The Bombard exited hyperspace. We had barely escaped an ambush. I waited a moment as the stars rested, and turned to my pilot.

"How the shit did they know we were going to be there?" I yelled.

"I don't know, but someone must have tipped them off." said the pilot.

That was Donald R. Anders. I had known him my whole life. Now, we smuggled together. We were making money to buy a moon to found a Crime Organization. He knew a relatively calm person, though I'd hate to admit I needed him as a counter weight.

I was standing in the cockpit, watching the monitor on my shift, when we picked up a hailing. I flipped a switch, just audio.


"Watch your trace, I was able to follow you easy. That ambush back there was just a sign that you weren't welcome. Anyways, how bout we set up a trade?"

"Depends. Want's up?" I replied.

"We heard about how you. I wanted to buy all that you have on the ship." he said.

"Offer?" I ask.

"Rumors lead me to believe you have a good crop, so $100 per ounce." he said.

"Great. Meet me on Earth in SOL. You can have a crew, but no UN Escort." I said.

We landed on a landing pad in Earth's artic region. It was a criminal trading post. A chill still remained, though it was warmer than it was before the melt.

"So, you getting a good deal?" asked Don.

"Hell yeah. 100 bucks per ounce. We have 20 ounces, so we'll finally have enough to buy Ven." I said.

"Sounds good." he replied, showing some glee.

When the man landed, we loaded the extacy on the freighter and collected $2000 for Ven. We took off and were about to hyperspace to Ven when we were fired on, I fell out of my chair.

"What the shit?!" I yelled.

"Incoming UN fighters!" he replied. He countered a few shots, and deployed a wave to unfocus any tractor beams.

"We can't get killed now!" I yelled, slamming the coordinates into the navigation console. The ship felt like it was ripping, even with the flux wave tractor beams were shifting the ship.

We made the jump and were off. After a couple hours, we paid the owner of Ven the rest of the fee and hired some men to build a compound. After a couple weeks of work, the inner compound was finished. My room was great, with an anti-gravity bed, a footlocker, and a hidden closet. I had a desk with paper, a computer, and a hologram projector/reciever.

I had sold the Bombard and got a contract with the Earthian shipyards to produce runner ships. We got an extacy farm growing, and the money started to roll in.

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