me Jason Jackpot P.I was trying to paint the bigger picture in my mind.

My mind was more hollow than the emptiest of space how could one of the best paid man working for the USA Army go A.w.o.l. one Harry Raidd. My intuition was telling me there was more that what the military personal were willing to tell me.For months i was working on this case and there more i dug in the case I was left with more questions than answers.

Why would a corporal like Harry Raidd would betray his beliefs and his country a man once so dedicated.

What was this research project that the men in black were trying to keep heavly underwraps and the project that our fugitive was taking part. What was this project codenamed Regenisis truly about?

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