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In the future, Man will venture out beyond the confines of his planet and explore the Milky Way Galaxy to its fullest (or close enough). On September 10, 2090, INASA (International Aeronautics and Space Administration) will launch its first long-range explorer starship called the ISC (International Space Cruiser) Magellan.

Her name is Fission Marie Holliday, and she is captain of the Magellan. She is a very sweet young woman, but she is tough and not afraid to scold the crewmember who gets out-of-line. She was chosen as captain because of her intelligence and broad-knowledge on many subjects, ranging from math to linguistics. However, she is still not very confident that she can perform well in her new role. She is anxious and is afraid that everyone will question her ability to command. She has a horrible habit of nail-biting.

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