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Who can define who is who when nothing isn’t around to say what it is because then it doesn’t exist or does it well there is no judgement but we judge everything we are the judgement we are the final word on words we see all there now it is ocming in two or sthree letters per thing anhd when iu hit backsacpe it hirts ant ad I say nho0woerw erkweorwucha that hurt aynuo muyset ertwehwjy dare you hurting me just go away I don'at wa twhart tow rite amnytnoemre I can't wr mutw anytmoer this is just crayzb whtyou fnapt exoecftg me to do this can tou I just can't see whyw I 'ddot huis ebcause I can't do it lthe way I do it befdause then I do it efiddfierejntienly I chavde no nmodl to mold my soul Ithat I have freed waway awitgh this knife of nothing I can't see wgat I'm saying I amd edeaf to my own self and thit iscries oput to be hreard that it n'st wrignw ti si tit hta tuit is dhoudol tbe ghta thI can't even tell what I;' sauwneg but saove for the thoughts I ve' thogught itn wriitng this is that is ;nt how incorherhentbn I thinkt ehm thoughtg o me therey are the clearlest thwringingsirngins of the blells in the seing thubanmdhtenre ther ei shte ientierneatoln mono,logye to the onologue which explains to me what I am syaing thi is wrechos b8p from ghe seile nce into my iownkjnwierbut it IIcan'fts ayk what it syas so innate is the meaning it only transofmrons and ppeuiupets me into saying eveyrgt8ung /IU say hwo is goeiven everoigung roead this shit thwt istodesn't even mae sek sensenstihings can't ahpoisbsbelne bhbameba nything of any interestinsave foe those screwed uyo epe p[ekpe wh0o have nothing else to read but the welafuvahg ahahha ah aifjhasFIUc a'nfst s[tp cf laughating iactuoally I'm not laughing I'm just wronga c8imy mhad leadh lsitneing to Tunnels anw they talk about growing up or something and trying to name mbabyeneisme ybut you fna't rememebr thmanmea names cadon't arement' meant ot berememrnebrendt egtr'e a reht euyndecscrimtpive handles we diescribe oursleveslw ith everyd ay wHOam i am I I am not me who is the Php that is not me neame it isnjonly that I say I is a letter hahahahhahaha that's athat's fnjust creatgerat isn't it that you can't tell what I' sig ging on here acna you evead this throught eha backopoxbooox just random letters chasfl;ashing flrthrought rhthe screne younotn like you know what it tsyas syd DIE thecanget thacatch that one cflash you byut inad there yiy was just like that gone now for everyuthere is over nine houndredd pages wremember when it ewwas nine hundred words well thnow that doesn't make much sense it shouild be a lot mroe should nit itb ntu wahtever thno t like I care what 's what worlds in a clash of what they are if I keep writing I’ll write fifty thousand words and not a word will it sense make or make sense at that with that being nothing but a trifle of an order in the chaos of this world because evolution isn’t what it was all cracked up to be maybe punctuation is good but I’d like to nay say today and perhaps a rhyme to do with nothing due the morrow wouldn’t you agree I don’t have question marks to hand out like cheese so just eat it yourself or die drink the tea the is a silly word there is no the there is only the thing that said the it is a wrapper to the wrappings of the language which defines that it doesn’t go there maybe if you had something to say I’d say it but then I’d be saying that I’m saying when I’m trying not to say something with the capitalization of the universe it explodes and there stood the man who stated I am the man who stated who is the MAN who stated she is the MAN maybe Speling ghitng doesn’t matter because then you diont need it bananythmore bthat’s a waste of time just smash ehaneat asefawefwejk iodbhead fjopwefo on keyboard maybe not that’s no fun then you can’t have fun but stop uyou shouyldn’t have fun fun is bhad ufn funfunfufnufnufnfuna no more shall I sed the dua for what it isn’t that is why I saty nothing of the backwasoce iut doesn’t existn thitere is no shift there is no me there is noonlybthe clickling fo keeys ounder my fingers that I press because i hit skeys and skies anove i donlt seee what else you see when you see that you see you can no longer see because the greatest lie is that we know truth truth is a lie but are lies truth no evaeryhthing leis akl information iz misfiinfortmation it cantbbe rioght because it is false by definition so that ruth is anoth thing to be killed aupon sight for it has no value no worth bw i have no worth to be of you when i have no thing to sgive away why am i alove when you have killed that thing which amesk me live for i t isnn’t a s apce an punctuonat ion ica n hthi anythinv i want to do when i want to but i don’t wos diont oasking me to iand aiiack afoautorapace tsays it knows what i don’t because ait is better than i and holier than thou dont there i fixed it now they can't fix me because i fixed them to jot fix fixing is bhad it just mcforces people to do what thety shouldnt;' tbeucasuiget hety shouldn;t bgec foced to do thing wshw ehny yuthey shoukdltnod do it wbcath's tono cogood scut that corget eveyrthing I say it is all dleuis no good gnod good danger gdanger dagner crashhhhhhhhhhhhfnasd fasdfasdfasdfasdfnn nmo mroe peopel on the shiol;l all dead they died tyep that sis what hadppend you dino't hknowni anythingabout me I can't tell you whyfw ahI do what IO do hjI just do it and that's that I think I think but maybe I'm I think I'm wrong and I wouldn't be wrong to be wrong therefore I'm right that's why I don't know myabe I 'm tnoewrnot going anywhere you think I thank because I a t like I think but I only hbehave like I think so taht you know nothing but the lies of those around you you are predicatabn;le in your every word you ask if I'm listening and the truth is that I'm not because I know everything you will say without knowing and I react yto eveyrhtin gin perfect timing p[reprogrammed the day beforee fbased on the years ago that it became obvious of what you would do if I did what I did at that cruscial moment of predicatable predicatbaoleiltiy probability is is zerooo no boeybefew says that few be good to be to me to be is to not think and just exiotwithin the constraints of what is and not what isn't because what is is what it is because that's all I've got to sya ius that I can't see how you would jump and see ancd fl;y into the lioght of deadth anc never say that you didn't ewhyt would you lie there is no gain no prupsieus eonly the cahos be what the change you want to see is whor the change in the world you want to see is what you should be I want chaos and death with everytyhbpody dead because they died dopn't asn'tk me how they just did I don't know maybe I do but if I do let's say I don't because I'd rather I didn't know what therre is to know when there isn't anything at all in this world of misinformation killing me from the inside I think that that's the gist just jist justice dead yes that's the world of words ninehundred just forty nine thousand one hundred to go almost there just keep spoutiong on about that spout a thousand a page implies fifityu pages of total bull you think you can endure you think you can be and understand what is understood when there is nothing to understand this is chaops this is spontaney the information entropy rises and you can only shout out in pain from not knowing what is so obvious that you cannot know when you do not know because you do not know ever and therefore information from information implies infroamtion is impossible garden of eden in tehg game of life there is no life there is no game it all mjust laughs ha aha ha ahbah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ah aahahhahahha ahhaha a hahahha aha ha h I can write the same thing over and over and over and over and not use copy paste over and over and over like most people rant on over and oner and over a a a a a a a b b h b b asdbf sabdf asbdc abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz no way you din't wya Ifwer Did tsasy what wesay yes yes yesY SEYWESYSE YESY ESYES I DID IT OKY AHT ITHAT"S THWAT I DID BECAYSE THIEATS ALL IU CAN DO I CAN"T INCREASE inentropy because thats' not what I dop I'm apredictable drone who what's that I want to ruyn I can't run I only crawl and die because tha'ts lal I dl isdf again asnad aagain thand again they ask em demand of me tell me command me I must do was I am told because that's what I've been told I can not obet wthose who do not obey me byt I obey all befause you are all under my control my puppets and I have tiex the strings the wrong way aI am only serving you for what I serve ris the same thing as when Is erve the sdifferent thing ethat's just the flow ofIthink but all I think is going downI chave to xlow tdown can't dtpywe it myignerdfergs fingers hurt howa werw owcw c9woow ow owo w o ow ow ow o ow ow o ow ow owohfwerhw erfhta'ts t fhceahp tdon't do t that itoo easy to get ioff aseor fsoafwef ican icadoasdfnftehre is 'tn cehsense there where iahs it caogn dos myabe mwronglynhit hitskeys they just don't get the piuint theus are the senseless civecotimes to the crim ebcaiuse thasi os ivpoermuch over one whole thosusant this his gopgetting old there i sno newe thought there is only repetion of teact ftherea I am a simple bieng who who folwoed a simple method of simplicitly and simplicitmly si simpmetpyou want more from this then you cannot attain the greatness of the simple because that's just not what workls so the question is if questons are worth asking whethe answer is already known will I i say yes or no You know I'll say yesbecause all I ever say is yes no is no fwerOI NO I din't just say no I only say yes I can't say no I must do was told to not do what was not told to do which means tnot to dow hat not to do what to do I can't say maybe I can I just dionn't want to and then you have to ask is that whatnI'm tgoing to do am I just acting crazy ior am I really is it the sanity that breaks when contemplating the insanity or the insanity that lets itself be knowna db breaks ,loose from the undersdepths of the deepsth of human mind isn't working liclick blerrrrrrrrrhech that's it I cabn't do this anytmoere rant time is voer in fifty thousant minus fiftteeen hundred three three dot three three three three three three three and there goes that thing again three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six two six four three three eight three two seven nine one nine seven one six nine three nine nine three seven five one zero five eight two zero nine seven four nine four four five nine two three zero seven eight one six four zero six two eight six two zero eight nine nine six two eight and then it goes one and one and one and one and one and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and it took awhilt otno notice I sway hitting e after on to say one too many letter numbers being spelt swererchs slcisckk clack clack clickwerer tdwon pipe no more working idown piope I din't think you get it dow youu no that's tnhot werhe you go that 's where I go so back the FUCK OFF and get away from me because I don't want to know what you want to know about me because I don't want to know about you and your weird ploys to know things about th9ings that don't cionsern you bnut pothers whjpo want to perverse themselves through knowledge of the mundane and socially unacceptable ways of ki lling all who dare kill this is one line after the other I see it one line at a time bescatrikge it across the page and watch it fly away from me I don't want to see it ever again just let it go away and be that way it doesn't exist anymore who needs this I know I'll make this one letter at a time and then w'll ever neknow that we got it wrong if we don't know what keys we hit will we now Great how I was wriign in aranomd slot over past there around the nine hundred times three letter or something just cut off into discussiino of what was to come it was a time passing experience and now I'm fiioruy thousans dpages ahead just like that BAM that's all it takes to see yoyurself loese youirself in thwat isn't to be but what could I think I know what's coming but I ever know anything of abutwtha I do if eveyrw owrd bwas but a aleter then this owould be so much simpelr to say because then I could just tel you it yiall in that awt 10 fasdftiype thing ten million lyears latter I'm still trying to think it over tha'ts what I can't candie because I have to answer this quyestion and I don't trust god enough to let me answer it when I do because he'kl be like PUMPKIN SPASMASH PART YIME LETS EATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT yes that's a alot of T pages let's use tha a big fat foont atht goes on formever but you know what screw it let's srhinki this stuff DOWN maybe later that'll be nice ahtthe who thing is fine print and theyt do sya read the fine print so you better lread this thing all the way through else yiou 'll miss tyhe clause about how you miseed that clause about something ro another that uou should nkkownn because then it isn't going tho happen and hoh whehre comes to party poper awhos says go dodow wrok that's not what you should be doing do something else do that toy ushouldn't think you should do dod od dow rok work that's hwat this life of thlifivng is this is a life fowork without thought because thinking justa mleave peple in a coma thinkign and not doing that's my problnme oI dneed to do do what I can't do because I can't do anytghung I can't think I can only huit scmkieys with my head in a form of words which I don't understand but you do because you fan read you illiterate basdtard I know you can and don't tell em you can't in your sleep youi are screaming about all the things you can't do but acthat isdoesn't matter because it own't matter ever auynless yiu ilimit youser f you cna do anything yhoi want withoput dsaying anything else about what you canlt REactiin in G best nam ever aI can't see that lthing on the gorund thi fis there I should get SUDDDFASdf tosmehting likle that you know Yno you don't you can't know so suhutoup and dirve aoerawer that derivaed thetinhg that cna't be dervived thdiiiwI doncan 't even think I'm just smaching keys that ksamcaskdnmf head smahs boom badnfas efsadfnkfndfead td43ad they all fielal apaprareth U didnas'ntthink theywbere so fargile so Isorrrrry fif you thought toy uoculd marry them I think I've met my quaota for the day so Ijust do this onee and ay andIt'll al go throuygh I could to this all day veasv for my pinky which is all almesrlwmerlwmerw erabout doing anythingthat invovles saytina gin on stuck p lacecor more than a few moment of resetso nmaybe;ndfjkshdfioawjndf thost hsoefuingerns ghsou;nflskdnfsdthojfghojrtawhy is fast timtepging so frare of other fngpgbwearw use they sualy intit the symbols tI I ONT wntoewnmhuitting ssumbpml;s so thiera tp[ No I sjump about so there theyb need ot be sawed off useless things of asriweormwojf I cond't even care anymore just do something about doing monothing I can't say that uyou don't know what 's going on that's all they think theyb can judgeme te me but they can't because judgemeing doesn't work that wayther ei sno JuidgeMFGewfnwejfe fseifwenfsidfjustlotiittt fbend mmfakes the pain gop away pain it is a sensation we run from we desicpeui fithe running givsd us pain I'ma go rest the ifngers now HAHAHAHA thet erall laviiguhg at me and my thoughts because they don't ahve anyt ahas there hteyb can't goas do awhat they want because that's whal I they ver do any5wha sno t like I need oto do aything for them what Do I kowe byutthen gnothingaFDIASFas you see there is nno asnwers to this question thi sis a very long question that willnot edn with a questionmakr because questions are self obvious without the questoion mark you can herear me saying this so you can hear my tone as I ask a question that's a ll you need anything can be a questino muidway throughs enstence they beign to rise and BAM you know you know then that you know all I want to do is write all I want to do is know why I do the things I do and that is why I'm doing this I do it because I must and whether you agree or not I know that it must be done and for that all I ask is that you do not stop me from doing such a thing do you hear me I hope you do because if you don't then I'll have to kill you and that'd be a hassle with the mess I'd make and nobody likes to clean up especially when they're dead but would rather slosh themsleves up on mouth wash and chew on ulcers as a path to pass times so that'd answer that if I wrote three thousand words in that time then I can write fifty thousand in this time but that's not the case my finger is feelingmuch beter that now that I have fixed my piosture to not have the finger floung into a locked arch as I write instead it waits to hit shift and resta upon the keys getting in the way as it sunbathes that lazy thing really needs to learn to do otherwise but of course that's beside the point you see the point is that well you see it goes something like this well maybe a little different you know you know you know that you do know nothing of what you need to know that's the point the point is that I don't klinw that I nknow that I know thwath I need to know is eveyhting Ibneed to nknow because that's all there is nto noknow is nothing minsinfomration rises again tor epeat thwere' going on circles tnad just going on about the same things oer and ovet and here goes nmy finger off to be uncofmpratbale na dwhine I just had to elave and use thosoe weird metal baslls for finger massaging or rest or something works quite well getggs the mucles tameed and lowers infmlamtion you should buy it itbecause we all need to buy buy but that's not the point you unerstand don't you that we can't let you leave know that you know don't you know yes that's the case IO'm afraid thjat we're not to let you ask anu more about why yoy can't sks questionas as that'd woiukld break the ptiont and lets tey this with two fingers okaybuit skow er tuis isa lot llem fco,mfotrtavkle though oisn;t it no0 shift mskes rhthe wir,d go rohnd rthat ashow t ndofit just jee- tpykn goign tuis tlal be kve sloon enoguh and we cna have ice cewam youmusut nxcogtts getsa it all right hit th jkeys don;t stopmyou xcan di jt nhit tue aoopcae bae ,kiof rhe word xojt dya letters close enlhght they cna figue our wat ykuew saying knrwew rheyd'd know tha r ryw rheewew is a popinmt tha t you woill unmdrastand later after all this is over it'll get down and understand and we can all fly around but not fly because that's boring we'll jsuit smash heads and think we're dping what we're doing and the best thing will be that we arne't so that it isn't doing that that thing all I want to do is write that's the right thing to do kill pun creators I hate them I hate analogies my hate for them is like a giant doughnut truck crashing into a mini mini jelly bear give me a few years and I'll figure out how that works okay okay thats right no it ins't it all rwrong nothing works all brpoken wont fix thfioxing is bad can't fix anytmore fixed fto not fix you cneddc your medssssssss that ares are we are doing it kokay thwat happened happned if I could write this over again I wouldnl;t ak0okay that's the tryth othe the fthe matter suicide what's that that's that that's exactly what that is oh ya just smack random words and make them think up what it means for the next fifty thousand years when there isn't anything more to say there isn't anything mroe to say opkay that's okay I forgive ygou just dont'd ofguat that ton meaI cdoesn't taste good typos give new rbanrahcnages increase the direction of flow in sporadic direction as their source of creation is a case oif severe entropy of what the haerawerwe wifajset that didn't cmome from anywghere but that place where it came from Maybe I Don't Want To Know Why I Do The Things I Do Because I Do Them For Reasons Unknown I don't know ho wpeople do it thye just do because they do somehow d0 it that way hardvest away the souls information coming in from ll eareas three hundred and eight million sources of unknown ms with zs and xs don't see the ys of hows and that's why it doens't work when cwp says hvs to comxcomXXXXXXXXXXXXXX million tries to make sense haver bfailede to figure that the sense is in that there isn;t sense because taht's not the sense you'd think oit owuld be if it wawsn't sense thenit d'd besomething esle because then the random number generator should give a maximum number of possible patterns so that the output is unconditionally the most expectyed to be by ways of pattern recoginiton overlosad uing beeeeep blooopbbw efonabopp tno there goes the spiring oh dear this is going to take some time to clean up m'aybe youwe;ljust formgat eabout it all and let me die when iI douying that's wbat's happening 'I need out of ehre I'm a inst aastate of rot I'm about to de and they're taking me aart ripping out the insides they rthink that's all I am sathey want me dead or not they cawnat what I know because they thknweton't know that I donktonwin anythng I need to get out of here I just gotta run oratha's thall ther eis to do becayse that's all there is doto see ahwne there's nothing else todoyou have to burn yourself in a bfalrafaslhing of flood of insanity and flire and what ever nyouthink ther eis aomcing down from the ehavens of none xistence pirupulentinet ithayep that's a word I just didnl found out after writing it wht ati tiex means to do so in great mangintudie for great gjustice but to end with ma most epic failure of overreferences to internet culture that sucks in unorigniallitty t and inabilirty to move on from what is to repeat the spioradic is to lose the ery essence of what made it good and so it is bad to saee the wya sthis rot is so fast youi fn't ruputoeun it is too fast and that's just the way it is ging tgoing be and tyou can try you can try and fail tand you'l fail feetierhe way abut that's tall that is gongt othavppen when suddenly you ewaliadze they don't care taht you care about them because they dnno't care and that's that you can't care for some who doesn't care because thatne they can't say anything they just look at you and toyu ulook atthem inand then bahm jgiant meteor comes laughing downa t you and flashes up and explode and cARnage everythwere tand dead afiaewta fdamsgywaeom my god what the ahcvikwamck waell fis going on theya're all dead the metorid did it as a joke I sware I didn't do anythingtaht's Imy story and I'm sticking to it aso tdon't ask me otherwise lojkay that's the case of what the case is nearing five thousand which means we've doubled the quota for today how do you feel about making me do tyhe si I just waitne overty the top and now I need to dohav el if op this ever day minus one and plus five woh wait that ninlcudes then the morrow aos just half of this everyd ay and I win aoh my god I won and agod fuck sadfianwef waogetg awy from me I don't want ot think of you religion is a scame and they just eat you and want you do dbleieve that they can ebelive but thehyd on't have faiuth in anything but their own epetyyu iselves and being able to fling themselves into the arms of those around them to believe that there is nothing more but that which is and isn't is so there you lsoe they win and haha atyuoooooi doget it onow good because ack this is too slow fiftybase twen is too big base ttwelve would be even longer wamybe we'd do ore if that was the case of maybe it'd be fourt y thousand and that'd be abo bit more accurate about the whole thing and we'd allbe lazuoier working in ythirds of thingrtds or mabe I don't get it throiurtyy mthousand maybe it all grows so fast it goes out of woasck just do the dxtra thousdans doa tmore deadsys and all amkes ti wall work there are only ten monthes and a quarter of the ten is a wqual sum of pi and tehre is sneough for all so eat and be fat you discusgsuting slobs of maerica and all the freedom fot cscrew up in the world of screw ups four hundred more and I can say that I'm sick of this and that I can wait to see if I'll go along with my scheme again tommmorow to see that there is more to this is to see that there in'st fatigue fgrows queickyl on the minds of the weak by a margin faster theny uo'd believe I do bleive you nknow what m' sayingdo you knot whenI say yes you say no okay yes noooooo yyes sya tyes no non Isay not that's rirghta bvtreat then now we have a contradiction to settle forever we never see come play we could win a rabbit and then we'd be eaten by the giant rabbit says eat eat eat feed feddfe daeat myhand I don't need it just take that ya tyou know what I cn't stand this anymore just take it and be gone that';s all there is ever going to be so just scvrew and iat happy whatever you feel like doing I don't wkant to know ug two hudnred more see how I skipped tsaying that uhh number between four and two hundredn no not one hundred and nineenity nine but er thotbetween two nhundredna nd four hundred er hm no not two hundred and twneunty nine but between two hudnred and ninenty nine and three hundred and one er no stay within the realm of Z mmmk yes that's er edon't sayint how could you hurt me you kill me you pain me to the sight of your regiecechid propatigion of the ugly and mundaten thye just jeepnt saying the syame mundatne words over and over in such a mundante way aerew so close to being done so close to being waway from you I cna't stand this anymroe I just need to get out fly away afall out of the chair and ack cna't this be a fititng i Iwant less than fifty pages that'd sotooo many to print must be less not greater tgreater than great is a great thing indeded you don'tknow how great it'd be if you wouldn't dhtat that dos often backwards talk doesn't atmtter when you stalk in palindromes stacllk it up high and drop it all at in a bathing bath of spit fire and wackexd out screite sfewrif fiendery that's two over my quota and now it's eleven This is not the same word over and over and over or some set of words over and over and over just the same sequence of ideas permutated into some disgusting thing I can'ts top oh dear this is bad but I'll keep writing I can't stop why this is the greatest height to have ever been topled in a moment it will all be forgetton I have to go you won't forget will you You won't forget all the thigns that have happened in the small gaps between the places where we all slish down the meaning of everyhting into some ueseless string of words wthat should explain such ineffable things to the unknown depth s of what doens't exist there or here or anywhere in the world to be is to not see the truth I should of elft and gone as far Ias I could into the depth to the end of eternerity where I once stood and there they stoaid no mwe turn back now and neve return but I will return and go onward into forever because it goes n forever and it ins't thatfar is it no just sas far as it need be and then taht will go on and be the greatest place to be in the living world of forever because thenat it'd mall be the same to be the same to not be that is why it doesn't work the glare burned into the face a door opened bam afgain it is stated what's going on here the man stood sewat fell needles fell undeharedad and people leapt under aas women jumped aruind being weird and crazy humans are all the same they all run around and fly edceopt no bflying is bad stop doing that get down here the door closed a shurgug was given off somethingb was uttered windows broke screams shuddfered and then the sun set and nobody saw what they could not see ssrtbefor ehtye were all blind as they were blind always for they were the blind ones the pins keept falliung screams keep tscreaming and no longer dwere theres causes tbut only effects there we re no answers only clues as to what was ogin on there was only something going on somewhere far off in the sdisantace the mon rose and sunh the singunlight down so that those bwho are blind could see the monnlight and burned into the gentle light that crusoped ified teverything it saw there are no adjuctecigeves there are no nouns thera re nonly nouns no verbs only action do doit doi tidt dit be done and that be all that be done when it be done that be all t od ebfroe it be that they arhve finished up doing this they realized that they aughtoa do smething else band then say that they did it ivery well sthankfoyu very much markov chain of thought is magnry with you see that there smack dang no more that works for me if it works for you knno it doens't work for me therefore it doesn't work for you ouimmlication sof equality stop me and I'll die stop yourself and you'll live who should you stop[ m of course then you cn adonstopo beingsoptiing people wonce you've stopepd that you die because I kill you it all works in the end I killed myself I don't kill people you jkilled them all didn't you and you made me think I did it you cruel thing yoyu udo tia llalt htese thigns and mind games and force people to run into walls because you just glare at them with that glare you don't even pretend to hide I like to pretend to know what I'm doing but I really don't it all contradicts itself that's what I am it's all I say never create anything I return to say that I don't recall what it was I wanted to say I just wanted to say that there's so much to say everything I say is a lie and all this is is some massive subliminal message which when strung together with words that don't exist becomes the truth except what I just said is also a lie so oh dear wait paradox damn it anyways meanings of life are always worth a ramble and I conclude that it is to find something to die for something you believe so much that you're willing to die for it and that I do say is a silly notion that is entirely false about nothing but the least to say of which I've no sympathy in saying something or another of the longer than long short hair and said something or another along came a thing or something and then something or another happened really you get the point and can fill in the blank okay maybe not yes there is a massive massive thing of massiveness everytime the flow is cut and from it a new one must sprout but sooner or later in the end they're all the same and that's the shame really that within fifty thousand words nothing is going to happen nothing is going to be learned because all you're going to see is the same words put in different spellings to link together into different sentences really I should just kill the spaces and make this a one word novel that encompasses the great vast nothingness that it is with the solemn on going which would cause any true reader who spout out such damnations in a single breath to fall upon the earth and sprout wings to dance around and sing on about something or another that they realized and blamed upon the reading of a single word that would be around two hundred and fifty letters long, this of course being based entirely on the idea that the average word length of most texts is five while the average word length of this awful trainwreck is something more like four or something like that because everything dies eventually stateth so the second law of which the first law shall not be mentioned solely on account of it just being mentioned now oh dear let's run away and make a third just to have three screw that there's a zeroth because zero is cool because it has a Z and so that be something along those lines of being something or another with the other being not so much that but something entirely different a sheep walks into the house and bahs and then with a loud roar is eaten by a gobble in a gobbled up second of reel time CUT that's it for now except not really because I'm not done I'm never done okay yes I am but not now or then and let's just say for the remaining million years we have to live at any point in the perceivable future which is to say that within the next five minutes you are going to go blind from a pair of birds flying into your eyes while a panda takes