20090724User:Serprex 20:00, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

In the end, there was nothing. But that's then and this is now. Now, there is everything
In the end, then will be now. But now is now for now. But only for now

In the beginning, there was nothing. But that's then and this is now. Now, there is everything
In the beginning, then was now. But now is now now. But only now

& then there was nothing

Ampersand. The stylistic implications of it shroud away to some process working beyond consciousness. Application as the opening of a monophrasical paragraph allows reduction of typeset to lowercase without the blatant ignoring of opening case rules

A ray of arbitrarity refracted throughout. Today I was reading an article of negligible value. It stated at one point "arbitrarily depending how big they are". The semantic error struck me enough that I only later realized the bundled syntactic error. Syntax is something the mind can repair with ease when nonambiguous. But an adverb that must be dropped implies the possibility of some loss in information

Such tangents derail. Tangent into tangent, eventually concluding. Collapse inevitable. Structure found in the delays. Partial distraction is the method for a single mind to emulate such processes through partitioning of modularity

Failed gambit

Withdrawled gambit failed modularity of partitioning through processes such emulate to mind. Single a for method the is distraction partial. Delays the in found structure. Inevitable collapse concluding eventually. Tangent into tangent derail tangents. Such information in loss some of possibility the implies dropped. Be must that adverb an but nonambiguous when ease with repair can mind. The something is syntax error. Syntactic bundled the realized later. Only I that enough me struck error. Semantic the are they big. How depending arbitrarily. Point one at stated it value. Negligible of article an reading was I today. Throughout refracted arbitrarity of ray a rules case opening. Of ignoring blatant the without lowercase to typeset of reduction allows paragraph monophrasical a of opening. The as application consciousness beyond working process some to away. Shroud it of implications. Stylistic the ampersand. Nothing was there then & now only but now. Now is now. But now was then. Beginning the in, everything there is [sic] now. Now is this and then that's but nothing. Was there beginning? The in now for only but now. For now is now but now. Be will then end the in. Everything is there now. Now is this and then that's but nothing. Was there end the in?

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