& anotherUser:Serprex 20:40, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

I'm waking up frozen

I'm frozen in a bow, awaiting reunion

I'm damned

Very well

Some yearning calls, some regretful sobs, some vain denials, some righteous accusations, some sorrowful sobs

One face murmurs "see five" in response to "dee four"

Irony: for someone who tries to avoid the worst, this is quite the predicament

Tie me down like a bitch

Far fetch for a vamp

I'm going to lose all my friends if I keep doing that

How long? Time doesn't matter. Only its perception

I'm frozen in a bow, awaiting reunion

It's not far off, the emotional landslide in physical terms

How far off? Time doesn't matter. Only its perception

Which line? Move order doesn't matter. Only it's resultant position

Transposition: slipping into an alternate reality. Both ways

With modifications of the simple rules taught to children, recursion is eliminated in order to massage an acyclic directed graph

Now I'm here. Then there. Never more

Until inevitability: serial killers get killed. One after another

Devil's in

Calamity error

Reunion effected

I'm still frozen in a bow

How are you? / Very well

Garners a chuckle

Pulled facing up. Released. Commanded: Stand up

Pulled standing up. Standing. Asked: Do I have to tell you everything?

I'm trying something old like something new: I'm not letting you off easy / You have to let it go / I have / Yet you're not letting me off easy / I don't let anyone off easy

Garners a chuckle

Do you believe in redemption from the Devil? / Define from / Both that the Devil is the thing to be redeemed from and the Devil as the redeemer / What you're hypothetically proposing seems rather a rather sharp two faced line / As is the case with any sharp line: best be careful, yet daring / Very well / Do you believe in redemption from the Devil? / Sure / Then understand: this second chance isn't bought, it's loaned / Very well

& she's left alone

I'm in a party's corner, spinning full throttle on the Nash equilibrium of platonic love. Full throttle in so far as alcohol will allow. Now sitting across from me: Hey, what's going? / Unicum Bitters (with extended glass. Taken: a whiff, a frown, a sip, a grimace) / That's the worst thing I've drank in a long time. Awful / As you / (With glare and hand pointing off to the side) Who do you think you are? / Very Well

& gone

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