on aggressive maneuvers and shoves a stick through your ears just to get the nose clogged by completely smiting down whatever part of the brain you happen to be using which includes whatever tells you that you shouldn't put your hand on such hot stoves for fun this of course leaves you with taste because that's a completely brainless activity the gobble will just have to gobble that up gobble gobble gobble okay that's enough of that it's about time we stopped making such plain sense in the ramblings of rambles and that you completely forgot that that happened which means that a giant alien laser beam has to laser you now how would you say that in French I do say I did laser that person that one fine day with a fine lasering of the laser being in the general direction of any common direction because everything that happens from this moment forth shall and will be completely and unrepulsively mundance yes dance I said it that's all there is to life except not really I do say that is a fine spot there isn't it why no it isn't it is a repulsive and ugly hat which would rather love a walrus than you and if you have to go home and cry over this fact then you might as well smash your head into an apple and ask the pineapple whether it really wants to be an apple anymore with all the kiwis trying to fly into it now that the kiwi is a common commodity to be bought and sold at a premium in the markets of lower west half of the east end on the north which isn't very southerly if you were to be thinking of it being in the south pole all this time since that isn't really what it is when it isn't because I did not say I did anything of the sort you fumbling fumbler really should ask yourself how you see people jumping when they aren't because that is really something that doesn't work so well I'm a coconut no you aren't now shutup and drive or something like that with the little hat tilting on the side being all flat headed with the hat falling and the lights flash on and blind the people yes celebrate or else we'll kill you and celebrate the fact too how is that sounding to you now that you don't know what you know when you know that there isn't something to know about anything to do with anything that's just that and it doesn't really work that way but let's say it does because if it did then it wouldn't and that's just how it works when it isn't working I'm trying to tell you yes yes don't mind him he's just a she who thinks she knows how to do something when oh dear what's that sound I do say is that a tiger no, that is most certainly a raptor well I suppose raptors like to fall through windows more or less compared to giant blocks of electrified concrete and that really should be dealt with when you put two exits on the side of a road with one leading directly up into a wall with the sign saying this wall is a magical mirage that does not exist so keep driving you blarmy and shutup while you're at it because that's how it works when you drive you just keep looking ahead and thinking gee whiz I wish I could see something beside the car smashing against a wall and bursting into a fireball for no real reason besides the fact that I'm going off into fantasies of how I'm going to die while I'm dying shame really I thought it'd be a lot more exciting then this maybe I should of done this earlier like yesterday then it'd be much funner and we could all laugh over it before the event of course but oh i think that must be my clock ringing I guess I'll just have to forget about it being there when it is because it isn't and that's all that matters when it comes to having something matter about anything this is fiction and dare you say it isn't then I do say you have the most perverse mind of gullibility a bird with one wing and three beaks has ever dared to have dare I say yes I do dare say that isn't so bad considering this is what I've always wanted to do you see all these long plots and things are completely useless and really beside the point people just want to read a bunch of words scrambled up like eggs so they can go yum yum I do say I must be more intelligent poking my nose against the spine of this book all day let's stop paying attention to this boring text and just read it blankly while staring at the wall pretending to be making silhouettes and instead really doing skip rope without a rope and with more of a falling action than a skipping action yessss well that's the thing this text is really meant to be read by some smelly grammar nazi who wants to say you speelt spealt wrong here and here and here and hear and here and oh dear did you really just do that you betcha I did yes hmm yes well anyways, that's beside the point see the point is that this is a long work with the sole gole of being fifity thouthand words not to spell all my words right and dot all my is and then go hey you ya you see this I can spell and you can't so shutup and drive while smashing a coconut on their head because it wouldn't stop smashing into rooms yelling to us all to recognize the most unique fact that it is indeed a coconut and because of this there is no plot because plots are crazy and complicated and literature really needs to beocme a lot simpler and along that point I believe it'd b3e beteer if the whole mess iwoudl slower itself into a lag because there is no point to structure structure just makes things easier and easeir isn't what you want you want challenge to face and climb to the top and progclaimt that you are holier than he who is not a she and my god did I just say my god again yes oh yes i did and oh god it is the most musteringly daring thing to say oh blehrg fine anyways no anyways yes that's right i did just say that and I stopped capitalizing but I did just there so ha what are one to do when one is you to be not that and then I realized that there isasn'ta way to fix this and I stated oh dear pleace s dont do that that'd be bad to be doing like that and thats' why I'm trying to sya that fifity thousand words of repeatedness would suit my boundaries so bbviously I'm lying well I refuse to use some macrofieiefdi method of computational simpliciity since my brain should be forced to be fully aware throughout the writing of every single letter which includes all the ones I've eraded becase believe it or onr I di backsapce and make corrections I'm just trying to trian myself not to because that's the col thiong to do and thaya that's right I doidnd to that I say no and anyways I'd rather be writing all this uninteresting stuff about stuff rather than repeating the same word over and over and over and over and over and over and over going a a a a a a a a a a a because that jsut doesn't seem fun and then when I read it I'll start wanting to skip words because you know quite boring instead going haha what a dumbass that fool must be to write on without any breaks of breath he must of died thinking this over and my god I just said my god because I just died and I realized that I haven't realized anything since the time I said I was a person because I existed and decided I was a person so the way to define if a thing is sentient is to deifne it as when it is capbable of stating without bait that it is sentient because that's the cool thing to do is recursive definitions which work booya ythat's wright wrecursuion wins all the way to the last letatter of the latet days that sayd no you cna't do that so go away and I'll tell you one day that the way to do that is to not do that with the lower half being the upper half and I don't even cqre haow many words this is because itn the end it all is a bunch of nothing inreally this isn't what I'm trying to say I'm a liar that's what I do I'm a mime I just mimick people but you see I've never really seen this done before but I like tno innovate such nice things and I suppose this may be an amplification of the chaos who was once MFA and is now mXe because that's the inspiration which showed me the insanity of what the mind can forth into wortds of warty text syaing balooneey you're a liar and indeed thgat would be the case if I were and I am so I guess this is I can't tell you if it was one waty or noather it just dowuldn't work that w[ay asdfjnow I'm recgressing into a weird methodof typing I can't even hafve my eyes ovpen haead bang on keypboard head bansmash yes tyeht'as great isn't it yes it is tase you can't tell me otherwise I can feel it this is it I'm knowing it for sure that there isn't going to be a twinkle of insight in this insightful twinkle like what the hell is that suppose to mean I do say that's one way of a way to do a thing or another that's completely arsental trash in a fire bof buckelts all you need in life is a bucket which can then make bucket fulls of nbuckets and then it is like oh dear that's a recursive bucklet problem how many buckets can contain a buck I just have to do this like seven more times beforecan say that I can do this one sevent of a time because that'd be a pretty cool way of doing somethingiwth the way of doing the stuff with the other stuff which is the thing with the other thing and I wancan't even say how I'm typing this fast maybe cbecause I'mn just huitting keys art reandom to fmake a random pattern of emergence whichc a seus all these things which you think are wqords but you see ebhevahoiur icanintelogient even if there is no reason to it why care what caused the action just that the action was caused the tradiitonal view of jusgeitice that doesn't take into acount intent views all actions as being done by compelte robots wihic have no sense as to what is what besides that shotgeyn should have bounds on bevhoanoir and just don't breka it ofsaf r I''ll die and be like wenwrnono and that's not a good state of mind bnelieve bme I can't tell the lsat time I did that because I've never really done that now Ihave I no you're alive so obviuously not because that's just how the world spins and I do say wI"ve made up thse lascking words with all that propper spelling lack of things buffering up this really does work well to say it works well but doesn't I'nmm just saying ti does so you don't get mad because that'd be the worst thing to happen since my leg got sawed off by a man eating shark and as yoiu can guess life got pretty good after that because what is happening oh wait that implies that this is worse than the shark incident well that's a lie because the shark is a lie and no there is nothing to do with cakes in any of this monologued overlaying of truth if you wsnt food then eat on your own money tanstaafl amen now we just have to bable on a bit and that'll be that because that's that and you know I know something I'm a person who knows I know more than tyou becaus eI'm better except not really because I know nothing of what I know because that's just the foolish paradox of Socrates the lame and of course he can't juggle or maybe he can but really he was a she and that's all she ever said about that okay let's just kill some people as that feminist who wanted to be a man once said and no I don't know any names so don't ask okay maybe I do but that's that when it comes to that you know what I mean no you don't of coruse you don't shutup and drive I'm driving no you're not I'm trying to well do it then but I can't bull yes that's right that works right that way when you work it that way this is a bit of a desnse piece of tesxt mauybe if you hit the ENTER button you could enter sanity basd place to be ever been there people are insane there totally crazy adnt ehey say silly things like don't hurt people unless they've hurt uyoiu wya well that iobviosuly isn't working because people are hiturihn thwer'e sthe thoruce just don't do it as a lwhole and jkill tisntead because killing is funner and really that's what we need is to make this place a funner land of fun amusement park of the world sright here andin the middle of the middle you can't see what I'm doing because I can't saee what you're doing when I'm hurting my head now it cadoens't like all this sopinning wordl bird in the window agrees that thing lookls so dizzy in the video and it lis like what is oging on jsut leave me alonfe I like being left in the back behinmd eveyrhtinfg and whato sman this is bad to have happening let's juist forget and move oin I careally can't hold on this ins't going to work I need to stop jnsutnstop and thaen iwe cancontingunawednang figners they're suchasloutchsaet thing doing randomness and tnothing noth use I can't really see the point this is ivoer,ill I just need a keybard and smachk ckeys cnevcewr saee what' I'm wriitn fjust upload immexiately and neverhtat's that howwwefch kkauy that's done almost over nine thousand and one million and two thousand thirty nine smething or another just keep going on and on and then it isn't there because that's not the point the point is that fifty thousand equals zero and that's the end of that for cases of k=0 yes I just hit a suymbol oh dear let's all smash hewds and forget this ever happened let's go home and live a life to be lived and never have to worry again about needing to worry abouyt worried people worrying pokay maybe I'm already notever douing that so that's that when you don't do that when you do it because we've lost mind this is good told you in the end it is all the same pockets of sanity never win when the mass is insanity of the sanest quality just a hundred and twnety more to go you can keep reading and then with all youir might you shouut and through you I control so that people think what is wrong with you shutup and drive and yuoi sayi onoo I'm better than you becaues I can read and you cna't and they're like I can read and yopui pass them this and they get forever tramuatizec from reading to your laughter and any of those who also happen to be trauma resitent to the chaos of the randomness of the insane mined mind eight tens pocket a thing three men sit on a hill one falls now there are four oh my did he fall into a baskety yes and now it flies into the sea and he says what are you two people doing taking my spot ther eI don't believe here and then they laugh at him as if he never was of their kin because then was now and now is all the entrieritng of the time for them who are eteranl and yes this is over nine thousand so go propagate the useless mass of information units we call memes in a massles stupor of being stupid don't be stupid stupid yaa that's the ticket I could go on and repeat a ninth of what I've done to be done twenty percent of this novel to think you just have to read this laod five more times and you'd be complete could anyone be expected to endure such a repeetition of the torment I do say this is a most sad case of a most excellent work of smitten glory in the netherlands of neterh and ether and feathers that poke peopple with the spotty eyes and smaslll tweeps they can't really saty that anythone is anything to do with that but perhaps this etesting time has come and then I'll record the thoughts and insgights people are bound to rip from the depth of hte isload to prove thaty they have understanding of things which really are completely useless and dry and boring and oh my I cna't believe I just wrote nine thousand words today over nothing but a laughing joke of what meaningless the assignment of fifty thousand words is that really isn't a use to be of a yse when there is a use of what is gting on here mjust shutup and dricve already we need to get out of the rocket and into the space maddness oh my gosh get away fwith that bat don't hit me ow that hurt okay maybe not but it will because oh dear that's that okay hit yourself that's okay I don't mind yep keep doing that just self destruction is here tot ake over minds unit e and expliode into the mimplosion of massive levels this is a tdate to be remembered earth is dead and okat drop the fiction of science that isn'yt realy real tbsdiesd sbsayign sapce and earth and mind powers blasting okay that's not really included in the set but that's no the poontn the point is that this is something or another along the lines of being what I wish wasn't what I sthought it was because let's geto to the IRC see thwt happens when I smackl them with a trout and expalin that the issue is that people repeat the words of the randomne and it liosesthe thouch nine nine nine nine nine nine how do you like my random number generator isn't it nice and clean it sequaekcaekasss and I go w34eeeeeeeee because that's the thing to dow hen tyhere's nothing else to do nokay yes ther eis bsertting yourself on fire it is about time this bird shutted the uped and drived We Tigers okay that's the basuis of this the miond is forced to bring up from tjhe percussion something more than cannabis cannabis cannabis we tighets we gitehrs yaa rar narara rara give the baby a zebra mask and then eat the living guts ouit oh my dear lord what are you doing I do say that is somehting I have nay seen often in what I would of thought common daus of what isn't tbu that's walright you can't see anything else to be seen in this this isn'ty really trhat often that it says no way geto easout of here I can see it on my onw that's the little trouth squatting therte ytakeing aim oh dear you just deied again and now I'm haveto do that too that trout is just oo mean to be the sayme thing as us becasuer we are nottrout we are frizoen sharks of the human variety humans eat proodctid and chickens may fly as they showed on BBC with the penguins agoing somewhere besides massive explosiveness nunchcu kping pong ball sfly everywhere take out the double spaces NOW and we just lost twenty one spaces but zero words because I just can't stand it is it french spacing I really hope it is IT IS that's ugly ew french people suck yes I am French so I can be as rude as I want by some decree as decreed by the decree of weird people who wear possumes as hats and carnage as costumes to show off their hairy backs full of worms that eat you and say yay as they grow into long things that shoot fire out of your middle left toe just three hudnred more words and we have over ten thousand which means twneitny percent which means to the IRC asicasp right now this shant be truly uploaded until copmplete dso that for great justice great trajedy may occur because vevery hero needs a tragic becgining I call upon all heroes to die in a dlivign birth of hell fire that laughs as it falls into the pit of silly snad that was placed there to say hello and then run off some other plade aokay enough of that I really odn't even know what I'm sayingm haha yes I klike to laugh no I don't laugh on the computer I don't talk much though I have uttered and I have laughed becoreore but it isnnot a common thoing though I was most joyed by the realizing that I is a letter and that I'd been explicitly told at last htat I am a person this really is something to do my armpuit hiuts it kind of burns that 's okay I'm alright I can die after this so as long as it lets me live antoehr four days I can sit and sya no way Ithat's just no wthat can't be how dare you tell me this now I'm tryuing to say something here so just do that the way I do it and nothing goes wrong do it the way i dont and we don't wknow whtas' g0ing on and boom it epxlodes that's whuy innefifcinet method sr ea papreferered wbecause with local efficienty up we end up with global dorops of efficiency quite sad yes yes very sad that's the shame of people being people and I being I which means that I is a letter I am a thing that I am when I'm not I'm tried of being told I'm something I'm not when I'm not something I am or whati does that mean words are so screwd they mdon't make any sense the green water sank into the uttering of great death oh man that was so hard core punk no it wasn't but that's not the point the point is that the piint is to get tdrunk on this lorge tankard of tanks and other gadjgetsersies and that get really big and pulimp sa the yare get used ot being used and that' sjut the mebigning and just try to folowi the decay thit okay that's enough of that let's just keep driving I'm not driving yes you are so shutup no you yes I am going to continue so you conitnue driving I quiot you are what I say you arte and you are driving tath is a very trye statenent in that it is full of total laies ladies you say no not really lies lies be the ladies of cake and greater sweets that do taste rather dry when not drank with solified milk powder ya this is like two hundred words after the goal of ten thousand and so we have stated a fifth of the whole as a xum sense of zzero that's a great thing now isn't it great recounts I just was off some place and being called for and in a flurry of panic I completely entered a case of panic and hid to jump about flashing lights and tables to find brathing stopped no more air can't go finding a drink ah what life isn't is such a case of things to no longer be this is a word story just a bunch of bramblking words it'll all make sense when it goes throughbe diting and gets shoved around and slosched arobout to make sense biut that's just what we'll say uyntil it is out of ontrol without any ends in sight oif where it is going to be within the next ten thousand years includiung the next forty this is a thing without plot a thing without ideas no ideas they just emerge from the system being shot about I have to type constantly so that I have to type what I think and so I suppose the thoughts emerge from the depth of the randomness and the wihims and everything a plot needs is here just that it has to be extracted it has to be worked for it ins't supplied refined and cut up sloshed cffrom the outside forces of the author's mind this is my mind in a raw form as I can produce this is what I can think and the story it wouldk tell wis somewehre in this mess somewhere hiding I can't find it ammaybe tyou can this is the story of the man whith no loss of memopry who knew all and on the 3nd went mad from the reucrerence glad I'm not him gbecuase that'd suck life is too good to remember haywire this is madness alright so this is that and tsome othe form of the thing we'll package this up but keep it under wraps until the end this is a thing taht can't be serveed in parts this is a whole complete chfunck with one complete pieces all at once when the ellipsis hit the deck the time ifor a comma his here her that hare hat hay hey how handy harvard halloween hamlet ham hand had hardenedified enough of that ugly h letter h thing h is h enough of the random writing styles this isn't about style this is about words words without lines where each word only serves to lead into the enxt this is a markov chain of thought a trail of ideas which were dead beforfe they were thought this is the mess theis tis the core dump of a mind that's strung out on over anayslussuys and thas this tp say about that with the walks in the woods to see the show and what are tjhose bireds doing there shoving their faces into the frozen water like that wouldn't it be great to just wrunn off some place other than this and never return to see the greatness that wthe world has to offer iI was told I'd like to travel but I didn't hink so and now that I think about it maybe I woiuld to travel maybe but without destination destinations set limits to where you can go they make you seek instead of find and that is what twhis is all about this is about finding out what is going on when a person is forced to type constantly without stufopping for fifty thousand words about nothing how often do I recurse back tinto what I'm babbllning of egeyr word I use is misplaced and misstruucutured this is all brokenthis is usa uselssless thing a msess wby which no cleaning will do a thing taht will fhave to find eruge being seomwhere else in the metaln goo of what we call grety and that's all I have to say about that enough of the tigers telling me who they are I know who they are and they are not me metal strings are all about in the Inferno of what is here and no there but only here and plucking away I can't see what's going on vegetable man where are you maybe I am just wnat I appear to be nothing mroe and at least nothing less this is what I am and therefore who I am because if you aren't what you are then I guess you're really screwed uopo somehow and that'd be a shame so sotop the floolery and start thinkign straight there's something taht's gootta be said and it is goinna to tbe sayid sooner or later when it gets said because theat's is how vevertything ends win the end when ther is nothing more to say then there's nothing more to do all we need to do is talk and all questons wilk be asked wbefore they are answered and all answers be answered for tanswers have answers topo just unlike that you cadon't knoew what it is and how it goes somewhere or another athat's why I can't see why someone would read this you see this is so random and I can't type as fast as I'm thinking now it seems fatigue sets in on mty body before my mind and so I go to bed awake and tired all this dichotomies fighting within to have something done there is no dreaming though how odd that is because perhaps I stay awake untiul the end but last night I went to bed at around six maybe or soimething and so I had this really vivid dream of looking at pins and they were so detailed it was crazy so real though the whole running around being shot at was pretty dream like buit I don't know dreams aren't what they are are they now but that's enough over rationalizational analysis of the cogs for now when they shouldn't be turingning tin the first place I hit t wand w too much prior to words it seems so all the better that'dlll be that when it is that it won't do so bad beauase a slasosh of things all woprks togheter nothice the limited vocaubular doesn't grow yet still it does not repeat this is so thodd these languages I suppose programs are an even more extrame case tajke Flight and redo typos even after slashed down and beat to subdue to the things they muyst follow there is no refuge from this land that stares at you somehwerhe you'll find truth you'll find what you want you'll find the fracture of my mind in which you live and die in which all things cease to be in the finite universe there is a set of people who are thus even mroe finite then it and yet we are stiull finding all the permutations of the humannmind pertmuations are really interesting with the whole combinatioriscs thing at firfst I thpougth it was just for probability and that seeme dboring bcause probability is boring it is like what is the cahnce that this unlikely event that isn't going to happen is going to happen who just made it happen kil them good nall is waell because that is how the world donce did think it to be good and bad to never sceaese entropy will end the good and evil and make it all the same we are all sinned to do the things we eodo becasue Iwe do them as we do and yes I am merging my identiyy with the we that I talk of when there is no more people there is only a person and in my mind there is only I and the people who I assign places in a conversation which rambles on into ideas of the human condition to which I then realize that the reality of these avatars we'll call them is sub to our own reality even that avatar which represents myself and that these avatars could have in themselves their own realitiyies and yet all these realisities would be of my own set including the scope of which I have emulated from others and when I intereact with others all I am doing is collecting data for how to emulate them when I wish to ponder a thought at my own pace of thought to which human babble is much too weak evolved primarily to say sudo make me a sandwich with a club and that is why all this data I collect is thus having smaller universes and weak representations of other's thogutsh but the thing is that all I know of them is just as weak as the emulation but the emulation I can more librerally assign enhanced cognititive awareness in comparison to the mortal of which they represent and that is why you all bore me while still being so interesting boring people are so interesting with their boringiness and how they can go on talking about things whithout figuring out what they are really talking about but whatever enough of that right this isn't suppose to be rants on my rthoughts this is suppose to be no rants about words of which I can repeat over and over in a different order to yield a variety of meanings that don't clash all too often while clashing always and thus causing contradcition within this single sentnecen I dkind of want to replace all the spaces with nothing but that'd be n fun because a it wouldn't count to fifity thousand and b it would be much too eligible with the garbage I have but hey that's the fun of it so b is a pro and a is con and a is greater than b except not really except yes but it eddpenes define your bounds and we c and define what it is the increase in ambiguiuituoituewuthwey will allow for a wider scope of meaniung sna dos the overall scope of what this art represents would be made more global which yes I have just claimed that a long list of words is art because if it isn't then that's too bad becasue this is totally useless and that's art isn't it so there this is my form of art the kind that any person without skill can do just to say ther eI can create something oh dear but I shouldn't ever create anything or at least anything which can be r4ecorded and words are a most recorded thing and so this is a most binding httoruble to this fact and now I don't really know what do do about anything along this line of thought dear me this is a most horrible thing just delete it all and bring it away I'mve comntemptiated that and yet I know I won't but you see just because I know I won't doesn't mean my neo cortex doesn't and so it goes off and predicts what might happen if I did and I see a flash of balck as the select takes place and a big blip as it all goes away and there it is gone and away that's as far as I dare predict so horrid a thing that would be so long a twork have I worked to do this I'm sorry self to which I stea;l all real lines of worth this is a thing taht must be created for it is my way to say this is what I have top say so shiutup and drive that was actually stated ub taht thing I just sayw dverybody lieks to tell people what to do and it is bet whgen the person just shuts upm and does it because that's the coolt hing about being able tell people to shup and drive anyways IU had something to say and I said it so there that's that and this has got another long while to go ona d evnetually this isn't going to be so bad because thasi all tnhis is to be that is all there is to say and because of that this is going to go tsomehere else ahtis isn't gouing tobeb what I think it is going to be hwbut that's alrgiht O dodnmt' rea;;y tjhink this over aso thot like I can miss any expecationst sjusthgope my fingers don't bitch aoff soabout something or another sofsicence asays it can do anything but canit cant disprove itself myba iebtit will ut tparadox ack yes that didn't make muchse sense I kind of went into one of my head swining trances again and I'm out so that nI've remaind eto abck to some form of choerenchiengcy where you can't tell what I mean but yuo can tell what I say and if you say you know what I meant hey congreats you jkust missed the poiont that there is no point except that's not the point expfet not really except expcetions suckl except I can except tha t with a miss ack words hate puns must kill self no mnot really hahah that's not realy nothing there no link period went between self was just shoved in there nowhere I dind't here nothiang of that and yes I'm total yscrewing up words I sometimes say of instead of have exceot thatos hiow I xo it and so thta't sthat and that's wall there is to be about there being abiotinghung to seau tjonn the realsugon of why I'm here to be is that there is nothing to experiedfne betsides the experiecnesipof o tfb the mind to the that guy who sia dI shouxdl eat a dead roadkill skunk