The Nature MuseumEdit

Jim went into the Museum of African Nature, which had opened recently. It was quite crowded and this made him feel proud. He had worked hard to get the exhibition into this state and to include all the contributions from hundreds of people who helped because they saw the potential. Finally he was satisfied with everything. He planned to come here regularly, because the museum changed frequently. A couple of photographers had contributed many 3D pictures yesterday, and now many visitors were choosing, modifying and rearranging the images. A lively discussion was going on. Jim's friend Larry had invented some kind of 3D imaging device which allowed this collaboration in editing pictures and tried to explain its usage and its features. Most visitors working on the images, however, just tried everything out themselves while others even modified Larry's device and its software. So Larry felt he was loosing control while Jim was excited about what the museum might look like the next day. He rewarded the best contribution with some money. He also set out a prize for those who would contribute an exhibition piece about his favorite bird species and then he went home.

Projects, Projects, ProjectsEdit

Jim's profession was constructing hardware devices and software that could be used in formal education and by people who were learning informally, as a hobby. He worked together with scientists, educationalist, designers, market researchers and others. It was quite difficult to attract students to use his products and support their development because most of them were quite independent about deciding how to spend the next 30 minutes or hour. Of course he had his fans, learners who used the lessons he had prepared and who returned again and again for more. Still most of his students just were interested in specific topics that were part of their personal learning paths.

This morning he decided to develop a lesson about an insect that had been discovered recently. Soon he found enough scientific papers about the species as well as some photos. Some internet utility services automatically reorganized the documents. Now he could see the technical terms highlighted and their definitions were provided in language at a level appropriate for him. User-friendly introductions had been created for all of the topics that were covered by the relevant passages of the technical papers. Soon he had accumulated enough knowledge about the animal so that he knew the features that were unique of this animal. He was impressed by the tricks the insect used: if it was attacked it left some glue and moved away, luring its attackers into the glue to trap them. This was a good teaser to wake up the interest of potential customers. His next task was inventing a test for his students. This task was quite difficult because most students shamelessly copied answers given by others. So he used a mechanism to vary the question asked to each individual student and required them to combine their answers with their previous knowledge. Because every student had a different background, these answers were different for each student and so copied answers would become apparent. Giving fair grades to his students was important because business partners of his students relied on them. In this respect he had built up a good reputation. In many forums people wrote that his students with good marks were able to use the knowledge of his courses in their every day problems.

One particular student who took the test revealed amazing interconnections to chemistry in his answers, so Jim allowed her to change his learning materials and include these additional facts. Jim rewarded her financially because now some people interested in that field of chemistry became interested in his lesson about the insect.

Jim found out that some older lessons he had developed had been integrated into a successful course in a modified version. Jim sighed - of course this would increase his income and also he would be mentioned as author, but it showed him that his own marketing activities were far from optimal.

E-Webbing - Search Engine 2.0Edit

FDM by Zureks

Fused deposition modeling: 1 - nozzle ejecting molten plastic, 2 - deposited material (modeled part), 3 - controlled movable table (picture by Zureks, see details)


tap with tube, (from here, free picture needed)

Jim went into the kitchen where his wife played with his three year old son. To cook potatoes he pulled a tube out of the water tap to the cooking pot he had placed on the stove and opened the valve. After holding the tube for a while he thought it would be practical to have a device that could be attached to the pot to hold the tube. So while waiting for the water to boil he took his camera, filmed the tube and the pot and put a call for bids online into E-Webbing with the film and a description of the problem. Two minutes later he heard how his 3D printer started working and another five minutes later he took a connection device for the pot and the tube out of the printer and built it in next to the handle of the tube of the water tap.

Susan was a technical designer. When she got the offer to design the device Jim needed from E-Webbing a lot of work had already been done: The surface areas of the connection device which enclosed the tube and the pot respectively had been sent to her as a CAD drawing. As always she was almost sure that this tasks would match her skills and preferences. She chose a construction with a lever to fix the device to the pot and one with a spring to fix it to the tube. Then she also put a call for bids online into E-Webbing - this time the task was to integrate the two constructions into her CAD-drawing to form a functioning device. To her surprise two seconds later she already received a drawing that met her requirements! Obviously the knowledge people had entered into E-Webbing sufficed to fulfill Susan's task without direct human intervention. She adjusted the relative position of the two fixtures so that the pot would not topple over when the tube was attached, used E-Webbing again to minimize the amount of material used and maximize the stability, fine-tuned the whole construction and returned the drawing to E-Webbing - only seconds before Jim's 3D printer started printing. Now payments were made, the work was scored and some other administrative tasks executed.

Susan herself would never know Jim. She knew her direct clients and she refused working together with clients not complying with her standards in moral and product quality. She worked together with some agents who tested her clients according to some standards. Because doing so was very common in the society she even had some influence on her clients clients without knowing them. Her trust in business partners had rarely been abused because most people took responsibility for their business partners. The business partners and the agents who tested them formed a network of trust necessary for working and living together.

On average, Jim's projects took about one hour and sometimes included hundreds of partners who contributed. When he or a partner went into nature to investigate something they wanted to teach, a project could last for days or weeks. Other tasks took only milliseconds – after having given an order to answer his question he immediately had the answer. Others had worked hard to write software that answered questions in specific areas so quickly. Still some of those answers were quite expensive, especially organizing projects of such size cost efficiently was a difficult task where the most intelligent people had written costly software to do this fast.

fighting povertyEdit

The next morning his friend Jack told him about a flood in Asia. Touched by the pictures of the victims Jim gave some money to well-known aid organisations to help. Then he made an estimate of the number of victims by asking friends in the region, looking at satellite images and other information sources. He guessed that about 30 lives could be saved by helping immediately. He decided to use his network of personal relations to help.

While Jim was pondering about how he could help, he heard a knock on his door. As he opened, to his great amazement he saw a very unusual creature standing in front of him. Its colour was green. At the top of its head it had one big eye prodruding from the top of its head, awarding it 360° vision. Jim froze in shock and puzzlement. He did not know how to respond, All of a sudden the creature uttered some words in a scouse accent. "It's great to meet you! We have been able to trace you with our space navigation system. Your new device was sending some signals into outer space." Jim now thought, this was the reason why he had such a huge electricity bill in recent months, ever since he had purchased his new 3D printer, which was wifi-enabled.


After all, Jim and all who had helped in fighting death in that catastrophe were able to bring the global community of mankind closer together, ripping human lifes out of the claws of death.

Ideas to write about:Edit

software which automatically enhances exhibits of the museum and is later published in world wide web

Jims wife adds new features to their car, little device helps in building it in

Genius invents a software that optimizes other software searching for a project to earn money is done collaboratively

collaboration in science (medicine?)

collaboration in development of new chemicals

cloud computing, selling and buying cpu cycles

cooperative brain decription, modelling and scientific examination

allowing imbalanced gifted people to contribute to society; automatically delegating tasks of jobs that imbalanced gifted people can't fulfill to other people and delegating tasks they can do well to them

giving people good at selling apropriate products, services and ideas to sell

freedom of jobs

majority putting pressure

cooperative hunting down criminals

cooperative code cracking when majority thinks tge code should be cracked

cooperative exploration of nature, scenery, towns, historic places etc.

working less for all

programming intelligent GO-playing programs

movie where Jims family contributes and changes the actors

a quarrel is solved by forking a project. An infrastructure is established to port features of one of the forked projects to the other. Finally both projects become irrelevant because of better alternatives but features that had been added to the projects stay important independent of the forked projects.

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