Kelly Olsfield sat on his desk seat, looking at the computer, not particularly interested in what was on the screen. The article he was reading, however, wouldn't be boring to most people in England in year 2084. Indeed, it was prime-time news, and the event bore great political significance for the nation. This is what it looked like:

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People's Party welcomes new Great Governor

Presenting an exclusive interview with our new Great Governor, Sir Howard Keppler, reported by Harriet Morghan.

The highly-accredited and patriotic Harriet Morghan had an exclusive opportunity to meet with Sir Keppler in his office. The following is her report:

Interview with Sir Harold KepplerEdit

"I'm here at Sir Keppler's office, where the most powerful man in this nation will pass most his non free time working to improve our lives! Sir Keppler, our viewers want to know, why have you stated: 'This nondescript war somewhere in the middle east is very, very important for reasons, best to remain undisclosed until I win the elections?"

"Well miss Harriet, you see, the reasons that the war continues raging, in various middle and far eastern countries, if I may add, is that they...are dictatorships, know, that dead american guy said that 'dictatorships in middle east are a threat to democracy everywhere.'"


"Well, Miss Harriet, if they are dictatorships, they are evil and fund terrorists, specially since they are middle eastern, and foreign. Simple stuff, like 2 + 2 = 5."

"And about expanding the London Closed Circuit Camera Network to inside people's homes?"

"Well, it is broadly known that most accidents happen inside homes. Therefore, we intend to protect people better, by installing such a system inside their homes. We have even created a motto for our new policy: "Saving Lives in England's Homes".

"Wow, Keppler! This is an awesome idea! I'll finally be happy, knowing I'm safe. One last question. Regarding your statement: "Do not question our undeniably democratic government. If we ask you to do something, do it..."

"Well, it's quite simple actually. Since you guys voted for me being here, if I do something wrong the fault is exclusively yours. But that doesn't mean that you actually have a voice in the government. We'll manage finances, industry, external policy, health care, special interest groups, and minorities that have an unusual amount of power compared to the majority of people as we see fit."

"Wow! That's great Sir Keppler! I am sure that you and the rest of the Party will do everything that you can to maintain and improve our already great lifestyle!"

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Kelly closed his eyes. Reading these news articles really bored him. A lot. But finally the two hours had passed, and he was not required to read more of these articles until the next day. Unfortunately this meant it was time to go to work.

Kelly Olsfield, a mere common English citizen, had to follow the Gilliuan's laws of intellectual incentive: reading these articles at least two hours a day, whenever such a thing was asked of him.

The one thing Kelly Olsfield, did differently of the other common English citizens is that he thought too much. Whenever the news said how England had single handedly won the Second World War (After the French gave up at the first sign of battle) thanks to brilliant strategist and founder of the People's Freedom Party, William Yondel, Kelly thought something wasn't right. He could faintly remember his father (Or was his grandfather?) talking to him about something regarding the United States, French Resistance and other countries helping the war effort. But that couldn't be right, since no history books he had ever read mentioned other countries besides the British Empire (with a minor help of friendly nation Italy) fighting the evil forces of Germany, USSR and Japan.

But he didn't care. Paulson Olsfield was a little crazy. Luke Johnson, a friend of his father, also thought so, before Kelly's father had gone missing.

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