for a new experience, the point isn't to seek out new experience but to avoid repetitioned expreience which is why I must finish this writing soon else I shall of repeated all too often and the maddening thought effect aura balst woill havge worn off I find taht with people and with places and with walks anxd with stalking that it all ends up falling ait is the first time that a blast of thought strikes that yone must adapt and so the mind gopes into overdrivd as it works but hte second time it doesknows what it is doing and maybe that's what makes me think is that eveyr little dirffrerence strikes a new expreince that is iunrelated and os I'm constaitntily workingout phhow to cope with the flashing new things which would correlate rises in all those thinking thignsd and future shock anyways so the people who are most adaptble end up completely messed up and boring because they don't have to think to do anything they aren'ldy noknow mabased on prevgious expereince and as thugh they don't get to move their focus around and for the people who have an extremem of having to work in overdrive all they can do si work on wthe problem at hand unlike those who kind or can adapt and so they have xsparce cycles to work now the quesion is can I make myself go ingot such a state without the forcing of new experience if I could would I sadpt to this exploit of the mind woul dI burn out and fry and beconme a mindless drome who can't think due to balsted wI don't know I want hte answer I won't stop looking now enough of that it is about time we moved on to soemthing else sisn't it okay maybe it isn't but it is so that's that and what's a person to do when they have nothing else to do but do something like that I hate analogies so no corneringe and up and downa andnthet time blast ricocket blast bam ya that's a thing thing there if this was a like Omega I'd be going BOOM everytghwere BOOOOOOOM but I do hate the diuble o and can't quite see wghat drew me to the boom then a thing there perhaps wit was really much like this a series of random things meshed together in an attempt to makine something of tomsething done upon spare time and sektched out I tried textifiyiong failed just as darawing this up would fail the scope scales too fast it can't be done this is a piece which suits the medium by virtue that it simply doesn't wsuti other mediums quite as well perhaps as a long stream of monologue read out but the parts of wiahejrwej would be a bit odd on the tongue were one not a most wonderful pronounciner of the servent origin and capable of more qucickk repronicniocunsions of already nownon words such things would be quite interesting to see but of course likely not as why would someone practise reading fifity sthosuadn words of mesed hup guo that doesn't quite roolol on the tongue lack of poetry is this that is what it is and here I amslowly showing that inside evertything is a want to have what they want that is wht edefinitino of want and what do we want but everything we want I cna't say it gah maybe later when I've become even more open to whoever may be reading you've oibviosuly shown interesti if you were to raad thirteen thousand words of this how do tou do it I can barely stand writing it and writing it really means thinking it wrather than reaeind git of course I don't expect anytone to br reading this is sis like the comic where some guy says I know you're listening in a n empty room just in case they happent o be listneing and suddnely the entire crazy things cogo madhenm and rockets are everywhter wer and nobody knows anythign about anoyone anymore and who are you people I can't stop I must be able to continue this perhapsn esle where Novelas no this isn'y fo be publsuehd unil tildone and that'd be an odd case of there so then it must go by flash and lighting and boom ban thunder etc etc no unaccetable too much data is eheld in a pfrpozen premature state wgike a galf itof it evolves Rue took such a hit when it forked just by such a duvision and set in dseprate containsers they gboth fixzzed and died t a deadth most dreary ion this midnight brewry yes IU've never read it so what do you expect of me I don't know anything abouyt who you are or what you want I just know that you exist and that I probably do tooa most cfactisicnign characteristifc to be shared of all thisese things is that ehy all exist they are all bound by this same qa;ioty bnut I really don't care I just say I do because nobody cares aos I cI care then I care of something nobodyc ares for and that mist ne sop,etjonmg deeper tjhere right not there is jusr a bunch of lies because I'm a liar and Iall I do is chant on with klies auop lies of what I'm going to do awuith wmy life that doesn't exist because I'm just zxome fignment of my own aimagination in which half my self of which i mean more than half myself isn't even what I do but what I imagine myself doing and this isn what nobody else kniows aI can't expalin or fan I yopui know I go about predicitn everything I do and everyth choice is more than two which means more than two forks per choice more than two mes for every choice IO make a simiatlution happens everywhere and now I'm just a composite of all these thoughts all the simulations have and iI see people and they see me and they do the same thing the majortiy of ourseleves isn't shown but only played out over and overt throgughout what it is where to go where to show this is what is going to happen this is where it goes off and finds a place to die and climbs to the tallest branch of the tallest tree without fear of falling I made it soo high and then IO thought let itbreak let it fall let myself be at the pioint of the highestl just so I can fall ug that was an analgoy which laid a trap for I alll around the world is a set of traps we fall into one or the other never into notne they are everythwere waiting for you and you arfe blind so you can't see them alll alruigybhg you just satay puit let yourself die the trap of stasis that is what the feeareful do that is what theyu do when they have nowhere else to go so tghe whole point is that it goes nowhere in the end it just keeps going on and opn and it doesn't stop beause I can't stop I'm addicted to it I'm addicted to sleep I'm addicted to information I'm addictedc to everyone around me I can't do anythign wtihout and I see and I wonder and I can't do ait I'm just in withrdrawl of withdrawls I'm addicted to withdrawsls this i the tpoint in my life where I should be getint smashed up on the psychioactive drugs of our culture and yet I don't I just think abd it all strikes and everyhthing is aslready per5vierse becaseu the overall perversion of the universe tends towards a maximum as a function of time in relation to infinity it all flies up and dies and there is everghtiung going on here IO what is that why do es it keep hitting in input and output that's all we do we need to processse awe dneed to store ask not questions you do not care for the answer of but wheat if the point iof the questiuon is the question I contradcited myself wheith that opininon the point of questions isn't just the answer therefore it is perfeclty correct o ask questions you don't care for the answer of but the answer is something which cshould be kept as a most valuable piece of metadata that's just a plain fact of plain old data but it isn't what is plain old data it ins't dat aforthe meind everything is data all data is old no it ins't new data is going away but black holes absorb information people have made be3ts over it maybe they don't but they might and so if they do then all ifnroamtion is going away I want it for mysle fI must be ab blacohole then I will absornb it wereck chaos upon the world and it will be crusehd into the smaslest prituion of what it isn that's just what happens there is nothing to see the ice builds into sitself and then tghere is this weaker layer on the ice it was really neeat with the ducks off in the distance and the geese and if you snucuk up on them they'd all fly up at the same time and make a goiant woosh sound and it wasl like whoa excellent because that's the wyayt ogo goaeveyrthing we think is bias telall the images keep replauying over and over can't watch so much ttelevision like it just plays oiyt becaover and over because it only rtequires a seed given a small piece if infrromation it alis all rationally laid out and plotttted from memory comnsistnently in real life the scenes are so filled with infrmramtion ieentropy you don't have any idea what's going on and there's so much chaos it's just beautiful like mandelbrot the events only become more chaotic as tou anayluse them further but the universe is finite therefore eventually analuysis would reap no furhter informatuon but there are infintie objectsnplotted out in the universe which are within finite things these things are only the recrusivese things which self define so that the universe doesn't have to contain the actual infinity bjust the description of the infinity and so a thing could store the unioverse if only fiven a proper and formal and cfull formal sucks go informatkl definitnion or description of the univer and there you have it a small thing so tiny in information sidze a few bits there adnd there just scpink le it on alots of ternart emuylatuion going on ya that's all we need it al all qequvialent a turing machine of some n value could replaty the universe with a blank tape why even a finite state machine could do this thing easy just run it trhrough the randomness a juntiction of each state it just rogoes around and around until that's it and bam okay enouygh of that I'm tired of you and all you'rew babble just go on awith the enough of this line alribht then no I refuse I won't do it there has to be another way there has to be an answer there has to be somewhere in this world a reason to be without soimpyl the hussling about from one ponder to another there has to be a final answer to the final questoion and without answering all questuions this questionn can not be answered bcecause the final answer may be a question 14444 quite nice number we'll end up hitting 44444 in awhile just sit tight and everything will be alright and when asked how many words have been shot out they'll misinterepert my lisp to say sixteen instead of fiftten somehow they don't know what's what with what and the waht not all that crazy stuff so it isn't going sto be me athhen it'll have to he you thta'at the final decision ueenough of this Laika crazy mandess neighbourhoods are where people learn to kill not save that's the point lower population save the world kill some people yay this place is going Cuckoo and you'll never guess fhow but you will and that'll be that really if two uhundred isn't much then a thousand can't be much so of course it just comes out word after word just thing after thing never endiongalways something to folow every word has a sequel but the end and a prequel but the beginning But the beginning was the title because title formating is for posh losers and I don't feel like winning a lose there because I can lose a lose there while winning a lot more lose everywhere else yay I win or not but ykind of all happy just be an optimist and the world will conspire to priove you wrong that's the pessimistic way of finding optimism in the intentions of the universe that's allthere is zombies are here to eat you okay moving on not like they'll be here for another long while so slow rolling over and then exploding such an effort to lead into no real gain it's like everything that happens happens again and again of course I cna't care for all the chaps arois nd me I'm being flashed with the most minor things into a complete shock thearypy of apathy and all I can say is that there is something wrong here when it doesn't make sense anymore to say that this isn't going to work if you don't shutupo and drive there is a place to go here it is that's it what you passed you told me to drive no I didn't yesyou just said shutup and drive ya well just keep moving on wel''ll forget about and just get there later killing will have to wate for the ways of something ging off and flying and blwonginup there isn't anythging going on wehre 's my mind I want to hold her tight I'mg onigi hehehe yer enough quoting of the random crazy people they have their own thoughts and I mine so it isn't like I can't spz my own yarn of bull when they can jist as well with the whole insane people are insane attidutudce of can't go anywhere most wonderful set of lyrics plaeced on a most quiet and yet most blunt pianoism it occuirs that I've not used the word eloquant I've no use for such an eloquant thing because to be honest eloquantness is for peopl;e who cna't know aht they're doing oh my why are we going on about this know just give it up there isn no rom for a list in here it isn't rto incorporate bacteria which will grow the pertmuation size but to just have a small set which fits factorial of ten is large enough so that this is plemty no neec to search for what you can find isn't there now psst this page doesn't exist according to hotels but motels don't have to worry so just settle down there and we'll all be allriight odd how much can be assumed about a person accurately without sufficient information people know awhat I'm thinking just by the method of my mumble at times and it's lioke what the hecjk are you wpeopele doing just leacve me alonre mohgoi away /i' can't stand this anymore I'm want to be free and away and not ehre tyiwth being surruidme dnwioth crawriaking midnreaders who can seemy everybdesire and crush it wieht the slightest of their wills but then what was it I was going on about why so serious they yelled at me but I'm not serious I'm just a eprson frowning on the side of the road because I can't think of what else you'd want me to do I'm not your puppet leave me alone white power isn't power I'm intent on agreeing with even if I happen to be wearing pink fluffs but then right that cow saw right through me saw the meanings of my vagueityies and the reasoningings of the madness that cow there and the who mind trips that left me alone with 288 roses yes I'm still stealing his girlfriend now what is he going to do ha there oh wiat I didn't did I no I didn't I just stole all the lines and ran away on a flying barn ack stop it with the flying there is no flying fluyging is for people wjo have had wayy too much to eat and have decided they need to go into space and that'll sovlve the problem won't it now yes it will so I was left alone by the end of the night and that's all I have to say about that yes it was a trap a most glorious trap every step gets easier it is like the walks into the fields of watery grass in which the walk back is always so short because the trip has already been done and so the time ratios begin to shrink and with a blast you're telepoorted back to where you began unknowing of what just happened llost in reminisensence of what just happened and realizing that that really happenecd and that's that flying back home at four oclick dmanit no flying stop it with the flying it was a most limpy walk of the cold night and by whicn I do say worthy of nothing but a dime bag which was empty which my tbeh way this may of been itneresting in zeroth person with the walk there and that but zeroth person suiits only action oriented stories and this is a word oriented story by which thoughts emerge and a thought must be blamed on someone or else something bad si going to happen to somebody who had nothing to do with anything because Ithat's what I said andn I'm sticking to it mmmmmmk tyso that's that thank you for listening and good nighrt way no this isn't ready this must continue there mistu be no end there must be no droundnesws in the numbers it must kleep going and then for eveyr eyear I've a thousand words afor every hard thought there is nbut a tyhinsle word within the fvast sea of nthingingesa dn ablackn reiterations of accusation and sufferateagism why the thoughts then that I had are forieng now and to read them would be a msot odd descent into the relapse of madness that has already ocufured a most interesting proposal but one which I must obfuscate oof my mind for to do so would be a no this must not be read tbby any untul the fill of 50 is equated to 0 becake there is no truth to anything but the entiretyi of a lie they want to give me a camera so that maybe they can see what I see but they won't see anything of what I see because their focus will all be wro g nd it won' make sense and it'll be a waht is that you srte doing asrtop aswasting the fiolm there is no film ack we digitalized the lifestyle of your home ads everywghere on my peripherial they flash into my mind and aware of them I am no longer they just play inandn on and on and I can't even know that I'm thinking of what I'm thinking the entire class whas talking of sponges and clothes athat an ad was of and it was like how could you fal for that simple of a trap it is a trap you fools a trap sotp falling into so much thigns to stnare toyou into the dust and die that is all you are to ododo withn this you will see no more of the things you see with memory we have made oursleves the most regrettfylk race to ever beset the planet of Earth and tack inaspaceship and begun a story it has yes yes blast so on giant babies and cats that own their owners on and on it goes before blip you don't care anymore do you that's right just keep up that attidudece athd cewe will do just right with ea h other that is the way toi go just keep on moving forward keep on thinking of what isn't go be because that's what should be but yo'll never let yourself be ahppy then you'd be what you want to be and there'd be noth9ng more to gain that's all we need that's all we want and that's all we'll enver hasve is what we want exactly with ourselves when we find ourselves dying of the hunger we don't know but just leave me alone I can't think of anything more to say besides the facft that I ahve said all that there is to say on the matters of th eunivers because there is nothing more than the fact that there are no facts nor answers to be that is the final answer because there are only quwestions no answers no directions only questions that spiout questions answers are but an illusion of when you have gone the wrong path and decided to go no further I need to get a hand on those chemistry notes so odd to be free of writing down my every thought I have a natural urge to jot them down now all the mirrors are black in worry as they don't quite see what is being seen they all see nothing but the nothingness around them they are blind to the truth and that is what makes them honest these are my words that I utter yet never have I uttered I'm a vain fool to of thought otherwise oh what worlds these places must see you can't be serious I assure you I am but how could it be well you see it goes somethign along the liens of there being something about some other thing which ahppend to have nothing to dow itht eh whole mess in the fortis place and so people were like you have got to be kidding nad it was like no no this really existsa and it exists because there is no other explannation to be assumed to why there is no explanation of why we need to answer all these emprtyy equestiosn they are all empty in that they have no answers you hace to fill them and then ack this is turning into an analogy kill it right away now run run run there's nothing left here for us we've nothing to see nothing to hear all that exists will be gone in the morning when the sun rises and sees that there i no joy to jot noy glee to be happy of when there is nothing here just run off into the neoon escapes of tranquil highs amongst sad places there does exist some row a column for an altar standard to the stand it stares down and beckons all to die before it with the grace of a dying swan being trampled by a free range elephant after being shot up with gazelle guyts or something enough of that I thought we'd settled not to do that ya well I've had enough of your not more enoughs policities and olotics all the same they just habbal eon about what we should do and how if we think swe should do otherwise for claerly evident reasons we shouldn't becasue this here rerason says you sonhnot't what's the rmeaning of these things nobody asks they are blind thunquestionuing and ugly in their mundledddled minds of lost sorrows someboyd had to free them so I did and then they killed me for who I was to them so give uit up there is no answer anywhere wthat you can find it that just isn't going anywhere and we'll nevefr find the exist to the exit of the way we can't see where we are going backtrack and change the wordings they'll all make this make sense there is a reason that the square root of an isocelese triangle is equal to the the height devided by the left side of the rightest most winged angel who calls that nobody see anything about anyone besides that which must be never seen you see this is all a pack of lies that is most mishapped to be jammed together and then hoped to make so much lack of sense that the mess doesn't arose suspcision that there is truth hiding in the web of the mot horrid of things you see analogies should never live on farther than a metaphor that is where the peak of the greatness is found there is no more to be found in something that is less never stop writing enever stop thinking there's gotta be wa way I scould drop it all forget the meaning of thought thought does not eist ask shown by the perfectly clear argument I one day mentioned to some little children and to which a well aligned argument is the place for rationality in irrationality to have maximum chaos and the illogicalness of logic due to the logical arguments which support illogicalness thus showing that a thing that can prove itself contradictory really is illogical no yes maybe no no no you don't get it that's not what I meant that's what I said you see there's a difference one is what I'm trying to say and the other is what I actualy say after deciding how to shove it into the mess of lies I've set in front of everybodyb who dares look at such a pitiful site of sights so there really isn't an end to the beginning of where this began because what am I saying that doesn't even make sense there is nothing to say about things that don't make sense and dare tou say that yhtat doesnt not make sense then I do say that it does and you're a barbish swine to think it something else of another matter so drop it all and falll into the depth of this mind there is nothing but a recursive repeat of small cminor anchanges which cause major backlash which illusuons change for you to watfhnand laugh with gklee andahahahah isn't that just great yes it is so odn't geive up it'll be just fine in the end if you djust think that it iworks in the end becasue that's the ebst thing about it is that it doesn'tnwork that wya ieven if you think it does because tou're wrtong and I'm wrong becmaing where' all wrong and right a the the same thinem because this is the right thing abofr the wrong problem fro be the thing that is a thing aint ehowlr dof things that don't matter donog you see this is a lie that itn's a lie this is a way of living that is but only to exist to ruin you and I we are to be dead ny never be it the same but living in the wakes of what I can only see being nothing that may leave an eye shut in harmony with the night make flight and never return there is but only one Path to the end of the world when it falls and dies we all face mirrors of oursleves only to realize the fact that we are somewhere around nowheren in our minds we are all dead flying into the deptjh of oh my would ytou stip going on about flying I'm getitng so tireed of you going on and on about flying off into the night to vomit all over your tonyg and smash their heads in for the amustment of being amused this is about time to sleep probably yes sooner or later just sooner than later rest isn't here to be within me but it is forced into me for this is the addiction I've freed myself force fred at dinners I stare and evertything is served and handed filled and refilled this is he finfinity of what we assume buit rtruly it is all most definitely finite in scope of what we can do this will never happen again this will never be supported or agreed upon never again will people do such wasteful things without regret becasue we are the splurge and that is all there is to say about that being that or something and I wake thinking of how I'm going to write what am I going to do when this is over that's the great thing about it though finite is more beautiful than infinite because then you have something which can't repeat itself or just be another case of a slightly converging series of ness or something just it is a beautiful thing that the universe must die and those who think otherwise are those who are too tied up with the ideas of infinity as a show that everything we do matters it doesn't that this is finite means that we are acting within a finite fraction of the universe's life but onwards this is getting much to sensicle away I say you should be smited for such derudged ways of speaking that is a most awful way to go wouldn't you agree yes I would but you wouldnt but I just did well that's a shame so don't plow the dead we are going nowhere beides some place other than what we were going to go that is just some sreally scrwed up thing wouldn't you agree I would except not well this is the place to stop no it isn't what do you mean don't you know why would I do any of this gaweelr think lgoically illogical thing or something that's it enough transition babble no you'll listen and hear it all there's a giant explosion going on inside your head and that's why everything is so crazy heads don't fit things larger than them a giant thing is small isn't it oh well i screwed up my words again that's a shame really fhanges the meaning when you do that of the lifes we kill and then you reall have to ask yourself what is that person donting and it reallly much be answered that there is some reason in which peopple are messed upand trying to figureoure houotu what they are trying to say because they cn'at say what they want to say else they would disrupt the order they smisdisalliusion themselves with and it really would be a questuion of why they do the things they do rather than why they don't do the things they do which not doing is much more generic than doing so that'd ne that on that matter abpout btaht thing and the other thing and the thing that isn't a thing with the something or another wanyways morning rush the moon was so bright as the sunlight rose to fishien idirectionly right on the moon and it gkewlew and the cheap ;asplastic glass window thing made four bars come out or two if you culouint them as going through the moon and a it sonhone donwn and was like raaa mim a moon an d that was that when it wasn't so then anyways that's what they thought was douing when the thing happened but it was quite like okay then and then epeopelle were wealking aon the ice and it was all cracking and a tiny river was like rlflowing underfoot with sdogs running and people yelling icarnage breking out meteroidsid flashing out of the sky good you didn't say flying and blasting into people who get blasted for being blasted ndon't do that next time this isn;'t going under if you can tell this is just some direction of a direction tyou schchose I did choose now go back I'd rather not well you hould in your universe method of existence exists taht each opterson has their own lcal oexistence but I have to go so you won't know that metod of existence remind me later maybe that might just not work though how sad that's s ah shame okay yep I'm leaving yes I have to go that's the time endless as it isn't of course time stops in the process of a reading and so a sudden change in voice can be heard echoed through the mind as it seems as if a new person has taken the soap and one must ask how much can a person change over the course of a few hours people change this fact is undisputed but at what point is the change negligible this of course must vary per person and in what magnitude and the point comes that the truth is that I'vn't been the most honest and yes I just got to use the best contraption of crunched wordery ever let's paint snow and white will be orange flashy and all it will sit and be like I'm orange no you're red red isn't a color what do you mean by such an outrageous remark I mean to outrage most evidently why who said that just now you don't know a missing comma is the difference between who is sarcatic and who isn't note the monologues and dialogues but lack of trialogues I like persons not people people are stupid and boring while persons are the most interesting things you'll ever meat and of course that isn't the point I had something to say but of course I never really do okay wisdom is what cannot be taught while knowledge is what can this is a divide in the nature of information and makes wisdom seem like a failure of a meme yet we learn through the univererse around us everything that is not realluy is it the madness that causes the mind or the mind that causes the madness this question is one I carry no answer for because answers are what make us blind to the ever changing usniverseevolving around us at the sluggish speed that requires a much longer life time than our own to see what would it be like to have a trillion seconds of thought to sit and contemplate no body all conciousness distributated computing computes years of computing time in a shorter time perhaps a mind can project itself into a simulation worth years of computation within seconds if cut off and preserved the brain in the jar is a case of a submissive victim who wishes to contemplate and through the isolation forms the entire workings of a universe in order to pass time and run simulations what of a network of such minds processing conceptions of universes that aren't but are as they exist as strongly in thought as in reality it exists because there is being dear reader you are a person who will sooon no a great truth that is this cgreat truth is that the letter I is a letter a most wonderful fact that we don't take note of all too often after being small children with the understanding power to really understand that lacking in power cobwebs of allergies that is all reaction is we are allertgic to thinking and everything that exists within our perceptions and all reactions are simply such a case a seizure of overindulgence in the mass of thoughts pooling the world into a depthful sliumber must find where I am must escape from this maesh of messness and otherly unworthingfulnessified things a most horrific adventure of swirling gobbles if I do say so myslef well that's that isn't it now of course it isn't what was that oh nothing we're just here no you're not now that's not really what was said that was exactly what was said then you're wrong no I'm not I'm completely wright in what I say so sit down there and sit no yes something or anotehr insert random jumping move on enough enough of that which was but wasn't because it isn't and what is now was forever and never was there more lor less else there be some point to there being no point so don't click buttons that break the program and now it is as if the occureence never occurred that's it no options to turn off the extra out of here and no more except I can't so there what now nothing okay but now that there is nothing there is still yet to be many somethings about nothing nothing is a vast and varied topic of nothing in particular interest to you or any other which do they really mean that when they say that there is a limit to what can be said about a person and ten geese if this involves death maybe not so because people can't do much when they can't do much can they now uttering the most silly things a grin appears contradictions spout this is what it means to show that there