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For a version of this story that ends in a more upbeat tone, see 2084 Happy

2084 is obviously named after George Orwell's famed novel, but won't be a outright plagiarism, it will be a most subtle one. The action will happen in London but TV can help to show the world. Times have changed, the concerns are different. We're, at each passing second, closer to complete lack of privacy, terrorism and wars are used to distract us from the blatant lies and violation of human rights in our own country and we're attacked by relentless waves of propaganda everyday, persuading us to fight for the interests of someone we don't know. While I intend it to be a a lot more light hearted than "1984", I still want to show that Totalitarian regimes(Be them endorsed by vote or not)=bad and freedom=good.

  1. 2084/1
  2. 2084/2
  3. 2084 Compilation

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