A few days ago, the world as we new it changed forever. A deadly virus somehow found its way out of a Research Lab and has been filtering its way through civilization at a rapid pace. 90-95% of the population has been affected by the virus, leaving the rest of us forced to ban together to fight against it. The virus changes the affected people into brain dead zombies, taking over their minds and forcing them to look for their only new sources of food, other humans. They have come together to attack only those humans that have not yet been affected, forcing the rest of humanity to look for ways to survive.

Destroy their Brains!

Time is no longer of any significance; however, in an effort to keep an accurate log, ten days ago tradgedy struck the human race. I finally found this notebook, in hope that someday it may provide a first person account of the events that this epidemic has brough upon the human race; in the event that there are any survivors and this diary is found. It just so happened that my fiance and I were camping along the Appalacian trail with some friends for the weekend when the town at the base of the mountain in this great state of Georgia went up in smoke. Literally. We heard the muitlitude of explosions and gunshots, even screams from the hoardes of people stampeding for safety, retreating to a chance at a few more precious moments on this Earth. If it were any other time of place, we would have been one of those helpless victims. Run down and mutilated by the most wretched, evil reincarnations of a former human being that could ever be imagined. In all my years, after seeing so many zombie movies, the unthinkable was unfolding before my eyes. Until now, my fiance and friends have set up fort in a cave nearby the cliff we witnessed the atrocious events barely more than a week ago. Our supplies are dwindling but options are even harder to come by, with the zombies relentlessly prowling for any survivors.

It has been found that the only way of killing these zombies is to either cut off their heads or destroy their brains. If not killed, the zombies will continue to press forward against the rest of the human race until everyone becomes infected. It is very important to stay as far away as possible from these zombies because if they come in contact with you, they will try to take a bite out of your flesh to infect you with the virus and turn you into one of their own. The rest of mankind has already started working together to help beat these new enemies. Food supplies have been gathered and shelters have been set up to support the cause for survival. Chemists that have not been affected have been given blood samples taken from the zombies to try to find a cure. Everyone has been instructed to always carry around some sort of weapon in order to defend themselves because these zombies are sneaky and can come up on you at any time. I have found that although the can go out in the sunlight, it is not favorable to them and their choice is to mainly come out at night. So find safe locations with other non-infected humans at night and barricade yourself in your homes. And most importantly, always be ready to fight, if all of us can work together we can overcome this outbreak and return the world to how it was. Shaun-of-the-dead-trio

So im walking along, chilling with my friends
and thats when we saw it, where it all began.
its like they were bloody, and running away
but they weren't running at all, they were giving chase
we noticed how bloody they were, and limbs gone
and thats when i started thinking of lyrics to this song.
we realized they were killing others in their path
so we turned around and ran real fast
we're looking at each other like seriously?
as they only closed in furiously
we look all around, zombies everywhere
praying to god, asking how this is fair.
we run into a store, filled ammo and guns
clipping off the zombies, we started having fun.
we set up some walls with some sand bags.
started chucking over the wall, 2 or 3 frags.
BOOM! dust every where, we can hardly see
and thats when i gave a shotgun to li
bap! bap! bap! he was busting a cap
as im laughing at the fact im writing down this rap.
these zombies are dumb, and they started to hate
just because we arn't the most recent thing they ate.
we grab a few rifles, and climb up the stairs
put a big box of ammo next to our chairs.
As we started sniping we see a few more friends
we think to ourselves "maybe we can save them?"
to tell them to come here, we light off a flare,
snipe zombies in the way, as they run as fast as hare.
David gives thx, and offers a prayer
as ryan and patrick set up a snare.
trapped in our trap, cause the zombies are dumb
we drag one in to figure out where to point the gun
we shoot them in the head, and they finally stay dead
our tummy growls, they arnt the only ones that need to be fed
so we all sprint to the local grocery store
bad idea! cause there was a hoard.
we throw a grenade, it blows most of them up...
and so we thought we were chilling in the cut.
too many zombies, we failed to realize,
and they ate us all up, we all died.
at the last fleeting moments as i close my eyes...
i wake up in my bed no longer terrified.

The desert sand burns under a clear sky. It is half past noon, and the sun is lethargic. There is no water and no food. Just me. And a few zombies slowly stumbling a few steps behind me. The burning desert sand is melting their flesh and toasting their bones, and the scent of warm cold cuts drifts from their bodies and blooms into something resembling wet bologna in the dry atmosphere. They are losing speed and won't catch up with me, that is, if I keep crawling. It is the fifth day after what turned out to be the best dream I probably will ever have. It was a dream of food and pleasure and things so terrifyingly delightful. I may be dead, but I am still moving, still living the dream. The zombies groan after me, "Eat fresh." I agree.

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