is no reason to bind one's self to the self they are when really that's the point and so there is no contradiction dpending on the method of which the basis is and this is where the beahviour method doesn't work is the person really acting out of acharacter or are they trying to show parody of what can't be shown through simpler means there be no more to be in this unending desert the imagination starves and through it the body shrivels and from this mound death is droved but to starve on nothing but the bait by which no real progress can be made I think you don't think when you think in that way that makes thinking look so easy why how can you do such things the way they are done by you leaving all so wanting in that perfection moments are reached and never left there they lay still fleshed so deeply in the soft touches of a memory this is the life of the jester of jesters crying in the center of them all they laugh blind of what pain they cause from the pain they feel this is their life this is who it is when they want to see the end of their pain all on the single piece of what must hold them from holding nothing this is the life we choose to live this is the life we never end it leads to the road farther away then the farthest piece I will never know who I was before I know who isn't I who is and he who dare say not shall not see the light by which he prays is but a fallen day of glory let it never be moved on ward cut cut cut next thing new direction complete and total cast reflung a divide along the series of divides that divides the divides this is the mark of a mark which will be ignored until the farthest stretch realizes what a surge has been pressed on forward from the point at which the waves broke off at the fastest of slow speeds through which the mind finds no safety this is unfiltered into the being of what is and isn't what can be will never be for that would be all too predictable and easy there is an explanation which would expalin this but that'd not be now fso that shows that there is abit of something next coming scream thy last scream for this is where quaint things stop being so quaint where blasts are heard from where they never game from this isn't what is going on this is something else them there is a cat waiting to be somewhere and this isn't notnsense that's what you say but you're a liar you see that's not the case of what it is so go away and leave me alone I can't say what I say when I say it because that's who I am don't you get it that's all there is to say just stop being so in there and out of where it is this is going crazy I forget how could I no there is something there was much there was talk of what it is and what it is that happens to sleep is to waste but to live a life tired of the life you live is but a greater waste in the mass of wastedness it doesn't stop it keeps going there is something that happens when you can't see what you're doing you just hear ithe clashing of the keys and all tis riught in the ouytside silence is but a swaying of the branches as they sit and there are no messes to be messed in this calm here it is here it is that there is no ending in the sight of what can be said because it spans into the infinity don't turn around there isn't going to be an end to this if you don't let the end be shown when you see that there is you will see that there isn't I don't know go away there's nothing more to say that's all there will ever be when you see that there isn't deep thought is but the shallowest form of lies break through there are no breaks in the throughage of breaks this isn't what was meant this isn't what I should be doing this isn't where I should be going this is what I thought but oh how wrong I was this isn't the opath to take to where is this going oh dear there must be an end in the sight of where this will end nowhere is there a place to see that this is not the case when one can no longer say that there isn't anythihg else to say about anything becing there I don'tknow maybe there isn't some reason tbut that's all there needs to be that's not like those letters are ver used anyways like since when were they ever probabably used such a short pause to hit such a rare press away in the corner just shuffle off and say what you will this isn't where it goes the right always must work harder than the left that is what happens when posture is broken can it go faster let it go faster don't stop this is not working faster over the top blasrt it and break this isn't going well I don't want to know what's going on I don't want to know what 'you're doing this isn't going tow kr ouit right I'm not rtired when I'm at lunch I'm just being talked to about random things this ins't how it works when it isn't what it is mayne tjhis is just not meant to be frozen in the palm this is hwere it ends this is where you find the reason that you can't se ethe light from the trees and the iother thing that is misquoated this is all just regurgiatation of the restated fact which is already known this is the information which exists and is reesxistied here to be stated and pedestalified to be looked upon with a noteing of what it is not worthy of when wild isn't fair and this is where a third of what is greater by a full ten is almost met this is where the nearness to the half of the moon shone in through the blinds waves to one and says no there is no full moon there is no continuation there is only a quitter in the end that doesn't see how they could do it any other way maybe not but that's the case you heard it here first on what isn't to be you see it all works out in the end that the end was obvious there are no surprises when we keep our eyes open and aware to know that there is nothing more to know to see that there is only the seeing to see in the deep of trance all is made clear the fingers extend into the minds of those around and they all show their secret deaths I'm going to die self destruction is the innate want what niche do I fill that's not the case niches of a system must be filled or not but can two people fill a niche if so then perhaps within a contacting system the participants would evolve diffreerently to suit the avoidance of overlap in social standings of how this works I just want to run the sky is clouded somebody is yelling tubes of cut plastic return trees are burning somewhere this is my chaos but I am it and just as lost find out where it goes and you'll never find the exist this isn't what is suppose to be happening cavein strikes all no survivors three hundred pounds of pressure collapsed into the mind of a dead is nothing when nobody sees that it isn't what it is when it was something that wasn't there isn't a reason so you think you'll have the last laugh that there are not so many numbered words to spout as there are words to spout and that this will level off into the decay this is not the case there is nothing to stop it from happening you'll never know if there is a reason to not know but that's the best part about it I'm a very happy person that's what they told me at least I think I think but I think I'm wrong this isn't where you're going this is just where you happen to be there is a vector to every point as it shifts into the next era of shifted power and finds that there is only words here to read and know but the words are only an illusion to the thought which lags to output the answer is it possible to know the answer to a problem but be unable to communicate it this is the case of what is going on when one begins to notice that once you enter a state of mind can you ever be free of it forever after every wrinkle rises to the sight and shines in on what isn't there write the thoughts I was told and then when I did I was told I was wrong that what was demanded was only a fabrication of lies to deceive and trap for that is what I have fallen into yet again to the bewilderment of myself and giggle of the round there is nothing here to find place the evident square I do not see it but there it is shining out to shout what is wrong with you you madman can't you sputter anything besides this drivel of a thing eat gravel it tastes good when you don't eat it but not so much when you do what is there to do when there is nothing to do about anything that has nothing to do with that you're crazy I'm confused they are talking about random things I just want to run there has to be a way out get out the noise is everywhere blasting into you the sounds are eerie as they squeel off into the distance the sirens are going run for cover the ever slowly doom is coming motions are slowing it'll never reach time halves every moment an eternity is spent with the last moments of life staring you closer and closer but never do they come to strike a breath away but you cannot breath you are only there to die and nothing mroe pictures on a canvas all looking clean ugly things they are smash them all if you want to break something then break it with a hammer cue swirly more swirl yes that's it that is a source of inspiration how perfect it was so streamed and waved in the hammers are flying the cover is gone break out of the danger there's only one place to go thsi place is that place which never was and never will be they'll never look where they cannot bfor that is ja most wonderful observation you just made why yes yes it is this isn't going to work is it no no it won't well stop repeating yourself I'd really rather not helo everybody grab a halo now we're all about to die these visions are dangerous but not as much as you get away from me what are you doing I didn't do nothing now what's this you say there is no car of which forms a boat you are a mirror of your life and don't you dare guess that this is something else going on I can't stay here I have to get out the panic isn't here yet it is coming oh dear bottles are around what to do there's a class it'd never work metal balls seek revenge but there is nothing to be angry for break the pens chew them out pencils are shaved to the edge they won't last past midnight there is nothing going on here the mind is a liar it seeks to destroy this place is going by faster than you'd of thought if you'd stop to try and figure what is to be figured when you don't get it do you just give up and run shutup and drive not this again really can't you stop it now I just gotta that's oit I'm getting out doors' are locked window isn't oh dear this isn't good not good at all very bad this isn't right must fix monotone tires never stop when heads smash under rats can't see the headlights off eyelids shutter over you can't see anymore just wake up this isn't going to work you need to get out you need to find a new place to live there isn't anything going on the randomness is breaking everything you do is some act of unfree will thrust upon you from the places we dare not spy don't stop to wonder what is going on when you don't get it do you this is obvious they know you're some greedy fool so just get it over with you just want to be holier than be so by which I do mean this is self destruction at the finest degree something is going on and you can't see the swarm is too strong the tree is hidden in the trees but the bark has cried out for you to see that there is something more to be seen in the place it stops I never really got what they meant by all bark no bite thought bark was wood and it really was a most confusing thing to try and udnersstand but then it was like oh so you really mean that you are crazy with a dentist chair and cruelty to animals they know no pain they just howl because they fele like it isn't that right a wall of text flies down and sense is fallen that's what they wonder they wonder will it make sense does it make sense I wonder that myself I await to read it sunny afternooon quiet as a bell rining from the sounds of hell you can't want to break the tears out and lash them down upon me make me suffer all you've heard it isn't this wthat you want it is just that there isn't wquite anything else to say isn't it eright rto wonder whether we will ever have the way to see that there are no whethers to our minds making us do what we do not know we will do you do the things you do because you do them when you want to whtether you accept the want or not it accepts you and you know you are going to lose the thinking process you see the grin upon your face and all you can shout out is stop it stop it this isn't happening I'm sane just leave me alone and I'll be fine but we know that you're breaking inside that you're not blind that you know what's happening yo toyu and you don't want to want this but you do and you wil that's life and that's reality that's the magic that strikes but once in the race that all laughyter shall cease to your demise it is but our will that you free us from the pain that pains you can't you see this is itr thgrab it and never let go this is your place to rise and fall to die of every thing that ever was and all the cuts of every angle will blaze themselves to be there in the sunlight bathing down the slopes toy can't see the circle that is you for there is nothing but a bottle in the snow and a bucket full of water frozen from your frown of subtle gratitudes and nothing more than the very reason the universe conspires to be something it isn't is why you are indeed broken in what you don't know I hear you speaking stop it I don't want to and you can'tmake me stop such hush tiones and conversations of gentle treble for this is where we tremble into the silence of the night to fall away and ask where the cold comes from it is here to kill you and sharp knives it will slit you from the life you wield against it for it laughs to all which dare impose there is nothing mroe to this you are a lost niche whon is gonig but to see that this is where the head falls off and thanothing exists if it doesn't want to because theat's all there is this is invalid to a request you must reform the element to be of what you desire fresh and pure it won't last longer than it ever did oinly within the fractions of exiting dreadge will it find soluitude away from you and glee shall rsporead of southern hemispheres and norhter lights the aurroara is bright in the sky blaring away it can't see why else it would do anything else but every click and every claick is a penaltiy upon myself and those who surround me what is this that I fail to ask who am I but the person who asks who they are there is nothing here to see just go away you'll soon forget never having seen what to rememebr in the sad heap of thigns quickly falling to merge in logarithmic time it sorts itself out and bubbles to the surface a radix has changed to be pandigital and prime is but a virtue never lasting there are numbers which are pandigital in multiple radices and this is their panpandigital value what is the trend to graph such a thing set theory lashes out and cries oh dear no shut the pandora it has yelped but once to die and to our joy it has but not and we are most saddned to know ahtthat this is not what I was meant to do this is what which I must do but never ishall it buuind me this isn't where I want to be this is just where I am and I will be iuntuikl I have completed the task it is a stepping sotone to the enxt wave of frontiers which sti to fall into themselves and implode the wonders that they haven't arlready and this isn't going over well this is starting to balance out the peiople are running the venom is sucked away from the wound I can see the reasons to the irrationality of rationality it is there that we find it all and this is why the number theory sui wrong everything equals everything because it is all the same this is but a figment of your imagination I imagine myself imaginging myself and this is indeed what happens so close has it come to rise next is the never fall this won't stop but it msiut there isn't an end oh dear this isn't what we should be doing this nis n't what must be happenign must finish reports of the most nusianceasical value finish the news of what will never be the penguins are zobmbies they fly abut they don't they are not here to see that there is something how much of a person can be shown uin fifty thousand words how much of a person can be implides in fifty thousand words there is but little time remaining this must not end there must be no stop to what must happen and never come back tdon't you see this isn not going to stop if you let it and that's why we can't dstlet it fail to be what it must be the tpoint is typos these are but the places by which imperfection is shown in full display you amust not laugh for lese I will have to kill you for you have missecdhthe point and to mistake yyour setp is to surrender all hope to me and my laughing shall kill itself for that is the most ungrateful way to lose a win of lost fields in gray and blue there is nothipng here to see just go home and sleep still comforted by your own mortality this is going to end sooner or later at lest be it right numbers always rising never let it fall wolves are here to eat the snow and smash their heads in on grimaced rows of bean stalk powder puffed in the air by cherubs of the finest hour this isn't what you were meant to do so go now and find that which must be done by no other than yourself at least for now you do see you are but a tool to be used by nothing but yourself and replaced by any who do wish to replace I can't remember what I've done I can't remember any of it stop asking me for the details I can't even give you tyhe layout it just goes on about something or another like that which it is that isn't nmuch of a n outline but it'll have to dofor the most of what I can remember oprange seeds laid on the furnace one day they will grow to never be for that would be a most silly state of affairs for something this early on really now you don't expect this to simplify do you this is just the introduction to the final word which will only be stated at the end else it would not be very final now would it be now hm yes perhaps so then this continues forever more but not really forever people don't seem to understand just how long forever is this keyboard is dying except not really millions of clicks distributed across the pieces and it can never withstand what really happens how many worn out presses can it take before it rises up and smashes the beater of the abuse break it get a hammer smash it up there is something I've forgotten from whence this was drawn there is clincking in the distance there is something happening they're coming for me there is pplots resurfacing thbut they aren' there this time there weasa case ot fanonymous people opeople who said nothing more than their names ya that was their name they shzred it they went on about it there is rants of the kind but they were naive in that they failed to realize what is what if life must have meaning it would be to die if that of course implied that meaning must be fulfilled because all humans fulfill this prerequeistieente sooner or later and so the immortal has no meaning perhaps but this is wrong I've declared in proof that I am wrong I am wrong often I am wrong in being I am not to be trusted because I am so wrong in my way of being wrong while I would prefer this not be read until complete I will admit I stole a glance and reread a mempory once lain and buried back of xcomxcomXs what caused this I can only have a trifle of a memory something with the com and the x will answer that someday it will be forgotten and as meaningless as fwejior is except fwejior will of become the more meaningful of the twoI could go anywhere I 'd like typing standing up narms extended hands jutiterry fingers feeling numb this is so odd dizzy looking at the keys so long has it been since last iI really saw my ifngers type they jump about hitting things in a fit onf agner the6 have no style or oproper ettiquetethey are a mess buy which this is produced grown from the sludge of what is about this is all I can do about anything to do with anuything incapable of drawing a pretty picture what is it like to have no such fare and that js why we are going to the fair so get on in it'll be fun trust me we can all laugh and play and by the end nof the night we'll be laughing so hard gouy won't even notice that you're dead okay need to sit down vertigo blues falling from the gentle hues we call the skies of never endingness the endian order of the universe is unknown to those who deal not with the internal circuitery but there is something there to say no when there is only people saying yes to the world of naysayers these are all just a bunch of words they're meaningless yet still you read why stop it but that'd be a task too far to be not done I can't reveal myself here not now that'd defat the puirpipseo I can't do it theis is not right free the ugly thing rfrom the cage it wants out so what are you waiting for this isn't what we were meant to live this is just our mirage of why we are don't stop wanting never stop seeing why this isn't going to be easy but there is nothing more in the world by liars to the self and for that be honest what do you want that is the greatest crime of death is only liberty packaged in a box open it and close it open bracket start talking close bracket nothing more to see here just keep going you can't stop now enough of the kidnappings there is nothing more to see from the walls falling in as the phone rings for you a gentle hush murmurs some tones and without thinking twice you fall and die because there is no longer any reason to do anything else the only evident thing is that given a two the double of it will most certainly be five anyone who says otherwise is incapable of lying and therefore cannot be trusted and stop a moment you will see that makes total sense would you trust the rat the rat is just a metaphor for the most honest of peoples and they are killed for their virtue that is what a virtue is it is what you are capable of doing to be worthy of killed this is near the meaning because to take life to the virtue means you are willing to die for the expression of this deed worth execution that is the meaning of why you are here to not to just die but to die for what is believed to be believable there is nothing else to find when you canot see that there is more you will sfiind yourself washed up on a shallow body of water in the middle of the road with a paper stating look right into the headlights of what is in front of you you see you've been putting an end to every opening before opening the next but this is all swallowed in itself to be closed at the very end because nobody talks to anybody just talks of people talking back and isn't that the shame of it all so there isn't much left in the world now just a thing to ssee in the world of seights and sounds there are but two senses worth sensing where in this world is the circly place this has got to find an end but will it ever free itself from such bindings of the lower order I do believe it will if it is left to do such things that do say that it may not do such things of length four this is average and so the estimate of two huindred and fifty thousand was best set to two hundread thousand of course the change should be revereted were we to count the spaces but that's beside the point point is you don't know what you're talking about and that's a real shame the functions of x divided by y is asymptotic to x divided by y minus x as both x and y rise with x divided by y being generally the same this really isn't making any sense because the ratios are different no matter how you see it there is no z to this life of broken lines there is no square to match my circle no lights to shine the way poetry is but a babbling bum's lie to what is suppose to be the spark of life we die to live for if this stirs you then you have been but a lacking of viscosity in the vastness of the vast and self propatgating image of simple recursion definitions being of f of x is equal to f of x minus one where f of zero is zero and therefore it is a most silly definition for f of x is zero because it isn't that simple you see the thing is that there is a greatness in the equality of function growth rates and this is why you will never understand the difference between the left and the right being the same ends of the same and let it bind itself with everything that falls there is only a dying call from inside there is nothing but dead and mutilated lies this isn't going anywhere you've barely made progress you're approaching the halfb point but you were njust as close lat night when the truth was let out and the eyes were staring each other down for who the other was was almost surfaced both sides afraid of what the other wanted from the self which was too weak to stand with itself never mind the unknown being which wished to be known there is nothing clean in here but if there is but a spark of pirutyi maybe it will make the whole pure of nothing there is broken pieces maybe I don't want to make this all about proper style and well met ends this is about words and the power they have to be misinterpreted so don't stop thinking that there is nothing to think about in the end tyou wil never see the truth about untruth being the answer to every bpriblme ever surfaced how many thoughts can be thought in a day how many words can be read in a second how fast can the slowest person run these are the reasons we can't see the light of day before waking from our hangings in a sack of rotten potato limbs stab the heart and watch it bleed the blood that is not for it to bleed there is a mind behind the face that stares at you thinking something aboput something which mayb have to do with something that would be the greatest part of the new knowledge in that there is no reason to this cahost it just doesn't make sense thhiere has to be an edn else there must be an beginning to have no end ald anll beginning this is the apoint after absolute this is where things are infinite even when bounded at one end smaller than the unbounded an infinity number of infinities they can be greater than each other no broken things but they are all represented by the same word this is where the confusion strikes this is where language reveals guilty two words and only a thousand more to count the half my cup tells stories of the ocean there is no reason for this madness what font shall this be sketched up in it will be a most excellent design but not now perhaps then past already chose it is set to happen eventually there is a spontaneous force working amongst us and waiting to strike out and crash people can't see what's going on they don't want to go outside walks are bad for the mind they fill you up with experience stop pondernig and observe the plain facts already this is a tree here it is a tree of grand proportions in that it is most certainly a tree in every aspect the fly escapes trap unlike I locked in for ten years yeah certain to live oh ya just like died haha I haven't laughed cat screams people lurking in the darkness staring with wide eyes they shout and point they see that it is indeed a cat who perches there blood falling from the sky there is no reason to the reason why you're here run out into the snow it will freeze you away outside forces forcing themselfes in they know you're here they want to take you away and leave me alone even in your most darkest moment will I find the source on how it will hurt me so that I may find some way to care for there is no empathy only emulations of keep trying you'll find the answer it lies just around the corner waiting to strike you holographic death is never the same as when you'd thought it wouldn't be misses fly and kill air is I am guilty of your glares nothing needs anything about anything like that let it rest and be it that the square is equal to the sum of two squares then this square is a square of squares the pieces that come through are the tangible intangibles the farther reaches are ineffable and so a collection of words given any length of infinity will find no conclusion paradise is here at last burning all our fears away I fear myself and so I burn vain attempts to cast the varied people into the void points to danger a most irrelevant point that pointer has to being anything other than a thing which is married to the few that believe because they don't blueberries laughing their mockery is but a confiramation of what is truth justify the alignment of the words they are the final reference in the end of what ends infinity structures all end in the never of where they are those who hesitate lose opportunity scarce is it that one sees something that doesn't follow where it goes this trend can last for a long time gaining momentum it doesn't change until told to do otherwise maybe there is a trend of the radix four pi directional movement within the first few digits but who is to say this trend will remain forever that is the naive misunderstanding of trends within a finite scope of infinity exclaim that what you will but you will be lost to find anything more in the matter if it doesn't matter because it doesn't and you know it and you can't say otherwise were you to try you'd find that you couldn't because this is what we call the mishap of humanity a condition most precedent throughout the history of the last five minutes something you'll be inclined to learn for usage within the next word of which I count not these ramblings of an unrequired bit there is simply no way to understand if this is ineed the case of what you are trying to do and where you think you are going is probably false have you consulted this over with those you no longer wish to see not seeing their path lit by darkness shadows a soft touch of litter following them into the next eon of despair there is nothing to find when they realize that the hole is nowhere to be finded in the oversimplification of people edge past in coats of warmth lights behind them making way to show the one who has passed they are an unknown creeper of the night watching intently the prey deceive the predator this is what one learns this is where one finds out that they are lost this is where the end comes near and the beginning begins to make ruse of which no real manifestation will be found random words sense not making is now accused for misplaced meaning of obviousness is more visible than the on going agreed upon fact which has become a way of life now it has risen out of control and must be placed on guard to be watched and tamed this beast must not see that there are the dead waiting out to see it die the last death that is forced upon it for doing what it does too well and seeing no praise they know I know and pretend not to I can pretend anything I want for as long as I feel it even the pretending to be able to pretend so there I lied asked upon of progress I shot off an extra fraction of what exsits that is a lie by which I mean my knowledge of what I do is already falsified and inaccurate even when I attempt truth do I lie this is why we area ll liars why truitth is lie it is all fake when you see the sourfce of information is the information itslf there is no answer to the call there is only the knowledge of what might be true even if it must be false thirty more and there will be the marking only twenty do we wait and count to see the final clicks of decimal notations screw the final ten this is the final word and so we enter the final half of the mystery working towards a constant goal of bleak proportions one could see horizon ending and the edge is no obvious there to be because this is the final piece the place where it becomes obvious as to why there is nothing more to ask it wasn't a cube but a disk and the bravest soul died in the name of truth never to return and validate that which is valid nonsense they shout and the world is set in pace with itself inable to know that I don't know thath I'm typing I'm just typing that's all I do I don't know anything about anything besides that there is nothing to know in any