2nd Greek Turkish War


Allied Forces
Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lebannon
Muslim Treaty
Turkey, Serbia, Syria, and Turkish Cyprus
Allied Victory
Capture of Western anatolia and the Strait of Bosphorus and Dardanelles thrace and antioch, Annexation of southern Serbia by Bulgaria and the coast of syria by lebannon and Cyprus

this page is for the conflict between the Muslim treaty members signed in 1995 after the Syrian Intervention of lebannon and its eventual uprising against it and the Allied Balkans Block

Causes of the warEdit

The war starts due to the Republic of Cyprus refusal to accept a cease of fire after the bombardment of extremists from the Turkish Republic of Cyprus in the capital Nicosia, sparkling the occupation of said territory by the greek cypriots to investigate the situation leading the turkish to invade cyprus and the Eventual greek and Bulgarian backing of the cypriots resulting in a war declaration from turkey Syria and Serbia which joined the treaty as well. alongside the war declaration the turks invade western thrace, lost to greece over 70 years prior and southern bulgaria, eventually after a series of maneuvers from the Balkan block the turks are expelled from the balkans and Western Anatolia is Occupied by greece, while southern serbia is taken by bulgaria, and small parts of anatolia's south eastern corner are taken by the cypriots and lebannon joining the balkan side, is freed from the syrian ruling and gains the coastline of syria


Turkish FrontEdit

the turkish front was predominantly the thracian regions in the early stages of the war as turkey invaded the greek western thrace and southern bulgaria, the Turkish invasion of bulgaria started later than The Invasion of western thrace as the greeks occuring in February 16th of 1996 at 7 o'clock three occuring the war declaration against both and the invasion occuring at 9:25 PM when several hundreds of turkish men crossed the Maritza river entering greek territory and at the same time the turkish fleet sinking several greek ships in the eastern islands of the dodecanese. the Bulgarian Invasion occurs in February 17th at 6:05 AM when a turkish battalion enters through the south and the fleet of bulgaria is attacked the thracian sea, the invasion of the turks succedd as the south of bulgaria is easily taken and greek thessalonika is sieged within a week of the war declaration.

Aegean FrontEdit

The aegean is dominated by the greeks and cypriot naval forces manage to fight off the continuous waves of turkish forces in the Aegean greek dominated sea, however the turkish do score several victories as they capture Limnos, Lesbos, Samos Rhodes and Reaches Naxos as Andros, having an easy way to reach athens, However the turkish army was unable to take Euboea where most of the Greek fleet stood waiting for the turkish fleet to attempt to move and land troops in the region, as well as in the saronic region, where the greeks had a strong military presence awaiting for any turkish attempt to reach athens. After the continuous attempts made by turkish to reach athens most of their fleet was depleted, the last of their big attempts to take the aegean islands was in crete when a fleet of 30 Turkish carriers attempted to deploy troops in crete however failing as the greek fleet in the region manage to sink 10 of them and the rest being damaged by bombarding aircraft severely damaging the battle group forcing it to regroup in turkish held aegean sea and later go to Smyrna where a greek fleet had successfully deployed several battle squads and after a three day battle gaining control of Smyrna in July 13th of 1996.

Anatolian and Cypriot FrontsEdit

With the turkish defeat in Smyrna in July the turkish soon began to lose land in western anatolia, and turkish republic of cyprus soon was swarmed as Greek ships began to supply Cypriot forces as well as deploying greek forces in the region, the first great succesfull campaign in cyprus occurs little over a week after the turkish defeat in smyrna in July 20th of 1996 when Northern Nicosia falls to the Greek-Cypriot forces after around 5 days of battling, After that the rest of Northern Cyprus didn't took too long to fall, as by the end of July Cyprus was completely Occupied by the Cypriot-Greek forces, with the fall of cyprus under Allied hands, and the New entrance of syria to the conflict on Turkey's side the war now enteres its new stage when the greek forces take the city of Antioch and begin moving towards central Anatolia trying to reach Konya, the turkish forces manage to stop them but in the western anatolian region the greeks after successfully taking constantinople in 28 of July after a siege of three weeks

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