I figured I'd have to compete with User:Nonimportant in 2 ways here

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So ya...enjoy?User:Serprex 00:55, 5 July 2007 (UTC)


The SSS moved through space collecting taxes from people. But who wanted taxes? Those evil government people. And who wanted evil government people? Everybody. But who wanted everybody? Everybody. That is just corrupt. REALLY! This group of everybody gets to decide it's important? Well, thankfully there were space pirates to make sure that didn't stay. Who wanted space pirates? Nobody. Space pirates would love to leave the path of justice, if only there wasn't the inequality to crush

But now, who didn't want taxes? Everybody. The same people who wanted the evil government. And who didn't want the evil government? Space pirates. But now, who didn't want space pirates? That is where you find the space ninjas. While nobody cared about space pirates unless they got in their way, space ninjas were willing to chase down any pirate across the very hectares of space. And that is where we come to the common place of Earth, a space brambling nesting grounds after the great nuclear space winter. Space ninjas trained in this land of a shattered planet. Ninja space suits allowed stealthy skills to be perfected, to astronomical proportions

They sat upon some astroid, watching the SSS(Star Ship Something)move in their mind. It was quite far, but they knew of the loot it had. They would wait, the space pirates would take it and then the ninjas would take it from the space pirates. This allowed funding and free training, along with them being able to kill pirates. They watched the PSP moving about the skies, and all they could think was zergs. The PSP(Pirate Ship Program)was a new thing in pirate tactics. They were attempting to work together, which mainly involved just looking at the other schedules and choosing areas to mob at the same time. Very unskilled, if it were ninjas working together they'd be making formations and silently striking down their foes

0 lead the space ninjas. He knew they were trained, and knew the space pirates were untrained. He would see this the following day


The ninjas awoke from sleepless sleep with the sounds of alarms. The pirates had struck the SSS, and the ninjas were aiming their space cannons with precision. Every other ninja stepped into a cannon before an energy wave narrowed in on their center of gravity, shifting the mass upwards so that with a single leap the small pocket of air around them was blown away and a force moved just ahead of them, sucking them forward at some speed above that electromagnetic stuff. The main issue was slowing down, which was accomplished by doing a flip back, pulling the force back and thus slipping them out of their forcefields. Now they could only drift, calmly waiting. Looking over eachother, each knew where they would land. Running on the outside of a spaceship took skill, no step could have an offward force. The very moment of impact determined the course, any change would lead to eternal drift

Some ninjas took out their laser cannons. Landing together, they slid about the circular ship. No ship's had been designed to stop the strike of ninjas, a rigid edge would simply cause the destruction of a ship when it entered a slipstream. So now they faced this, ninjas sliding about them. The ninjas aimed their cannons, turned them on and left them. Perfectly static, the lasers melted holes into the ships. Alarms could be heard, air latchs closing. Even anti-ninja doors locked about. It was no help, the ninjas drifted in orbit until they saw a hole, and fell in

Now the real combat began, the scimitar against the katana. The bottle of ale against the shruiken. Yelling could be heard about, the pirates all running about, being slain and slaying. The ninjas organized about, a group of 5 broke off from the fighting and split throughout the ship. 0 led this group. They crawled to the helm elevator. Locked, of course. A fireball blasted the elevator away, leaving the elevator shaft bare and ready for ninja invasion. They leaped about, jumping in perfect timing so to never collide. Finally they were at the helm's door. Four took slashed the walls and held the grooves with their other hand, while 0 pried open the door while his feet were held by his allies

On the helm, the captain laughed in fear. He was facing his death, drunk



"I SAID "AHOY ME MATIES!!!"!!!" the captain growled



Now they just needed to bring the ship back home

AbSoLuTe ZeRoEdit

0 stood upon the ship, searching for a slipstream. Its struck him, who wanted space ninjas? Nobody. And who didn't want them? Space pirates. It was as if pirate and ninja existed only to vanquish the other. If meaning was purpose, the very action of versing the pirates is what gave them meaning, and thus a purpose. Would defeating pirates truly help ninjas?

For a moment, he felt absolute. He felt he knew. Perhaps his time as a ninja was over, and it was time for him to move on. The ninjas below, they new their technique. But when he saw the slaughter of the was without respect. He couldn't teach them anymore, he could only watch. He kicked off of the ship, striking into the abyss. He had become a fricken superninja!

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