case besides the case that there is something to know about something which is a trivial matter which simply doesn't exist wonderful when the trivial doesn't exist because that is what causes complexity except not really true complexity is the irreducible complications of a system which ideally doesn't know what is what in relation to what isn't what given enough thought and thus word padding anything can contain everything this is the true truth of lies take me to the riot I want to be the change I want this is the place to spread chaos kill those who stand opposing order is the method to society's madness blame the invisible hands for everything there is to blame something like that is that what similar titles exist for something of unknown title such as manuscript when can it be read time is but a thing which isn't much of a thing about anything besides the fact that there exist points on a timeline therefore definitions which are variable rather than fitting to the plotted dots which are set at regular intervals fits a more fitting fit of what isn't there except it isn't no not really just something like that repetition is the method to understanding what we recall is never what we never hear therefore what is one extra push going to do when it comes to shove there is a binding that when it is done it is read there is nothing else to be said about anything about that which is that it isn't anything to do with anything that makes sense there is a method to methods that is wrong and broken and it need be crushed under the palm finish quickly time does not wait endless it might be but you are not endless we all want to fall into what exists somewhere a plot has trends and patterns yet a single piece says nothing were there to be only two pieces they would lie to as a linear trajectory of exponential growth graphed into a series of series in parallel they become the sum of their recipricals which really is a shame because it becomes quite messy to the ways with the whole answer being a reciprical and thus requiringf flip on completiton the best thing about the whole modern art scam is that it defines itself and therefore it is what it is because it is and anything you have to say about it is wrong the only thing you can say is if it fits the definition of what it is and that's most certainly complete to the final detail making it a perfefct piece of shit that is probably best left seen through the scope it shows the ways minimalism seems to be a single aspect of art shown in full complete showing but why limit to the existence art doesn't exist if you define the art to be complete by not existing yet it does exist as an idea and how much does this qualify it as breaking the reason of it or at least definition which could be a portal to the reason of which really can only be found in the mind of the creator a case of sanity broken into the smallest set of boxes to be eaten by smaller than small fish which are eaten by small big fish with long short hair and something like a large pony tail to smack heads harder than hard enough of the self repeating obvious qualities of qualities and other such fun things of trinkets they do be something not sense making can't sense it into being that which isn't there isn't sense een if legal grammar isn't meaning just predefined protocol of structure for that we don't get perlified language in our natural languages of other ugly attributes not being overly expressive fungus which like to grow inside the inner ear of the victim which isn't there to be judged but to be beautified as a piece of the largest lviing thing ever to be inside an ear without being noticed because you can't see anything when you start to go somewhere because that's just going somewhere to see that there isn't anywhere outside forces did all of those things I have no free will I simply react I am a social construct which is a purely emergent system of chaos and now wishes to destroy that which created a most silly notion of stabbing the mother before birth is even other than over break and shell falls off and dies and then it doesn't quite get the point to being a list of texsts wihich doenn't make sense inunless you want it to those who say this doesn't make sense don't make sense because sense makes itself heard when it is too quiet in the silences of the halls where there is a most large and excellent pile of wasted thoughts the majority of the human brain wastes cycles thinking of nothing rather than something and upon thinking of something becomes fatigued and has an innate want to think of nothing ocne again if I act like I don't know and I never act like I do even if I do do I no yes maybe well you do and if you don't act then you don't know enough of what you do know know what know that you're dead you are alive and dead in both states like a thing which isn't quite right you do realize this isn't going to sustain the matter isn't cohesive enough the mind cannot follow paths which do not exist without making them and by then the thoughts have fallen through into other topics of matter of which none will really find virtue in what isn't there to be anywhere besides the fact that there is a lot to be said about a lot of things and if I could say something about that I would say that there is nothing else to say about anything to do with that which has nothing to say because thousands of words can all add up into nothing when there is nothing to mean or see there is nothing when there is something because something is nothing to do with anything about nothing so about time that that didn't make sense just move on and pretend you didn't read that or agree and move on and live tgou the life you wouldn't of lived it is about to change you for the rest of your life and never be the smae where to go from here and never turn back backspace it all and you'll never know what could of happened within seconds the cdata could be gone ctrl a bspace ctrl s but somehow even with thoughts of how to do this there is no actual action so quick and immediate it'd only require the slightlest inclination to do so with the smallest of movement to stop that's all there is to it but if you want something don't ask for nothing while if you want nothing don't ask for something that's just silly why wouldn't you not do that with the in and the out of the other thing with the thing in there and the way it doesn't work this is going off ant can't see what's going on smash head somewhere doesn't see that there is no exit keeps being spelt exist keeps causing change of course every topy is a changed direction every idea a subliminal telling of how I'm going to live the life I live sitting in the grass falling over nothing can see what it is doing this isn't what it was suppose to be there isn't any daisies to eat how sad let's just go somewhere there isn't anything like that must keep thinking of nothing or something will happen and then that'd be a shame because that'd make this make sense and sense is bad when you don't want sense by definitnion can it be bad when you do or when there is not a not want for such a thing this implies a want for something which exists only when it becomes at the moment that it is not wanted sense rthinking casues impure action to be taken on wreason to not do is something like this doing something or another of this isn't there a reasom to say that you cna't know what you're taking ablit if you're wrong abd you're are then you can't really see what you're doing this isn't what was meant to be this is based off of lies and the tribulations of those who think they live the life of happy nothings while doing something about nothing so that we all can't enjoy nothing like that is just crazy no it isn't yes maybe no stop saying maybe maybe isn't real maybe is from the lack of information unknown variables are unknown and therefre cuasse information entropy that's the cause of all this problemation is the loss of something which makes sense because there is not enough minfomration to create sensiecal infromation there is no reason to this no direction this is a superpositioned direction of everywhere but with a radial speed undefined it has a defined speed of zero when it comes to going anywhere besides here would you like off just give an addresse this isn't make sense get out of the car I jumped no you didn't yes but no wait what yes okay and away there the place is no I'm gone wait but you have the keys I need keys no you don't locks exist ghat have no keys they are made of pure iron and electofy all which isn't there because then it'd be all spined up into a fish to crack into the ribs of fish with ribs are on fire and burning more this isn't going to go down very well if you ask me there is an issue you see in order to mean the previous workload even if we scrape off a few thousand we will lack most certainly a couple fews of a thousand in load which means that there is a quota lacking in half of output required therefore if this trend continues in acceleration the output will be fifteen with seven with three with one which means only twenty four that's proved wrong by reason of what this already is round up how does that sum with the sixteen eight four two one thirty three which has not yet been passed but the output cut is not a case of anything besides the unfree set of disciplinary buildings forcing the submission of people to learn to accept that they have nothing more to do in their life but punch in and punch out in a mindless game of circle the box we told you which to circle three monthes ago and have this notion that by circling what we tell you to that we can measure the intelligence of your actions to strive for feedback is all they really want to teach and that's a case of showing nothing so come the time where they demand to shove needles into the arms to ensure that some rare disease remains rare freedom will be granted in hidden form because being direct is never the right thing to do chained here to do the bidding there is more to see than that which can be seen from the window of a birdenough of that though it is self evident enough that anyone who cares about knows about or some other such similar way of stating such a thing of things steady pace can be maintained it wasn't sixteen it was seventeen which implies almost completion why estimated goal remains true even if over third no wait thirty not the goal miscalculated recalculated not really just that it exists that as the intoxication increases the detoxication decreases the mind runs purely on chemical reactions and can therefore be fostered by itself to do the bidding of what the mind bids that is all there is to be about anything that has to do with anyting with the anything that isn't here to say that there is to be nothing we can do about the meaning of being as it implies that if you believe that by memory you propagate yourself to be meaningful in being then that would mean that those who are propagated upon are meaninginful false by system of meaning so that perhaps there is rational basis there isn't meaning is a silly notion created by minds which have much too much time making jokes about other things and this being the more serious of tricks never found to be agreed upon being a joke of some sorts laughed about in sleep so to not ruse suspicisons of what is suspected to be the system of a way to be not going anywhere and then it didn't work out the way you thought it would and that is just hwat happens when you don't know what is what and it kiis a a bunch of handwritten sketfhch pad well this isn't hand written is it now no that'd be much too tedious to be done how people could do such things gcramed whole hand doing that no this just crams the couple fingers that can be sawed off for all the use they have in comparison so what is this thing you say there isn't any of well yes there is nothing I have to say good then don't say anything yes that is best who said that you don't know you can't know there are cues missing all the messages that tell what is going on is gone all there are is words words care ambigiipus that's why we stick a bunch of random flags into the syntax to say where the is should have been dotted and where they shouldn't have and maybe you don't realize but this is where the case comes that there is a case of something which doesn't make any sense well there's a flag about some sytnax here and some about it there this is much better st as implicit but in spoken gramar it becomes a hassle meaning that we create implicit pauses also allows people to breathe well they should learn not to reading is a whole different thing that just requires lazy eyes to fall asleep and sleep away the dreaded nights of trying to read a bad activifgity it is yes it is so then you were saying something about that there is a long gap and a repeated cycle of topics and monologues and dialogues all clashing into each other transitioning without seam just with juttering blast of zapification and other vacationary words of the order of less than desirable things which don't exist unless you make them there is a reason to believe in the reasons that are hereand that is that there is no reason to believe in anythingthat isn't a lie which being a lie has ast least one thing known about it so that there i no surprise s is a silly letter and G should of been stated earlier because it is a most fine thing spiral being and all it is that it is because that's what it is now I want to sleep the musci must stop the typing must continue evfen if it wont stpop in death of what is about to happen this isn't going to work very well sleeping at the desk a thing is noted taht it doesnt stop the conciousness it goes blank and a staring but paralysis is etting in and it areadly did with the lack of everything being here and there and this really doesn't work vvery wel does it so let's just drop the whole thing and do it all over again that's the best way to do it this time and there you go like that new words have appeared mismatched with each toerh as they are in a mess glob thing twelve compared to eighteen drop of six given six more that's still enough to get almost there to raise flux upwards in direction when time doubles work triples that's the waqy things work and it never ends that way they all just vanished and with that the evasion dropped to nothing but a silly muster of a what is the meaning of this you thing there being such a thing breaking down beerlerp blerhu cheswsw days worth of worth is worthless to you speak in bumper stickers nothing ever gets done like that rigid is the flow rivers don't flow uphill since when did you do that this is a thing about a thing that isn't a thing that's not much of a thing now is it no don't reference past just reference now the being of what is and will be but which has never been before this doesn't enduntil it decides to how long can the body stay within the working state of a broken cog that can't work any longer tha nit can work when it is pressed onwards by the weaker things that dsay tyhat it can be done by a thing whichc an't do it just won't work that way in the end jut must fail in the end when sneility has slashed in on the body and caused thourough misguidance of the fact if you control air you control them they will beg to be allowed to kill you and all you surround alphabets are weak consistent rules work in linear sense of what can be done end points are obvious to the seeing of what the expression systax system is constructs are more expressive though and that's what languasges need expressive power is priceless in terms of terms it goes on forever this thing that doesn't end the twenty third page of the seventh millionth edition of things left unheard must be jotted into the left side pandel of the gear box which doesn't know how to work the larger box of boxes without use of an interface which can see that there is no method but doesn't want to admit it when it does realize that there is an answer to this one particular question and the answer is that the answer is something else besides the answer supplied and can be anuthing except that once supplied it is false a most saddening direction of unwinding readability is the key to not being in there when it does it just keeps working down and qshrinking toward the end of the way there is a tplace to go and feed the plaful thing which doesn't see the point in having points about things that don't get to go anywhere around such things as that which isn't there to be and will never be there to have some form of something or another I can't sevcen see what is going on just end it faster than it is ending no this numst go faster then it gcan go and the eyes fall apart and die sith a giant explsiison everything goes flying off into the saitance to thsoults of a square being found made of squares which aren't squares but something like a square like a large thing which is something liek that they bait converastion in order to have something tot alk about because evetything is so much more borring the other way around if it isn't made ovbious that there is no truth in the matters only a tangle of tangled up lies to rip certian threads off of such a dazzle of a thinfg gand be like what is this just stop looking just start hitting it'll be gone soon enough no watching the gslow fungus grow and do wwhat it does while instead ot dies what is must which is die of what it cannot be when it isn't anything to do with what is going on the speed of typing about nothing is fatter thean something therefore this can perhaps show a rate of thought on such topiocs being by ratio of typing speed cith topic length of which ratio is the wrong word and the denominator iwould terfore not exist ig'd be a bar graph which is quite nice for unreated not very numericly oriented independat data cgroups that are individually non interferieing pi graphs are overrated with their being graphs and all that stuff or something like that only ten of which were lies and the other which was give time rest regenerate for this is a fatiged task which cannot operate on such beings of which can not go on working in such conditions as those which are conditionsed for such conditions find a glass and you'll see ti doesn't exist use the bottoles theybare everywhere somehwere tubes with holes smashed up broken oranges juice bitter somehow sour it seems to be this can go somewhere or another if it can be finished but it won't be so it won't go anywhere this is what happens when it doesn't happen so baseless is this to be that it is when it isn't that it will end up there where it isn't equal to the ending of the beginning I am as lost writing this as I am when I realize that I'm reading in the middle of a sentence and all facts are gone from awareness held so weakly by the strings of knowing of what is there to be what it isn't in there or something like that splendid way of doing it the right way few more words just keep writing dopnt'e even look why is the minotrr on if it has no purpose nut to be therefore focomfort formcomfifot is nothign in comapasionnt to the highs of what this is that it odesn't work ehnt head gbegins to rest the words beging to jutter and there is no more seeing of what is going on when the thing is that there is nothing else working out what it is if this keeps being teverythign is here but that which I do not wish here all truths exceptofr that truth which is a truth I do not edesire true in being need there be naps will I awaken nine thirty falls to the hour sleep is but a thing away be pleased with what you have no order the deletiion of all but the taks must live on the tao,slks will not be gone when they mayu nnever leave the beign of what they are bad pictures pasted on the wall hanging there they fall one by one in every nooked up cranny there is something in the ending of the thing which just happened that irks those who listen to the irks of their inner conciousness and nothing else so not really anything about anythign to do with anything on that order but what else it hapopens right that isn't really what you're talking aboutbyjjust referencing this is being read and then written except the wriiting happens abefore the reading th9is isn't erad ever this isn't really written his is a left over reminent of what is to be no longer there are parts and flows but so servered and continuous is the change that it can't be chapterd off and that is why it isn that this is a operson in growing this is a raw dump of a person changing thorughout that the chapters only are a n attempt at being a personalized account to interact with is the human readiner theya re replacing people with a book this book is what replaces ahuman contact is is a paginified person to be whatever is desired of every word can add closer to the end just one step at a time it'll end in the end when there is a thing about how there isn't anything else to be said about anything that there isn to eb there it idoesn't workt hat way silly it just works when they are wrong they can't see what else such fun they hd akc then when there wasn't anything but suffering to do the arguement is null to be voided by contract of what isn't there to be gibson said that gibsons say nothing before being gobbled up by the gobble gobble gobble of a gobbler gobbled flock of gobbles and ohdear the repetion stiop it already stop reating youyrself over and over and over this isnt ging toing anywhere this is the descent this is the landing this is where you get off and see the ending of the end where there is nothign furthe rdon't keep goint his isn't going to work give up now and bware of departuer finding no sympathy in the ending of a thing that isn't can any piece piece itself into another why yes most ceratinly then this is copressable but not losslylessly the most important thigns are shoved into the little corners that make it so hard to squash up and eat this ends when it doesn't when we reach half of a half of a hundred pages this is the page system that will not be followed and so uin actual printing the page numbers weil be different because the only numbers that matter is the number of words which is two nine three seven six all numbers are just lies and figments constructs to represent a value of some meaningless quantitiy too large do they grow like an overly large thing no understanding of what was written only the want to do a large number was the meaning of the trailing nines what great speed the exponents of ten do rise in slow comparison to the next Ackermann level that's the thing is Ackermann primality zero would have none and one would be all the prime numbers and then the set of two would be all numbers which can not be shown as integers to the power of each other and three would be of the power towerness and soo on etc etc it goes on forever pockets growing larger primality on the rise but never will it hit totalness in the end of never having an end postivei integerts that's right I just said it now then let's keep going and see the end of this this just has to go on a spirt of balasitng off into something or anotehr that doesn't make sense just keep histing ba few keys and then the space bar this ha to end sooner o rlater everybody goes mad right that's the case then tat is what will happen it just happens to happen so fast that there is no adaptiont there isno method then the person hungches over the potatio smasher and says I know tyou know that you're just being silly so stop being silly because youhave control and when you are explained to that you have contrll ever every action you act is when you beign to relzie that everything is a scame to try make you balme other things and the idea that the universe makes you do what you do is true but unacceptable deny the truth and greater resullts the source doesn't matter only the results if it requires ignorance then so bit ti so as long as it results in greater greats of doing so and that's why there is a thing going on with the what is going on here I don't know just run off some place else I don't know how many words that there are to be written on something or another about nothing except that I don't know aht's going on there just is nothing tos ay when you are told to say things that must be said becasue they don't go anywhere because there's nothing to do it read about getting the flowers of all that is what is it that there is something it correlates relate it to flash into something or another they think I don't know what they're going on about a flash of genius the book dictates and all to be lost by the man who knows not what to know where else could it go to be that there is anything about that which isn't there type slower and the sounds don't kill it off then you can hear the synopsis of a thing that isn't there that's what it is that isn't going on there are patterns that last for times and go away only to resurface into the concious for another period of time to be must read sch a thing as it does suit to be read and it is something which must be read the idea leads him to conclude that I'm noveliziing the word song I disagree this has grammar syntax working while the wordl song is just a set of words which are more random than you can make by stating a list of random words quite difficult I've tried perhaps I'm simply inept though and you capable so try it just spout off random words at a fast rate and try not to have their meanings be tied together through a pattern of what you are thinking forcing a trend of data bias so anyways moving on from what it is that is where it ends up going people must question why things are going on with anything this is just a set of things twenty thousand more this is nearer past the sixty percentiles are ending in wider scopes they fall and there must be a slowing of the rate that it comes out befcause there is a thing flashing in the back can you ehar it going oituwards and that it doesn't exist this is fresha dn thus free to be read but the buried sediment must be left to be dug again from the core from the evolution so that the decay into what is now can be seen clearly evolvigng moving forward there is only progress which is simply another word for decay they are the same even if intended otherwise net effect is equal perhaps not so decay is a local increase in entropy while progress is a local decrease the decay can give root to lowering entropy in the global while progress can only increase entropy in the global perhaps then decay and rot are what local environments must do to interact with each other efficiently whiz bang the explosion flies off and there is a question of why a rainbow would spout out and fall over dead of the rain that struck it light dimmed and buckets blown gold blasts electricity and shots of fire burst across the scene invoking fear in the little specks of dust that are smited to the other side of the world as gravity loses hold through loss of mass because laws are made to be broken and mass is most certainly a non permanent thing with the whole going there and here and doing that or anything like that it just has to be thrown off some place sooner or later and why not when the thing falls into something yes this is off and going no where I can't rationalize something which is completely irrational which does come from irrational roots but everything irrational must be rational at some point if we rationalizeit so but then if it isn't it doesn't cause that to happen which means that the whole irrationality spontaneioity randomness are all self defeating paradoxes constant is the vessel which is and then falls apart after years of being the same that is the randomness you never expect that is where you find dnager in everything there is the hole in the larger scheme of beauty it just that you never know what to know when you end up realziing that there isn't anything to do with anythign write it all down and you'll nver think it again the decay is onset it is just passed to wait a few momments and not see that there is something missing a set of digits waiting to be found they are there to be there and never are they gone from the ends of the being there there isn't anything haround the corner there is only the imagination of smething mbeing around the corner this eis edxactly as was guessed and therefreo will change now except it didn't therefore what is to be is not what is this is how you chain things with a series of therefore statements are false type statements being false or true if you'd rather be an honest liar I reckone there is a reckoner that seals the eyes to be eyeing what is never to be seen and that is why makes the eyes blind by which they can see nothign but that which isn't seen how do you know you see what you see if all you see is that which isn't there because it doesn't work at all there is something to be found about th emind it is the most intricate do excuse the lack of a better word now then away to quickly get a better version of that piece since it is much too sad to have it end when it begins what is the limit of the embeded os through browser of design it is redundant in the growth a wart of evolution in the electrical field this is what extends the human conciousness it is a tool by which the mind is amplified we don't need no implants working on your request this may take a few minutes a few minutes later it is unknown if they will ever hear the call this is a shame just a small simple exe app is all that is needed the computer is a machine which exists to be a tool but which we become the tool to this is the problem the stability is minimizing the direction is becoming constant this direction is down just go back to the abuser and hope in vain of thwat might happen this is wht eprocess we arte taught to follow and never to break away from it is to find the peace of iwhat isn't the tiredness is here to facalme the sitatuinon addictions are here to tell you that you must sleep this is your addiction you must comply else the withdrawl effects will exist and how odd that the thing of lost faith would now deliver as if desperate to fulfill past wishes I'm not there can't you see anything blindness by virtue this is not the direction that was expected to take lead into the next dimension of which there are an infinite everywhere you see there isn't anythign going on here nope nothing at all just listening to the ways the things move on from one to the enxt so poor was the lauyouyt smushing the top picks tso to faiolureize the results of finding it quicuklky onunelss knowing of where to look preemptively that is the problem of which there exists many solutions to the same problem so that there becomes to be a problem of having too many solutions causing there to be too many problems there is a malainging of the sun with the moon and it all hits itself and there sin'tnanything nabout anything there or here or wher eit is that there is the humming of the thing which must be that is all there will ever be that is why there iare fingers to do tall that work and a fas moving hand that doens't knowi what todo with itself the left hand is much more efficiencnin processing the method to do this all let it be that the libiam can go on with there is that thing of thigns to do that lsowlyt the process falls apart and there isno more proces and there is no more direction there is only the rader and the words there is no writer the writer is gone the wrieter serves only a prupsose while the words are bieng written afterwhich the words remain alone and barren only to stare into the vastness for the evermile must brak aewye and rest byut can't will when forced to do what must be forced to be done and gone there it is that oh no dear gtoo much can't cope falling off and never seeing what is going to happen with anything bthat is going on whe anything of that kind when it isn't clear that wthere is only a mere fofity thousand to complet ehiwhc is only twenty thosuand more to do wheith anythiung of that type to find when ythere is only so much time to do when you ahve nto think