I've always found footnotes to be most fascinating. I've wanted to implement this recursive seeding for awhile. Aside: the first time I came across this wonderful opener would've been during February 2010, in which I said it as a conversation starter while working on a computer parallel to another whom I was working with on a Beowulf cluster. Sometimes I laugh, and that was a time when we laughedUser:Serprex 19:07, March 16, 2011 (UTC)

Sometimes(1) I(2) cry(3)
1 The distribution(1) of time(2) lessens(3) with every day(4)
11 The author intends(1) no economic controversy(2)
111 There is the natural desire to intend nothing, but that would lead to paradoxes of intending to not intend
112 Economics is the frightening front by which theories stand trial. That time should be distributed contrary to how one might believe abstract value(1) to be distributed receives a most unfair(2) scrutiny
1121 Time is valuable, this much must be agreed, though it might be argued how abstract it is
1122 Amusingly, economics is the study of how unfair fairness is
12 Linear time fails(1) to account for the relative results of self reference(2) and logarithmic width to size of exponential trees
121 That said, this should not discourage linear time. Failure is too often a deterrent for those who take themselves seriously(1)
1211 Modular arithmetic: By not taking myself seriously at all, I free myself to not restrain myself in taking myself too seriously
122 Self reference is the basis of paradox. Mirrors are evil
13 Let this be a lesson(1) to anyone(2) who thinks(3) there's more in store for them in this life(4). That said, this in no way intends to imply a monotonic function
131 For the whole, lessons should be disregarded
132 Anyone is everyone but you
133 This is a useful predicate for substantially reducing one's cardinality
134 The author intends no religious controversy. That said, it's a most primitive version of the awful logic which tainted philosophy for me until I figured out that it went beyond such dull metaphysical epistemology
14 Night is a time in which the air cools to amplify sound. Things move faster(1). Time moves faster. By Doppler, the distribution is thus locally augmented(2) at these hours(3)
141 How this follows from the previous random point is left as an propaganda exercise for the reader
142 This does not make any claims of net(1) augmentation
1421 The problem with nets is that they have holes. Holes(1) that lose(2) information
14211 How suiting that black holes pose the question of whether information can truly be lost
14212 I cringe that I considered claiming that they leak information. They're definitely a good(1) form of encryption(2)
142121 How good is good enough?
142122 Where quality is only a measure of difficulty in breaking(1). Integrity is left as an engineering exercise for the reader
1421221 Apparently people break when not feeling good enough. Humans are a subjective form of encryption? Consciousness is too subjective. Rubber hoses aren't subjective
143 I once(1) stood(2) for hours
1431 There were plans to try it again some time, as the first try lacked full participation, but that expired(1) with many other plans
14311 Get it?(1) It's a pun. Ha
143111 You aren't expected(1) to
1431111 There it is again. Ha
1432 The standing was defined as maintaining one's footing without further support
2 I'm not real(1)
21 This is an assertion(1) made based on your perception of me. Since I do not perceive you, you do not perceive me. I do not exist(2) according to the existance of any non existent persons. Alternatively, I might be incorrectly perceived. If my identity is mistaken for another, then I'm now rendered as some smear on another's fashion(3). The latter seems the more vile(4)
211 Prove me wrong
212 Exists are the pinnacle of discriminants. Or is it an ex-ist? The extremes with equivalence. Is it a singularity at the end, or some steep collapse? I'm in favor of the latter, though where the critical point(1) is I'm uncertain. I'm sure there's only one
2121 Critical implies special. But y=0 leaves a critical line, so I guess critical things aren't special in crisis(1) zones
21211 It's only after, when the mind returns to the past, that miracles are found in that moment of crisis where everything that was happening had to happen for the most unoriginal reason that that's what it was doing. Where in that moment, we set our consciousness aside and stopped trying to find all the patterns and anomalies around us and became another simple effect being caused by everything rather than something. As it was is how it is
213 When their fashion changes, and fashion does tend to do so, will I die?
214 The point is arguable, as some might cite Gödel's Ontological Proof. Do remember, however, that there were reasons he didn't want it publicly distributed
3 Some(1) might argue that the crying discussed(2) in the preceeding section(3) is not really(4) crying
31 Fascists(1)
311 Privacy is for Fascists(1)
3111 Also said first in February 2010(1)
31111 I said(1) a lot of stupid things(2) in February 2010
311111 "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Is a good contrast to the usual embracement of failure
311112 Stupid things implode on themselves
32 Most wouldn't call a phrase(1) a discussion, but we will for the sake of discussion
321 I've the bad habit of mixing the English and French(1) definitions of phrase, so that I call short sentences phrases. The aforementioned discussion, for which we are not calling a discussion for its own sake but for this sake, was a sentence. This much should not be denied(2)
3211 Pour la discussion, c'est une phrase
3212 I'd rather keep my list of things which should be denied a private matter
33 By what can we refer to the root(1)? To refer to it by the 0 it is not labelled as seems odd. Like the eery feeling one gets when making use of an explicit this pointer(2)
331 God(1)
3311 94143243431512659321054872390486828512913474876027671959234602385829583047250165232525929692572765536436346272718401201264314754632945012784726484107562234789626728592858295347502772262646456217613984829519475412398501
322 While it is suitable to refrain from specifics of an unrelated domain(1), the aesthetic quality of code(2) is a domain which I have few alternatives to reference
3221 Culinary advice states this as "What grows together goes together"
3222 While a domain I might reference, most would not opine me as a practitioner
34 If I'm not real, can my crying really be real? PS I'm not a crocodile(1)
341 I'm still unresolved on whether I'm an alligator

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