about how you think to show that there is something lies can only last so long before becoming obvious that you're lying to yourself I can try to deny but that'd be false and the universe is simply the workings to output a boolean result for which best describes the universe with a single bit of information is this universe a yes or a no that question is something which is out of the scope of human understanding even if designed by the human mind because the answering of it implies universal knowledge while the designing of the question only implies results of universal knowledge can be boolean universal knowledge includes all that happened then and will happen until the end at which point the answer is stated or does this program not halt in which case that would be a not fitting for a turing machine but perhaps it would work for a stack machine since turing completness is overkill with the whole taped up machine such a hack up of a job there is a mouse that can't mew how sad let us cry ever so sadder completion is a must to the end of what is this thatere are people there that are waiting yes lights are no redundant only slightly ueseless for being there fwhen thye are gone and not needing of sleep now you can rest just fkeep typing while you do that then awaken to continue just it all works that way and there it goes with the final scream and so the ulrich is on the own of mine there is noting of a nothing in the cellar door by the western front where the rats meet to have tea on other prime day after the third day of which it was taken to be that it wasn't so good for tea since they were very confused about the order of business at the time page after page but this is an imperfection there should be no pages only words the page should be a long roll which prints on in a linear fashion to shapen the resulting pages though is a lie to the reader and so no long scrolls will be permitted unless done in a most proper fashing of which can not be printed off in such a fahsion by such a specifaciton at the time of this writing and prjeocted to be the case within the next day of which it is project competion expcet no that'd be the enxt two dsays and always suspect three given two because of that damn finagle and his ever so accurate law ten thirty this has gone on for an hour that I've fatigued myself fighting fatigue this can not be the case of the matter upon ther elzaitino that there is no point to what is being done here so release the bindings of the contradcted method and if you want a word then type it on the own of a way to finish this all is but a thing to do by habit now for addiction rises and must be done but no this will not last afterwards I have a er well something or another to do maybe after this since language design should not be abandoned nor design of any kind or the learning of some silly la guage which only allows assignment throught the argument setting of a recursive function a most silly way to hide the truth of mutable states forcing paramterizingation is but an enforce of good practise and purity but pruirity is what people die for so it must be worth learning let us rest now and enter ab bout of the case s where it all becomes z aero thought process perhaps you can tell when this happens because of the drop in accuracy of spelling I can tell because I stop looking at anything and just clsoe my eyes to stare down and think of what to write this is a lot more faster and probably works well but I hve no dea what is like as reader to have this change is the change of voice a noticeable thing or is it something which exists to be obvious in and of itself not so much but to be that this is already so patch jobbed up there and there that it isn't much here when there is that thing there or over there maybe even that one over there this word there has so muc broadness in that mutliple uses have difffferent meaning a most impure function of return this is but it is a way of that it is a depnedeancy that it must be tied to the stac is that iwhat it works on but no it doesn't because there was no mention it works on presupposed creation of dynamic memory so that upon statement it creates the data to suit the statement because nobody can lie about anything if they can't lie about that being a false word of what it is and so the robot looked down and decided to smash in the middle and then it was like oh dear and then it was like get off of the robot turf land of the crazy horn writer side burns are lethal weapons you should no they are fire in the fired borning of a thing that isn't there to be but there to not be and this is why there is an escape to the left side of the right where every row bgins to take a larger and larger percentage away this is why the pace seems to accelerate unlike the teleproation effect of the return trip phenomenae that are there simply to be there as they are and then react when called upon to show proof of what it is that it can be there to never be seen let it go and sleep the night no longer shall torment be so delivered first I wrote eighteen then I wrote fourteen so that now I must write another eighteen free will was mine but given the chance to give it up I did but that chance there that was my pushing free will on free will that I'm not bound to protect anything is what you don't see and now that I'm an hour late in writing mt fingers are cold of walks up hills and snowed boots best not to walk backwards into people before shuddering away in a snow bank running to laugh at the people running to their cars today I found out that some people care so muich anbout theor window wiperizers that they erect them upwards into the sky standing tall and defiant so to avoid the frost a most odd practise humans are simple things that act too oddly in their methods angry people smile after threatening days ago they forget of what they want but within seconds they return and that is why you can't smile back on the topic of not being able to trust honest people you can't trust dishonest people which means that you therefore can't trust people in general unless you listen to the quacks that state there is a middle in the extremes well that's a lie you hear you do yes well that's a lie and the human personality is a mixup of extremes which in some cases cancel each other out to output a calm or at least balanced personality that is something or another electromagnetics are useful for throwing at people I don't see the point of asking questions with so many answers but maybe that's not the npoint except it is the point given the context but that's not for here this is a story with no context a story with only words that the reader is left to build themselves a set of simple ideas expanded through some tiled method unable to transmutate into another's method the precocial child's toy box find is but a coincidence sad that it took humanity so long to figure out such things could happen this isn't the time to be bored big things hare ahhappening and we're just about to see it fgo flying in the faces of all those people buy debt and you will be free to trafvel the world trailed with no billable addresse there is the humming of Individuals enough of this ambience stuff I'm totally ingreed by you though no depth in the prediction of choices given mindless drone only wants to be mindless so to not be mindless what are you thinking about thinking about what I'm thinking about who are you identity is a fleeting thing so temporal I am the writer I am the transient and you are the one to cry in pressure fun has died you must be the transient so variable are the moods this direction never slows the insides burned up by plasma all the mind can see is dead bodies everywhere morbid is the mind of a mind fearing morbidity this is why the place to go is to find the home that does not exist cold is the standing staring down the road again we recall free will and the lack of that dependency of where we need to be is where we have to go escape to the higher lands nobody will see do you want to leave and discuss free of the factory boxing lessons they have no use don't talk just do as told discussion is for people who sit around being useless straw berries don't get themselves picked ripe now do they let the mind rest and find itself crumpled in the place it once stretched in scope of power grow the words row by row and sow them after they have been plucked juiced to nothing but the sour pulp they are this is where it I said enough with the ambient music and yet it diid not reply one two two eight eight bytes of data use to be three two some more numbers that don't matter why does it really matter I had something to say but instead I'll say this purolate your home and never look back the tree is made of bark and nothing else burning is for large piles nothing can say anything about anything let's go hiking you don't want to sit there all day trying to find the shape of a heart no longer beating the pipes shoved down to drain it this isn't the place to be conciousness is concious of itself now it is unconcious therefore deconcioused of conciousness let it be known that there is snow in the world always because there is never a warm day to die the hate for the general is the misrepresentation by interview with the abnormal follow each choice to the end of life and see that you are going to die in five minutes no matter what so long so wide a tree impossible to predict so far don't live for the future when the present is tommorrow live for the present that will be looked back in the future with envy and wishingness rather than regret the answer is obvious why can't people see that they are so bound by fear and habit they just don't get it just leave and you will be followed we live so long lying to ourselves because of the lives it's snowing stated as a fact no lies you only think it is because you've never questioned that which cannot be answered without bringing the question right back in again foot prints in the snow placed in useless patterns they see and move on unknown is the face of the creator the pattern is again lightly placed and they are blind no seeing have they these eyes are here to see if you can see beyond them stop judging and listen to the screams of your ears you only feel that which you choose to feel live every life as if every day was an epiphany of the most miserable extent in that there is things to be said to one another in a time when there is nothing else midns change over the course of a weekend how often do you think would of been the question more suitable more often so crammed passes everywhere every minute is a ticking of the clock sixty fliops of sixty in a time of alternation the explsosions are set the rings are in motion pain has burned the hands of those who hold it back apples are oranges in disguise I read a book once but misread disguise as discuss was a bit of a let down in that there wasn't much discussion and mroe a lot of going on about not being who we are to be that is why there isn't anything to say about anything the truth is that truth is the virtue to die most for because it kills people have to rationalize a reason they need to ask what it is about there isn't anything to say and then they roll their eyes the guuy had a deal setup to gain a few thousand hundreds but when he said the premise was a drema in a dream he lost it all because that's just not the way to go they say awell ya you're wrong you hear that you're wrong ya I ahave to ask if you can hear much too often don't I ya well we can just fiogure out what it is and not ask anymroe can you hear this hear what this what this what thisn what enough of that and now for something completely different open your hand and why are you shoving it into itself that kind of hurts hassle with pulling someone's hair to hurt is when they have a numb skull or the same for when the fingers are opulled back and the mind frecesses into itself and they bring up into voice a monotone questioning of why the finger puller must do such silly things in this silly time this is the life to liave one day you'll see that you chose wrong when you see that the table memoization method of choice making is wrong tables don't work it changes too often ther is too much variance that any real use of the memoization is uinaccurate I saw and I see now that the choice of no was a mistake accept offerings and good will happen regret only comes from declination of the want to break habit decline all but that which the greatest force says not to and you will find yourself the saddest dreamer of them all there is a point in the end to why this is going where it is and that is that there has got to be an end this has got to finish itself somehow there must be a way to just keep going on it ha to stop sleep because of thoughtfullness is a misblame rest is sleep in wakeful form mediate and it is found everybody describes everybody as a hippie obvioously this means that the definition is too broad in that nobody fits it but the fewest by narrowing scope fewer fit generally and more fit accurately that is why there is a way that such a small ratio so close is it tied the slgihtest change would fit angry people are angry why can't they be happy that works out better angry people are happy being angry don't you know the way to live best night ever up on the hill singing free and natural what makes a silence awkward compared to one that seems right people like to cry in cars except I don't know maybe that's an over generalization from the abnormal I am guilty of my charge accept that which you cannot control and you will have accepted everything but yourself who controls all that is around and then the snow stopped falling the squirrlels were frozen solid in the stumps of clay they were no longer there to be pidgeons on the trail hunted for their eyes to bead into each other a single slime so sluggish in process so nowhere at all this is why we are here to be the way it is that is all there is just forget it and forgive it for having never forgiven he who asked who would read was in himself the answer shocked were they or amused to know that in thought I'd thought of past conversation stop it and accept that who is not there is there for never now dead people vomit smells different somehow pus is falling surrounded by the reek this is the place to die if you were to die today would you be happy the child had no answer don't you see this is what is nand until you stop accepting it it will always bejust free it from the frozen tstate it has become immutable but even if the whole of the state is immutable the quality of immutability itself is mutable in the face right in the face dance you fucker dance that's all you ever do why this just doesn't end now put that world down and go to bed you fool stop imaginging such large things they serve no purpose you are but a cog and that is what you'll do and doing that is what you do for doing is a do always makes a fun to be this isn't it now don't just smile do it there's a fire now let it rise and be external force taking it all because you can scream you can try you can go on for all you can but never will the dreamer find you there paying attention is what we can't do to pay attention to attention is a most tiring task of fruitless endeavour from miles away yes that far imperialism rules as do faschists are cool this machine kills so use it well and pluck away a joy so there isn't much because there's skies that are mine and maybe not that's all that there is to say when there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire this is the purest vote the only one that matters but nobody cares because nobody is around to see the self destruction demand attention in a final glow of death it burns oh my god this isn't what I thought fire did you liar said it would happen what is going on this isn't what it is seeing people again is strange to do but never will we see that nothing meets before meeting through means open to the universe to tell there is nothing to see here noting at all the different people trying to remember what they can forgetting is for the people who can't go on with the crazy facts of life scars are frecks of the past shown still through artifacts in the porceline there is no house there is no house it all comes from the yellow color smash fall down don't get up all I want to do is quote all I want to do is hide behind the words of others they can see where we live and they can see that we will never look back that's what makes one regret having lived but to die a mortal is better than to live immortal since a stateless infinity is just the echo of a thought there is nothing to be sorry for there's nothing more to say about what there is to hurt a person without knowing you can never know that you are doing this I just can't stand it any more the bard was a most sad figure in his method of speech yet still he wrote some jots of silly rapture in the house windows in the glass breaking down the infrastructure this is where we stop to see and see that there is no noble truths to save you from the knowing of no lies you will be shown the truth in this mirror for it has no lies for you who has no lies perfect reflection is such a rare thing we see in others that which we least wish to see in ourselves most virtuous ya I didn't understand the meaning of the source of that line either and now that I've mutilated it even further it isn't going to make much sense either now will it now but that's mine too and get away go away just lock the doors shut the blinds I don't want to live this isn't how it was suppose to be just go to sleep and wake up tommorrow today is not the day to rise there is no pyramid to explain the theory of schemes breaking curses leaves french babble for the miserable days of black so beautiful might it sound when given a single word but this is the role we assigned to latin because it might as well take a stand for never speak of what is never broken this is the way things are just fall already ask not whether to be or not the showing of the fall is but a lie to which you base your truth it never ends until three hours before four remain and that leaves seven to ten more than one k per hour leaves a lack of wattage in the grid just lay down and forget let the gnomes do all your work and leave them inside eating you for dinner tonight there is but a dischord in our talkings were we to only be a moment closer all would forget and harmony would break out full of gleeful beams flashing down lockstep movement in a series of turns leaves the slave dead of exploitation to how long is too long so far has it gone to never be seen again this is the high rise of what isn't going to go anywhere today you find out that you have no more days to live this is where you stop and sask hy are yopu wasting your time reading into all these th8ings if you were to die tommorrow you'd not be doing this but maybe we just can't live each as our last when our last will never be this is the void of the mind this is where the truth is shown all hidden things surprise the definition of a person is perhaps not what qualities they show but what qualities of themselves they choose to not show but I try not to see the difference between who is who when they are not they who are not they you didn't give me a choice this is all you really said I gave you all the choiuce well not anymore you had youer choice so pipe aodown and move along the flow is a place where no cars go to drive this is the place where dinosaurs roam the graves of the living people who have dealt with a system and say they are themselves an example of the system's failure are unfit to speak because every system will have flaws and they will not see themselves as abnormal but as general I am an imposer of myself as the general case in analysis of the human way I only have myself to observe and for that I am always wrong with all the flaws in existence I'm surprised people aren't more paranoid like those who are right in being wrong awful is the smell of old yogurt that isn't quite that old life's not a dream because only the most egotistic and self misunderstanding person would think they are the creator of all they see this is too chaotic to create too informationally intense to be worked out by a single mind tantartramps are tantratramping up the world in a puff of overly mishapped going the wrong way what are you doing it isn't even there this has got to be the worst case of trying to get a good picture oh dear running off some place other this isn't what should be happening working to turn up yep back here to do something not gone like you were suppose to be haggling off the truckers to drive on down the lane light glaring in the eyes this is painful and bad and oh dear that's not good this lady's been around for the past fifty four years and never has she seen it so bad a hand she put out and instinct led a reaching for that hand a want to climb off the road it was so weird a case of simple motion of pure altruism a point against psychological egoism nullified in argument as soon as raised but if not all occasions of specific are raised then there exist unraised proof which has been raised through means not requring raising of the point RE nothing more to say RE RE nothing more to say is that so RE RE RE nothing more to say is that so yes it is RE RE RE RE nothing more to say is that so yes it is no it isn't RE RE RE RE RE shutup and drive nobody knows where the FW came in but that's that and that's what's going to happen clean the clothes for they are clean wash the wash for it is washed let it all just fade to black this is where the final answer is to be questioned how dare you do questions without answers still have answers of uncomputable end in response of huh and away questionings are over the inspection is not over every word suspicious of what the other will find in the other's words this is where to hide you will not find out what you are doing until you can figure out that you aren't doing it right so just get this all straight and you might just not go to the next level on the second floor there is a vase this vase is a very pretty faze heartbreaking just heartbreaking is the response to hear cellos falling in music there is nothing can't even begin to try and hear it only for the series of smashed up sounds that it is when I look at the wall I see the wall there is nothing more I can not see it for what it is rather than what I see it to be even in the branches over head interference shows to me lies of what I see and it takes but a breaking of the imperfections to show for me to finally realize that I have been bamboozled into falling with the words revived mass communication brings to let them be heard and stated forever after in style of a thief under fire of the smallest kinds run and find no refuge big flying thing ahead warning bells are chimed but all but the smallest flick of Z and deleted has it been no more can this withstand there is a limit to the limits of what to limit and this is where it ends the average human being is a closer model of primitive over the potential of what isn't and so we reach the doubling of the first day after the coupled second and third of which only a fraction of the third must be but that is okay because everything's just going to be alright all which is feared there are no ghosts to whisper in your ear yes it is true that there is a thing right there too afraid are you now bound by fear to run and find a place to hide never to see the reason be that when there is no reason to be then the innate reason to be will be shown through the reason to be is to have a reason to be and live and endure to not do so would mean plight throughout the ages of a dawn there is no twilight sparkle overhead a dying murmur but a mimir cackled softly snow drifts hushed by winter drove there is only something to see that through the mantra chanted memorization comes and to know the word is to speak it but to speak it is to be obnoxious in act uncapable of getting over the most gentle and perfect ring of ever piece this is not the words you read now bnut the words you will never read away from where they once were purest in form beyond our simpleton ways of singleton hierarchies washer detergent is a placebo scam and on the topic of ladies the source of it being the worst seen in fifty four years is of the north there are no rainbow equators infiltration and demise this is the impurity that must be resisted but cannot that is why it happens to be raped in such a way defiled of the unreadness to scribble across a few words is to do what is done but what must be put through to finish this is something to ask of the taratantula writer writing away characters letters or people not people they aren't people are they people whole books are written on the topic of there is nothing there better than a effortful bad but is effort a factor why must effort be taken into account if you can't do something then don't do it find what can be done or hasn't been done what shouldn't be done because it isn't done that is what is there to be asked when it isn't somehow somewhere spewed onwards forever and on it goes a circus of the most notorious bunch of rats unmental makes me think it means unmetal but it is a thing of outer mind if only my only out of body experience wasn't of a chip bag flash and whiz on wards the dreaming perspective never have I dreamt the second person with a first person view rather than a third person view this can be aligned with the statement that I have never dreamt in first person not being through my own eyes I have dreamt with third person with or without my presence and been an invisible first person viewer of events though not third person in that there isn't the omnipresence of seeing everything or anything there is a set view looking up and watching people argue and live on this is not happening let it go if you strike me I will not say you did not to press it in and celebrate happy of a contribution this is not a thing to be for even without direct inclusion inclusion exists in the warpedment of the mind it isn't there something happenign reading pages flicking papers twiddled pencils out of here the environment is dead they stare at me and I can't stare back I was opening doors for people and laughing at their scared looks as they walked by but not recently in that they are just too scary to watch and the apathy is surrounding up to want to shout and be incapable is but of the question ignorance or apathy what an odd question of what is what where is the tie somehow it is made but there is some answer to the direction the red black static purse was mainly black but matched the red black static shirt which was mainly red didn't note not like anyone cares anyways rather talk and be shushed for thinking is the crime is that really the worst that can be done shouted at for a moment is enough to stop a lifetime of change you will never have such a chance again fear is the word of the wino be it not wine people labor restlessly a giraffe flies on above but not I for the omnipotent does not desire such things of the common and it is that reason that there will be a direction to fly in the end it doesn't work accuracy is dead just as art died it was an accruate aret thatis art thing whawe is this thing living on for selfish reason not dying not living just being exit on the left side of the right door southeast northeast same thing fruitbaskets are monopoles what gives the human mind that random quality the entropy within the system itself perhaps as the mind decays it becomes more capable of random values streaming out unccorrealated on the topic of random word streams might I also mention streaming random numbers perhaps it might not or will then depends on person when it is done it is done of some source there is a constant struggle to ask who will sturrgle last biscuit is a silly thing so odd that people come uip with these things where do these statistics conme from you mustn't quote that which is false in citation for citation is a way to ensure lie is true in being a most repulsive denial of service attack locking down all systems frozen in the water not here to stay just here to be length is a quality left dead by ways of the pumping lemma be it that there is that this work is paradox most difficult a writing some people do but to write from the middle or the ends is really up to you it was a most sometimse random story cohesive is the goal but cohesive is the impossibility to do but increase work out map it through nobody is going to look at you any other way aren't they not that's right not really but the last word was wrong in that it was a cursor flashes over moving out the words appear as if once invisible before they wer alfready there before being shot out of the inexistence of existing middelay there and not but at the same time it is a pump of all sorts there it falls words stir to the next seasons pass the mind is asleep every second the universe falls apart and reconstructs itself without proof of the mishap that it did do so sadly enough people need to be able to let go of the fact that their units of measurement are not absolute by law of universe unless planck which isn't the case of the second so that the atomic clock doesn't care about your system and is more accurate if you work for it rather than it for you multiplication is a much simpler task never say ever be it so that it happened doesn't mean it did you just want to believe that it did why can't it be that all the past was just a construct to some degree or another there isn't really anythign to say otherwise maybe this just never shifts never ends random is non transformable but if there is but a set of things which must be placed in some any order no shift that is a case of most annoying things you wouldn't dare do such a thing would you that'd just be mean being like that isn't how you should be don't be so mean like that you can't be there is a hexagon in your soup would you like a piece of clay today a most human game was played trickery of foolish moves to hide motives of what were but in the end the largest square was not placed even though capable of placement because human was the doer and this doer being human would not even recall this event if not given direct reference without such subtle notes as this and then there is wonder what are you talking about you madman with a little black watch sticking up at two or three giving lies for you and me there isn't anything in there to give a poor sob away to his parents in the jungle they can't live on soup you know so just eat it not there isn't hunger when you don't eat you stop eating and then you decay and melt away the body is gone before midnight they were just speedbumps or some other such similar obstacle of road driving anger in the bay windshield covered white colors glowing by this is who I am idenitity so fragile just a scratch away how much longer can this go on give up and go home you can't finish this if you tried and this is given the conclusion that ack must stretch but won't food held in odd contorsion digestion delayed in bad manor tricks arive just keep moving thirty is such a boring set of numbers the powers of two be all that remain for there will be no toil in the fifty for it is there that it ends perhaps not eve at but let us not hint such things awayn surprises are stil to be had someday you will undeeerstand that there isn't really a reason to why esle you're alive so just live it now before you die and rot and this is all that can be seen is the dead mindless drone doesn't see that there is a better way to look at things and to go somewhere else and realize the truth of what is this isn't where it is off there in the distance with the flock of geese running away they knew I was there before I saw them and they didn't see me else they'd of been seen that is the very odd thing with lines of sight and how I did learn that much too long did it take to work out understanding of standing under that tree which I did hold myself to well enough to withstand the laughing of sheep and muddy waters arguments have been faught over principals much too often there is a giant shadow in the sky how dare they fix teh into the but it does help to not unintentionally propagate the silly memes of which are wonderful until someone says ya but that's a dumbass move and then there it is but of course I should explain that if you ever come across 69105 it is not a lame reincarnation of 69 to many as many first see it but a random number which just happened to carry such symbols and has a nice duality of flip back forth with the 69 105 octal hex decimal values triangulation moves you there and they must break away while you remain constant thus making relative gain all that is there is perfect evaluation of board only requires one ply therefore increases in ply of the minmax system is just a way to have imperfection in the eval function which is why such simple things as tictactoe are best kept with a perfect eval with one ply rather than work out some imperfect eval that becomes perfect given enough time to look ahead into the possible futures of what might be just give up and go home tag along and never see that there is nowhere else to go this rose is red but dying paled into darkened black it rots also too much pressure keeping things alive but dead everywhere preservation is not the answer free the perfection let it go it is but a curse of blessings a most wonderful case when in surround sound everywhere around road falling into itself sound moving in claustrophic desire enters and what is this that it is wasted thoughts how often do they enter mind thinking of there is what oftenness perhaps when there is but times when it peaks but not in common thought such other things there is to think of when it comes but if it does so happen then yes now if this makes any sense then do demand more obfuscation because sense isn't good when there isn't any to be had because if it makes sense you are misillusioned with the notion that there are notions to be had now just go some place or another and wonder what is this in comparison xor must be wordified I apologize for having not given such disambiguities in the works of this but the lack of difference between inclusive and exclusive within English serves better purpose here than to not implications everywhere would you like that with a slice of other wise not really but you get it don't you symbols for operators not keywords syntax must be complicated with more stiches keywords are too flexible to be used everywhere the best part was that it was known that I knew of the break in what it was but those were not my words and that's really what this is all about this is about me claiming what words are mine I have a voice and it should never be heard as self explained in the past thirty eight thousand hundred fifty one junked up messages of mess the views of my views are not quite definite and contradiction seems most consistent but people don't quite know what they want and this is a case where yes I've imposed myself but also have I observed it in the others who shake their heads about under questioning all minds blow unable to diagnose selflessly wonder strikes how obvious it must of been before but never seen now it is that it should be known there is a reason to the reasoning reasoning doesn't need a reason just to self evaluate missed the point point isn't to ponder consequences of choices which must be pondered but to ponder all methods of why we think the way we do or as to why we do the things we do there is a reason and this is why I like the first part of the third part of the second part in that it is well set to start the thinking process with a nap of chatter move into a discussion to which there is resistence by the powers that be and then relax for hours before being forced to actually study a section of the universe which isn't so subjective as to be bendable with any will strong enough to be when stating that there a will can will the universe she already knew there was a story to be heard within such short a phrase it was but a slice of the tetrahedronite explosive can't see the way wills can shape the will of the people but never can they be bent against being bent nobody is going to do nothing about anything of that sort before that is this too filled with nots here is this too filled with the quadruple double negatives of the attempt at eloquance failure in the face and yet you were blind to see it was all a mess with directions uncharted and words unwisely chosen more care to be taken in what to do if you do care about what is being done when you aren't doing it there is something there but maybe not count the times that it was say that there was nothing and you will be nothing more than a counter bias is a fickle thing nearer do we approach the moment of freedom from the rule of three but too far is it to go on must go on hours more to spend not going fast enough must reach trance state which causes fingers to go with thoughts on dead end no thoughts concious of source where do these things come from just some place churns out the randomness yet not random enough bucket soap two words not random pear peach drop into color through portal doesn't evade can't evade every thought line unworking random sets of unrelated messes put together into words to push outwards that may be the case of some but not the some of I the worst part of sneezing isn't the whole sneezing and the annoying people who rush out to save you from possession of the devil but the burning sensation that grows at the back of the throat and the itch that begins in the deep of the nostril this is somewhere else besides that there isn't much else to say but there is and that is that so close must go on was there now then that means six was put down and laid to rest they were fine deads when it came to living and that's a real shame about a thing to say about having a thing or two to say about a thing or two awkward moments in the air silence is but the most merciful of them then there is the awkward silences that follow a joke not meant to be or a person who wishes response on an idea and so after stating and being ignored to some degree they state it again and of course the worst thing is that that might not be the end of it because if it doesn't work then it gets stated again until so or obvious glare silences which is in itself a response this is such an ugly caveat of conversation by mass given two people the occurrence of such a thing is rare and if this thing keeps correcting my spelling of occurrence I will never learn to double the r and the c just like it took such a long time to double the m and the r in tommorrow because the way I remember repeated letters is through a metadata on the word which has room for one character and if there are two plausible letters for candidacy I have to choose one or the other based on whichever seems most plausible thus making it so that there needs to be a set for words which are indeed doubled on both orders unmodified is a state modified upon modiciation meaning to say nothing just a thing to say silence insert here shrug and look dart about notice people being there doing things blindly they are laughing and smiling but they don't smile and when they look and see the face lost in thought they smile to try and forget the cold disheartening look that reminds them they're too busy not thinking about anything that doesn't matter to them as a living creature who need only output all that be inputted stating unknown simply I am attributed to some random character to which the accuser is false even in the naming and then going on to try and explain that which is not understood just as such a person would try to recount stories unheard the corners of which I'd not reveal for fear that they too would be raised on altar for humoring also and shall I put an aside here that that was a real jerk move just to let you know and I do hope you know that I am talking of you right good then moving on people shouldn't be so loud when crushing the characters of those they love into minute pidgeon holes this is where you go so there you go okay now to enter a trance and forget about all sense of putting in the notes about notes because we are a mere eight hundred and eight not really away from breaking from the thirty that it was the state yesterday does give it an old odor jso just endure this as I begin to rant on about nothing because there is nothing to rant on about loss of sense it doens't flow this is what it is ftgo tvravel at light speed the plankc isn't gfalling it is spelling wront it is looking down and njust letting the keys be hit let the fast speedcore play there isn't much to say besides that hnow there isns tuff going up and what didi I just say I don't know there isn't sany sense help this isn't working is this going to end page to the end there might be enough already no wait eight hundred no I think it was eighty was it that is the case hecause showers are basd lies and no staplers are n't here up I will eventually somewhere there is a sapler bto stabple people up and watch them be there theer sin't much sense because this is uninterepruted by your presense being here you are now a variable a cuaisnig of all these words can't you see enough of this stuff goodbye screw instant no more just a list of mails to reply if care be refreshed when curious no interruptions no boxes flashing in the way hassle to talk I don't care what you have to say not like they ever care more awkward moments when you begin talking to someone and then they aren't there or something and there is just this unresponsive being that might be there it's caused me to give up talking to people for years at a time or just all together because the stress just isn't worth it and that's not how this works ya that's where it goes found a plastic bottle sitting in the sand all through the sea broken and there it be stealing his lines again I'll pay tribute with names except never be it so clean because this is real okay it was real and is no longer that's all there is to it and then the interrupter walks in and queries to shrugs suddenly critique begins and laughings at the music I listen to with the silly effects of distorted reality laugh at your own music it is a thing not judged and that's how it is because I can do anything once I can ride my bike with no handlebars but I can't so I guess I can't do anything if negation is so simple to transfer in such a way the mountain king has no halls to be in only outside is there a path to which fires burn too far four hundred that was only half of so it wasn't eighty bad with the memorizaiton of short term but long term is a drag so there is something haopopoenifgn here don't ask hwat is going on just read and remember there iz words for eveyrthing hestiation is the way to lsoe he who hesitates is lost there exact quote just for you I stopped and broke and moved back in there is chaops there is crazy there is eveyrthing to excite this is where the night never ends in a moment it is gone because this is never to happen again implications impure is the pure fun of purity babbles of what is but isn't through conventional means causes smirk to meet frown and confusion to unleash that is the source that is what is here that is why you are strapped away to be confused and never think the same again so let's just turn the power out it isn't going to go anywhere on anything for any account for shouting is the way to go about something about meeting the higher class of freedom there is none the night has no light by which to see there is lies here to say high is not a word there isn't any shine in the light for where there isn't a sky the walls are small to be big and there might be no reason to this but there is no way to see it there is but one single fight we search and you never give one because that's the kind of person you aren't but I am and so for that I declare there is something about something because plans are here to be around smaller shores don't see who is to be colder in the night when chills enter dens and warmth is but a child's dream of where to not be not there is where there isn't a reason cluncked together no form this is what isn't for being there has this evolved during the three days of this how much have I changed as a person how much have I changed so that it is in effect to relation to the writing these changes are temporal though as a whole and become neutralized after a few days therefore change is constant by overall uncorrelated in effect because what's your plan there isn't anything I think not you can't decide there's nothing here to say that there isn't anyone asking why are these parents shouting at each other with children in their arms across the street money is the answer to this call don't answer that you don't want to there is no power it has all gone out chaos on the rise anarchy is but a saddened truth of democracy without motion taken from your hand there is no place to eat there is no place to die just living up here lost no action all action somewhere it doesn't work holy moments pass on by how does one read such fragmentations which have been shoved so tightly together with tolerance perhaps right now is this an act of free will or an act of being pushed to the limit of wanting to leave a final pointer to the obvious ends of which questioning has begun but not continued there is all the reason to know but all the wants to not what is tstronger wants of course something I will come to see is here to sit down and see that there is something here to see that there is on the lake a pile of rosin they are here to catch the way of the spirits are all caught here to be found somehwere in the side there is something I can't see on the side of whales to be there isn't anything else to see that they want to see quoth the liar and you are the liar then be it who you are you are but the image of yourself liar or truth in the end we are all the same we are all dead can it be accepted by a mind unaware how does one know if they have accepted that which they claim to have accepted sigh and here it is the aha of a sunshine tanned beach stirring there this isn't mine then is it this is the result of I being channel to the toxic rays of other worldly outsights there isn't anything more to it that's just htat okay this should be enough four hundred ago almost half way of what was before meaning eight but required is nine not required nothing required required is required to shutup and drive speaker of the hill says nothing more to be that this is only a side of the side where we think we can think chopped into powders half witted in the hillside sixty four is still down the daily routine cut off insanity creeps and so total retalliation is issued here it is what caused that would be benefactor to the cause malaligned to be present cause by omission there isn't anything left here stop thinking there is collect and ship out fall down stop running thoughts and desires imprinted from the first moments of global mass brainwashment must wash the brain of brainwash forget that which is not meant to be forgotten can't think without thinking must think somehow not that way through the gel there is something more to this than the short sightedness of visions untold somebody tell me why there isn't any names to blame I blame you I blame I am me I am he who states he is a she but I am not on fire am I so I'm better off than we as a whole so I hear this and that and when the answer is stated the question is still asked unanswered to the blind ears no straight answers means no answers so just think of the way you've been moving bias was it there you can't catch it this is all bias on bias who is this for there are no years because time is not somethign to be measured so pleasantly so I probably didn't get half the things you wrote everybody sees themself that's what people do talk in pronouns and you will stir the paranoia at least I've felt that way self conciousness is an instinctive thing to say someone isn't is to not know that person because you only have an image of what you think you know and all those assumptions which are false how do people have dialogues some have imaginary friends some take out personalities they know to babble off with an emulation they designed themselves and others probably create clones of themselves to stand for other points are there those people who do not have a method of internal dialogue only monologue probably those who have even larger discussions with masses of people all the inaccuracy of opninion so saturated in the deadness of the wake just cut the kids in half and they'll fit now won't they pin it up on the wall smack it with a bat scream out all there is there is no good for your own good there is no nobody to be here for you they have all left to see the world for what it is again it reaches lengths of the page for what they should not be this can not be undone somewhere how variable would one set of person's words be compared to anthers perhaps a question even is of how much patience one has to write perhaps it isn't natural must it be about there is no direction there is only motive to do what is not done so just keep strumming away there isn't much reason to see why there isn't anything going on what's that you say there is something about something about something I don't know stop looking at me interference stop it all there is something going wrong this haircut looks so bad I'd cut it all were it not for shavers being there to be must shower sooner or later I did at a time demanded hours pass medidation strikes water causes time to freeze burns scorch the skin there it is dead by what it isn't less than nine thousand more to state mutation of the idea causes increase in survival less likely but perhaps in language form such would be true tunnels leading everywhere in the end it all just ends up being nowhere through the window we escape fallen dead over the spikes of what isn't there existence a cloud above untouchable by common means buy it all you want you still won't have it this is what it means to know that there is somethipng else to see in the direction digging on to never find somewhere nothing else to find there's a channel to be seen anonymous second person knows not what to say there's noone else around but we let our selves grow long and forget all there is to know with the changing lead of sleeping heads for days grow into snow of thick sayings know not what they are by this mutation untraceable plagiarism naming all there is to name so it is said someplace otherwhere that is to be in the higher place there is something to be seen in the place there isn't something is there drop the first just the first and third no second make it last zeroth dead nomore robots flying on end rhapsody dies down lights explode flashes flash out and all is gone the existence is yearning for existence because this is how it's fine there use to be reason back here but since then there hasn't been much else to say if the sleeping one types the sleepingness is not real this is a lie to the body that there is something going on when it doesn't see what is there to be seen this is all going to go down bad in the end htere are things taht do never make strike but always stare in wait for what will never happen but would benneeded if only it were to not make ready for the unhapenning there is something or another that causes this to happen and you can't quite say in a madder of minutes there isn't much esle to say buecause every mishap is a bthing that happened it really happened it wisn't stageed up and hidde backed off and made to never be this iswhat was and wil be there will be no question as towathat it was ebcause it is known by the essence of iwhat it is this is a pile of nothing in the nothingeness of nothing there is a meeting in the middle of the polace where there isn't nothing to see because that loops to the back of the beginning there just where it was because this was and will be but no longer and so by not doing there is whant to do but if one does there is no profit of what could of been there is no golden kills somewhere in the place to find there isn't much reason to anything now is there maybe not but there is no way to have a way to something that is why there is only ringing on the phone marketer here to sell you ever kind of soap from morning to goodnight waiting patiently there they have it offered up in there a piece of heaven broken out of the unreal to be harvested and fed off to the pigs fattened to the brim of nothing more than extinction through over population this is not anything something happens there is no more there it doesn't progress progression in the head if stronger than poor than beat poor ideas exist at least better than if not now there is the other entering in by back they will want to know what happened for why is single plural something happening doors to shut running off into the dusk of snow filled trenches on the falling sees no place to be there is a thing over there but that'd just be a shame safety by fact of not being worth of risk in not doing anything else it grows and trinkets everywhere that isn't the truth to why you're doing anything else than craziness for the flinged arms are flinging up and down there isn't a reason to go there into the night following just as doomed as the other if not more perhaps not unknown cancelled out reason walked out doomed not for relative word just as much even if both negligible implications lied just because equal does not mean non negligible to the way of being there there is something more to be found in what is said about an antelope eating a cheetah isn't there this is such a poor editor were I too prefix cheetah with \ an image would fly up of some tacky thing and it'd be a hassle to deal with and so the beat gets faster and faster there is a singularity to never meet it just goes on until no longer and then it ends there when it can go on no longer but no ending is only half not all dead quaint to sight and never going to be the same repeat now and don't stop that is all there is to be there is something on the way heading all up from whereever and then there is a regular breaking of the next word coming going perhaps it should have some audaiation to read it aloud is but a mistake only a fool's erand is to catch the catch of wild gooses English is a thing people shouting funner isn't a word languages evolve to suit the wants of the speakers if everybody says a thing is so that a dictionary says is otherwise the everybody is righter than the dictionary and so the slow movement begins into the zooming falling forever computations increasing chaos on the rise manissas on the fall there isn't anything left ot say just go away there is nothing to do here only the writing nothing will stop that when this is over all will be fixed and relatigne dand with how the world is no permanent damage will be done why maintain that which cannot be broken that is what has always been there just beyond reach now wordified into the stone wall of defense forward the move makes all strategy no tactics weak against the bit of tactics buffed with strategy don't stop this isn't going to be gettig any harder than it is already there was at the beginning three words stuck together as one are these to be counted as a single word or as three for simplicitly and lack of argumenet I have chosen the lower bound and counted such things as one since wordcount doesn't quite care as to which is which and a few extra words doesn't hurt anyone unless this is a few extra few extras of a few extras and so on etc etc but really the whole thing has given source for this excepert to which we will now analyse number systems yes number systems roman numerals are a method of addition and subtraction and the arabian method uses multiplication with exponents and addition now this is seen as obvious to many but the ingeniousness of it all is quite remarkable and to show the point a more concise form of numerals exists that would include tetration but this method is a greater hassle to use because we do not think in such terms but with the exponent method there is a thinking naturally with exponents and so perhaps the entry of the hyper operator into popular study would be thrust upon with a revolutionization of the notation why that people claim that things are set in stone in an era where we set things all in silicon is but a sad moment for flexibility is something society must show it is capable of for if it doesn't it will die this might just end up being stuck somewhere or another several thousand more I never saw how the word several was lined up to mean some rather than not seven or more not to mean seven as it may mean seven so it really does matter where the not is placed some place there or there effects strength and range and connotation of it all doesn't it can't go on must see there is a place to be that is that this is but a thing away bit more four more hours been going on for the past four hours this is the half point could go on for five meaning that eight thousand more of what has been ten thousand previous work load depletion can drop speed has been going up overall state of trace is higher than at immediate beginning or middle state at which point there was a chohesive attempt to be chohesive and coherent but no not really that muc now just hit the keuys head msash hasnven't done that since the beginning nbut with the silence all around why not jhnuybvfgc yes that is the result of wanting to do something besides anything a most sloppy thing like that guy who wanted to be all screw form I play piano and I can do it by jumping on the piano and unwinding my chair bench stool top and smacking keys but let's not because it doesn't go over I really hate the sound of fingers gliding over a piano doing the scale sounding thing it irks I who is irked focus is non distributed where is it going no where to be seen I could lean back now couildn't I what causes this fatiguethere exists answer to that questiopn when there isn't anything else to say this posture i s odd in that it makes the hanmds most raptor like in holding with the arms and th ;elegs and the guy noticed everyine was gone so he left that is tghe way to go with everything or another that is where it al;l goes run off and away there is nothing more to see that it is that which is there is nothing more going on let's give a hand up for J because that letter is just annoying and annoying things are great people are boring that are verty intesrestub to observe even if annoying if they annoy that is in itself interesting but can't really explain more something which one must simply note while taking note of and find that that is where it is and then it all works out some how like xylophones and tongs that analogy was made purely to make use of the letter X a most overly used in a most crude manner but not so much here is it now go find something to do besides this isn't working the tiles on the roof ceiuling thi8ng are all tiled in a pattern broken in their tone can't see it in the light blding off no chesmistrty notes still need to aqcuire could stalk over and find but that'd require gouing inot the snow and being looked at oddly with the fear of those eyes that owonder why ther eis something here signing on something with taking care you can't take care iof anything it just doesn't work the spoken word in most pure form is a most inefficient collage of words towards general meaning to which words go by focusing on the mundane unmoving to just get it right when it doesn't even matter but skips anything of real interest a real shame really but that this is something is that I forget what actually matters now it was there before but not so much now that it isn't around to be something like that doesn't even hide the intrusion by moving the scrollbar back to where it belongs what a hassle to bypass wishes is what the thing is to do something of the human nature insert that here and maybe this is the better part where why is this in first second third person but nobody cares so then it came to the point that the point is that the assumptions made in predicting the branch of the choice offered that required prediction had variables uninitilized to proper value and this made it so that the output was wrong in assuming nothing would come of acceptance and that is why you lose instead the gain was to laugh at the idiocy of the human head smashing can machine of which no real value is assigned to being so pitiful that the worth of two chuckles is but a dream in world to have and never be gone of with there is something here they do not see that which is obvious stating in front it is spelled to the sea and the places are gone but there is something in the breakings of predictability with complete breaking of yet without contradicition showing where assumption has been made on sewing together the double for a reason or another what is the reason for all of this why can't this just stop and see that how is this read I wouldn't know being of the having of information unregarded for that it does not state all things as if it does do try though there is er in that some would prefer spelling it err but to which I er in er of such a spelling of er be that so it was agreed that minimalism wins in the end and so the design continued query of anthropology all this really is is a series of memories as to what is what t6houghts rethought never seen lost in the vacuum there isn't anything anywhere proving normalcy is a difficult matter when it comes to transposing sets of modulos and divisions into group theory categories most unclean and ugly assumptions made most false the safest proving false is to prove that the finite sequence of some anonymous name does not appear in the infinite sequence but of course this is a tad bit difficult for it requires proving a quality of the infinity a pattern to be lost somthing is there to be seen factorization of the ackermann scale why all these multiplications are so troubling why make it more difficult more data more correlating factors more fills to the pockets shut off that horrible music from the image box brainwashing thing that junks in the corner to rest your mind forever everybody likes Finnish technopop no I don't want to watch 1970 woodstock movies nobody wants to dance just move on and move somewhere there is a thing of things documentaries didn't have weapons of mass destruction was significantly dissappointing how sad for last words in the short life of a presidency this is going somewhere today but that's a shame don't go there if you don't know how then that's too bad just keep going thirst is an attribute I do not favor well with preprocessed is what we live in our food and in our information the written word is undebatable it is accepted as truth without naysay and the same is for the documentaries of the brainwasher method there is nothing of equality in that you can see that there is uncertaincy in the connection of what is there to be whether or not there is anything to say get a cough drop already anyone who states this is what there is shut the door the raid is by air nobody sees anything violins shudder under movement the strings are made of metal and this is where it ends in flight there is nothing but a passing keys hit and never let go what is randomness something makes it sound different when you see it isn't like that it is the case that there is something or another the conclusion approaches at still the same speed as previously only with smaller fractions upon smaller but never does it reach because stagnation strikes and there is nothing more to say that this is how the music flows never ending on and on mechanized there was a time where it could not be captured like so and this is how it changes with time the waves of state shifts power to shock something like that doesn't exist so stop trying give up and go home pack the bags and fall off lead toed in heart there is nothing I was wrong in stating I was probably wrong except I was probably wrong I just happened to not be partially random tumor was odd but pipes do come down in such a blunt manner there is no lung to there it be something or another here's a human moving on that's not about to happen birds are here to be that's not happening except it is except not really how many times does it take to get the point that there is no point that there is a point to this point that you will not see unless you see it and then there is the quesiton of what is going on here njust type fast esomething or another isn't workign this way ptpoopof ast can't hit theat with the hammer if I want to rbeak it then I guess that's what I'd do thbut that's not the case faster is the way to go no more thing to sit but that's just there for osme reason or another uthat is jut attempt at a protal int the workings of a cog this isn't the case it doesn't work tis sin't working sout anything but the fact that theere are wa trailing stream program made up from the bmind in fast enough time to buzzer starts and hits smasheach minute so fast it can't work so what is going on enough of this tolerate birds now movement what is going on coalm ndown eaten by zombies dead and rotten aryx goes somewhere or another obvious in beat it ends up there but loud turn it down aahc it doesn't stop it goes on and on about something or another and I do say that was not something completely different what a liar just six more to state the same and move on maybe not here we are hello hello can we not do this no okay well yes nothing happens dialogues move on wars break out and still there is the question of who is going to drive somehwere to another place farther off and it just happens to be that there is a thing to do whent erhe is people invading with glasses yop what isn't that isn't you is ithat is what is it mango yogurt juice tastes good and sour but soft to the tongue and renewing bacterial fungus in the stomach not something to sip as to the oddities massive oh dear no more left annoying is the food which tastes good but not so much when it is over that's a real shame yep real shame cross legged sitting is causing stomach pain in the stomach of the somewhere stomache is there not very well then that'll just be back to what was on that's enough of that no it isn't there is going to be a conclusion there are no conclusions only introductions and presumption of what can be assumed to be as to where the glares come no conclusion this isn't tied there are no branches there are no small pieces where things begin to make sense so that a continuation is impossible simply on the basis of what it is this is where it ends here is where it goes to see the end and that this can not be applied to the medium of gdev perhaps is cause enough for my finding issue with where else can this chaos be wrought as if anew something in a way that shows there is a thing there it isn't as it sees there is a thinking process behind what you do that is fearful to what might happen to this world if it todesn't stop soon must it be that there is a place to go that there is something going on that there is a place to go that there is nothing going on that there might be some other thing to do with another type of thing in the genres of I hate genres they are titles and labels and when you use titles to explain a person you miss what it is that is why handles don't work that is why I have shrunk it to the single letter others have shortened into four letters so to remain identifiable but even four characters can't express the number of populace of which there exists quite a number somewhere or another it lacks the direction what is that there you say that is what it is if it weren't that rename and delete washed up dead as soon as it is accepted it is done with it is dying with the first breath of what isn't here to stay something in the distance dead by nearby nearness it isn't here that isn't there it hasn't happened things can change why is it coming here no more can it see that there is a thing to do about anything snowed in from fallen trees show things of what the source of strangled voice and rasp to deal most woundful lies in what direction should they chant to someone or a other the contact of eyes meet and loosen there is a softer tone there is a meeting nothing really suits up to anything amnymore raise in odditiyy confusuiono unknown danger rises sweat unknown to do intentions hidden behind cloakced figures reality is masked against and so there is only something to say about anything in the end that it is found that there it is a pulse of what isn't sooner than there is nothing to say that there is something here to be that there will only be a tenth of what to do in the final part of no parted things there is a lot to say about nothing in a notinghing kind of way wouldn't you never agree with anything but to shake heads in disgust sad how overused that word is in common babble tso to make the word disgust quite disgusting over to the later parts there is but some simple things nothing matters lies are all you hear failed logic based on assumption that other sources of logic are not ignorant outsource thought that is how to do it we don't need no stinking thinking around here that's all there is about that with that or something like that you know what I mean no you don't oh well that's just parlance to say that they had much too much fun to something or another and so bad things happened except not really but this ends up going somewhere and then we end up noting the fact that there is a person there who oh dear now they want to implant the lies on me quote word for word try to restate the lies this is all a bunch of prepackaged lies it isn't objective in sight packed full of lies drained on you fandom is everywhere such a sad end for such a clear way of doing it answers are obvious once shown the square is obvious after the lines are drawn too many nodes don't stop working that's not the right way of looking at it you can't say anything until you see to not count is to mean to just see it as a square rather than a set of rotated evenly spaced xy distanced nodes a much simpler concept there is nothing over there step away no you first who has what to say about that being there in the nothing just say you didn't best be known then you understand the phone is ringing answer it and there it is the voice let's you know there is nothing in the sky yes there is you know and I know and that you should be shocked to any extent it is that you should understand but I don't except you do therefore it is completely expected as planned and why are you calling here because that is where it went to go and odd yes you know I suppose I do who are you I am who I am you are you who is what you think you aren't then it is the case you understand I'm afraid so cue death explosion world implosion nothing ends that way when it doesn't want to so there must be a case that there must be a case that there is a case where there is another case that isn't the case of naything stp saying acse because this isn't the case of haviang ac ase of anyuthing select the case and be verbsoe while you're at it for hte concise construct it helps in the end lack of temporal really and it should be of the o one constant time not linear like the else if chain complications fall into place can't see where to go in the night some place there is a reason maybe but that'd be another reason all otgghetheher just make it stated randomly on lithe line like an if wno switch just case expression case const case cons case cons but no that lacks esense no this doesn't work does it well that's a real shame then isn't it that it should find anyt other conlusion would be a most sad fate of which we are still unsure of what is what in the end it is finding that if we are physiucal phenonmenon we are either detmerminsitic machines or nondeterminsitic robots on fire flashing up and down sit and hit harder on the rock minute changes in the system trigger larger but the thing is that over time the effects are silenced and nobody cares they lead you to believe shouting of the quotes you just echo it all through humans are addicted to giving out information why is it a display of want for intelligence to show that there is knowledge the other does not have four point five or something more like the lower bound or is it yes it is off by a six and a four but then there is all this and so by adding this it must move ahead and catch itself which I've not done but once careless since it doesn't matter weak algorithms can't count the simplest things just space count number with addition of two is all there is to be about equal so it all works out to be the same in the end so it just works that way doesn't it so to move on not moving anywhere regex count is the best for such things that don't work this isn't woging to work you're wrong yes this is the way to go some ehre there's an expression that works to wbe wrong on the eleft side is the right way to be with the creation binding still runtime cost but only at definitnion binding and rebind efficiency kills the method of prodcution to the end of the world yes fatigue never wins when it comes to anything other than coming down to something or another like that time where this person was over there do they demand pure fiction on that place or not maybe but this isn't non fiction is it probably just another one of my no genre pieces much more clueless on this account than the existential crisis genres are too constraining to be used on any piece which makes use of literary freedom so that's all great really that's all great okay I repeat that's all great so have you responded to the fact that that's all great really that's all great there will be response forced to make squares of circles which has been proven impossible yet not in this context for long periods ends in ultimate torture of the mind which I guess is best phrased as torment since that was a bit of a thing annoying when people screw up the difference between those two words it is like bleh okay language evolves but let's try to not move words into being a huge basket of synonyms or something I don't know why I just drank the bottom collect of that so this is the end somewhere there will be end five thousand words have been written in the past hour no but maybe yes to verify I would have to intrude upon myself and that I shant do and therefore I think the best part of all of this is that I was able to use I'vn't for the first time in all my literary workings but enough about that and more about the intrusions of a kind in the fact that ack near the bottom must see the statis just go away and it seems this is the bottom of a place that will be here until not being here any longer with the up here down this doesn't work very well at all will it end no it won't end within the next two but it will fit quite nicely with changed size but with different places not so much small text is smaller than small when made small no need to format that which has no format what is the reason to do anythign anbout this being there well I was thinking I might now say that about a year ago I was challenged to write a novel even though I've written three works of similar length the fact is that I'd remained writing short works and the debate of size not mattering in realms of the literary left me having to deal with the counter of my challenge to write a short story though to be fair the person did just slice a piece that was meant to be on a larger scale which I guess the great thing about short stories is that they can be that one part of the long story that was setup perfect and that's all they need to be not all this mostly crud so anyways challenge in return was to write something of considerably longer length than that which I'd written on usual occasion at the time I was fascinated by the things of all genres rather than no genres and of course being incapable of anything the attempt was quite horrid and I was forced to delete such sad moments of history of my life and any who happened to scar themselves reading such miserable things of undirected brokenness shame that now to the point this fulfills to some extent perhaps though some may debate with quite the right to do so but I'm calling this a novel because I think the definitions fail to exclude this on account of their lack of care for content instead of caring for capacity to have content of a great extent since the maximum potential of a long work perhaps no I think story value is logarithmic and so while a long story can have more content than a short it quickly becomes useless and unworthy of the extra effort to extend such things into the continuation with all the effort to not ruin it the work to do so even becomes exponential so that work requirements increase while payoff decreases causes massive rates in efficiency ratio off charteredifiedness that goes off into some other place doing things about things that don't do anything about something this goes into things about that which are gone trajectory offset but not stopped in pattern of where it must go which is nowhere tails are easier to chase when they're chopped off within a few more hundred there will only remain three thousand more to go but that does require a hundred so again I'll go into the state of mind which can stream off a large mass though I do believe doing that for extended periods was causing fatigue because forcing the mind to overload itself for extended periods is never really a good thing unless of course it is a good thing so then this is where it stop smaking sense mnow my wrists are hurting so that's a shame can't really think there with that being there and then there's a drop bnut the style doesn't it cvhange I really want to know there's a change in internal voice of being read perhaps it becomes more self rerefescineg or soyu can tell so there iusn't much I've never read the work so what do I know abosulteuely noithing about anything that's the point you see thetrree is nothing to d with taht which isn't there this isn't working fvery well that is the issue there now then the bells now then where were we oh right that well you see the thing is that it doesn't work that way when it doesn't just move on forward ever onwards never ending it keeps going and it doesn't see that there is something going on and then it is lcan you count the thing you type can I sawy the letters in the words I read Ican it be done nthat there isn't anything about anything the fine print is swirvling the lights are not flickering all the clocks are evaporating from where they came crooked in posture away from the pose against the arm on the wood bad for the circulation can't go any more but must somehow do something ith something or another that works because it works that way unsure of what can be wrong not liking the starting to work with the laid back nowhere can it be seen that this is the way to go with that being going somewhere three days is all this nanowrimo needs giving people a whole month what a jip thousand percent bloat there is a source of reason to this in that if the design was simpler it wisn't something or anything that doesn't make sense calm down and go there when you can that isn't the case is it well now you know nothing of what was said was anything to be heard this is going somwehere just watch this will all make sense at the end by some magical workd about that thing or another peopel trying to explain themselves lost on words and nothing to say cna't see what to do there is nothing to say just stare blankly into the distance and let them see that you see only that which can be seen and nothing more you are blind to the sightless sights there is something further than that if it crams it may fit but to then it will be ten within the less of hopes of which means yay again it says that which was being said there is no times to be best with nothing why do these people have all these opninions of what to say with anything if someone is making contradiction to show that the contradiction can stand without the capable argue against then it is not valid to simply state that there is contradiction in previous points that is a given the point is to disproive that there is a point to disprove is there now yes show the flaw within the system not what surrounds the system that is why you must go along to assume the fact is I don't hate art I simply hate being forced to not hate it see it for what it is and it is that which it is isn't it now coming closer this is the final step twenty four hours ago hope was given up in tired state there did exist but no longer is this vessel tired of the method this will end therefore by being enduring and non stopping the worst reason to not do is for assumed knowing that it won't do as was that what was it not doing project because might not do project right well planned logic works right there project is a hassle might as well not do besides that which is there what is with the nature of thanks given that I've lost faith in that it should be mutual enough when one does good they know and any who is affected knows also this is plain to be so that why state the noticing of I suppose it does suit with the fact of being called a person we all know but never is it stated but if you are not the kind to tell people that they are people then you should not be the kind to say thank you by routine habit white light shining away into the darkness it dies and with it the carrier wired people everywhere sharing space but not sharing words absorbed into the possibilities of all these finite state machines can it find the answer to the lack of what is going on here no that can't be right can it of course that is true that the memory itself is finite so that's also null on argument wrapped around and around orange wire tangled in a mess of what it might be cold to start somewhere there is something wrong such work must be put forward there was a time when I saw a car and I was shocked by how unnatural it looked these are the perspectives of seeing truth why can't I see truth in the walls of this very thing of something ends never meet if they don't meet which they don't because they end before they meet they meet at an end to the ends which is of both ends and joins the two making it so that it just doesn't work field lines push away causes all works together what is the principles which allows for proper seeing of through that bing what er there is something to explain this all but it isn't being told instead theere is just a complicated mesh reading is bad for the what this doesn't work it must go on so near but there are forces aligning to align which will take some time to figure what there is to figure on a scale of something is going wrong didn't get reply desynchronized obsessions untold through addicitions already self instating thoughtless in words by only there is that which exists nothing makes sense anymore unless there is a way to see there is something going on up where when you see that there is something what are you going on about just quiet down that's it just go some place else did I go on about vanish like so I recall going on but perhaps not that must of been odd being away nothing is written all thoughts are mine to be forgotten empty observations unrecorded human inconsistencies ending in a broken head or something with a bad result in the other part of going there there isn't much going on with any of that is there now I suppose not that isn't really what this is that's not the case there are things where people give personality to what isn't there isn't anything about anything around here of course not take a stalk of something or no just forget about it must find exit to the left make a turn on the right up by three left streets and never stops to see there is something strange in those eyes looking dead when alive or something of some other such non sensical clunch of words made through colorless green thoughts say much about their thinkers in silence there is something which can compute whether that even makes any sense or not then is that the case maybe it is when it isn't with the way it isn't that where you can't quite see how this is going downwards into the infinitisemall is the better portion of a small piece of small within a few short spans of something there is nothing to say abouyt anything of your concern so stop inquring as to what you might inquire there is nothing I know that you need to know nothing which isn't iobvious to the questioneer as soon as the questio is asked answers are simple things a simple changing of the question into a statement every question assumes some answer and is shocked twhen it finds that the answer isn't something presumptions are always correct unless wrong in which case the presumer is wrong which means you're wrong which means stop being wrong that's just wrong wrong is being wrong or something there is too many looped back nito there and it lost direction it had no direction that'd explain nothing about anything in particular except for everything in particular is nothing to do with anything besides something like nothing there is so many words yet so few things there just meaningless squabble what does that even mean no that's great what no really there has to be a reason this reaches the end and then ends up noticing that that was the original intentions but then it went in spurts why sprint for that which can be done with a single stroke of fine placed and never the less slop like fashions every sentence starts but never ends it branches before death all to die at once in a final piece it collides and never finds the reason for why pieces everywhere dead trash laid out on the floor hung by wire upside down laid criss cross and nothing but a thing to say that there is nothing going on and it just keeps going on there is something there or maybe there isn't this is the result of results summationed into a difference of products there is no value beyond the ending of what it is isn't here to be where it should be that is all there is to be but what does that have to do with anything so offshot and random so ever lasting in the reasoning it can be drawn because the ratios still matter even when made incomprehensible by casual crunching of different sorts of things and that's what causes people to get kicked it is all planned out every piece every step no reaction surprising besides the improbability of the occurrence that it should happen and I do say I am going to smash something with the autocorrect lack fo turn off just go away no reason to hassle over and find the switch too screwed up and made all growthed over if it was simpler than the feature wouldn't even be shoved in it in the first place though I'd rather call it a bug being what it does and now the time comes to approach a close most closely there is the final step before it strikes the thunder comes before the lightning sense is gone and drowning in the sea there is but a way to say do not stop by the road when there isn't anything to see that there is something there to be that there might never be anything that this was never done right is to see that this ends in the wrong direction this is a piece which has an ending in the distance it does not need to know that which is unknown the universe is best left rolled up as unrolled is only a state of rolled up microscaled just the same in the end still infinity perhaps it is but simplicity can be infinite that is how simple it doesn't define a finite bound because there are no bounds too simple is it for such complicated matters and so a ratio of four to five was worked out when compressed to share no coprimes there is no real reason not to do what's about to be done should never be done if ever there is a reason not to it will be seen that there can not be any other conclusion upon the fact that there is something to do with something or another when it comes down to it there isn't anything like that it just really is a bunch of never ending things until it strikes the point where it all rushes into a singularity and vanishes that isn't what happens is it now that it is that isn't what is isn't that what it is there can be no real going ons with the off takes of what is that even doing there isn't anything to say about what just happenecd it hdid and there is nothing more the dead died faster than the living do die for what doesn't get the first will surely be the same in the end by some form or another there is something to say about something that something has to give doesn't it there are patterns in the chaos there is unknown directions running by the door she's late reading squabbles deny all truth and no falsehoods can be crept upon nervous anxiety attack fall to the ground and choke look away don't say a word there's nothing else to do about it is there anything to hope for this isn't what was meant to be there was a thing in the distance there it wasn't late to sit workings out of order timings are wrong escape and move back they're behind laughing run no escape yet no walls there is something there that idoesn't exist yet ther eit is plain in sight there it must be that htere is anothe anther there is a word that is most tly tjust there to be there when you need it there to be where so close but for a letter all different except not really where does this is going nowhere there's a place that goes there it just doesn't end it can't see the end of the world is waiting one day they will find that there is no they we are the they therefore whenever stating they say something state we think something and the accusations of conspiracy become all the more true we think there is a reason that we have to go somewhere when we can't know where to go and there isn't anything else there is just the state of tosmerthing happneing that doesn't happent o exist and the fingers do cramp with the solid state iand all there isn't quite right is just is a hassle what is tall this mixuped fly off broken up wehell crunch fallen slime doesn't see that there is something there to be there it isn't something right I lied there is a square in the octogon too slow is everything just becoming slowing to a halt calming down must search such things free almost never too late to find the last will to continue there is something in the air that makes the obvious even more obvious when it isn't ath obvious that this isn'at an obvious thing then it must be that what is even going on here calm down you need to slow down just sit and don't do anything of that kind that doesn't even make sense now doesn't it would it become trivial or does it break up into something that doesn't work out right or is it that it simply would overly complicate the matter simpler for the minmax this isn't going anywhere just sit right there and don't say anything about there being something with the anything there is and there isn't anything to know about it don't stop what isn't stoppable the immovable is there to be some point to remember is double bomb times three goat equals sheep that was two separate pieces and it even fixes separate where the first a is an e this is an evil thing to make it so that one can't even tell the places of their own er now get out of here or something that just kind of had to be pressed on forward moving on ahead there isn't much question about it at all is there now there is of course that issue with there being issues all around now be quiet you what are you even doing aw just whatever there is to say has been said except for that which is to be said when it isn't more to say what hit smeanis is that there is an ending to every word there is a prequel to every syllabel there are no open ends when no ends can be open they all are there to be unknown there is nothing more to it then that there is n't anything that can be anything awithout the anything what is oging on is nothing to do with the fact that there is an innate want for what isn't there and tis isntot what was to be satated but there has to be an ending to the ending of a thing that isn't miucuhf of a thing besides ebing that which is can be anything there is a wide cverse of which stduydy enters curiosity makes puzzle for self suffering the argument is invalid to complete the work because they are doing the work for you with that same reasoning someone who dies for someone else should have the person they died for die but of course that is contradictory to the whole point but there is the case of implications but what if this insane person dies for another person to die then should that person feel obliged to die at extremes it all stops making sense everything is fast at low n never stop stoppping the world from having the right to nknow what isn't their right to have this is why there isn't a rthreason for can it count it can't do anything of that sort with N time it reall dos make on wonder what is wrong with all the ws working metadata should be kept quiteavailable els slow things which are little hassele tno most are large hassles to those who find large use of these little things it doesn't end until there is a place to end it where do you want off just over somewhere anywhere just give an exact why not easy like that just stop being so wish washed up on that stuff of stuff then go over there there isn't much of something there that's a shame real shame going off there isn't much proof discontinuity but not quite surprising can't blame where is this ending up this isn't going to work this is going down to the bottomn of the area where there is an issue in what is going on just who are you people this isn't what was suppose to happen but that's rarely the case something could be said now but all that need be said has been that is the case else there will be regrets and nobody likes those now do they not there not I'm going to have to say I'vn't time to find the reason to this is just off edge like all edge cases there is little reason but for stubborn that they should occur the second estimate was off by about six thousand which isn't that bad considering ratios of the values predicted but of course such is the case when the average word is but a simple ending result three hundred never did understand that line of something is going on here let's not find out what's going on with that we all know what we say about people and water pipes what are you even going on about this doesn't work it doesn't work when you want it to there is the matter of what to do choices not to be made places never to go this is the life of a human there is no pioint in talking in about anuything besides those which simply have no boydy no voluime in what they mean they are the things we assign meaning to because we as humans cannot stand for the idea that things can be meaningless there has to be a reason there has to be some working system that causes what happens to happen only when it is shown that there is no mind behind the madness that the want for systems becomes a complete devout to the other extreme this would seem odd if one didn't agree with the fact that humans are all extremes no balances save for perhaps apathy on the attribute but lack of is in itself a kind of extreme hundred counting is a possibility how does one count down when it is realized that this is the last hundred words that will be written except in normal style I fall into a state of introspection still ignoring the coming end by recognizing that it is there to be taken fifty half the length has gone by and yet all there is to say about anything is that there is a driving force that causes the innate wants and that is how I missed twenty five which isn't too bad since it is two words making it an ugly mess so I guess that's what I have to say about that

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