!%User:Serprex 21:22, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

Not! What a horrible name. Is too, is not. Sometimes I go by Knot. But then people think I'm being some poser

What's Not got? NOTHING! I KNOW NOTHING, OKAY? NOTHING! But then people think you're rude for being so uncivil and there's that awkward cough before I continue with uhh like your question was kind of ambiguous and I'ven't anything of a generic nature...

Everybody takes shots on Not. He's all tangled trying to figure out a ton of useless bits to speak up much

Like even False would be a better name. At least that's direct. At least that's got the normal five letters. At least that might have some direct philosophical meaning. But Not? You gotta be kidding me

Really, zero and one make for really boring modulos operations on either side. On the right too, so long as you consider fucked up to be boring (hint: it is. Honestly, I tried out this look in highschool where I'd hang pretzels on my ears. Except they weren't really pretzels, they were poor little porn doodles on jot note paper. Anyways, I'd walk around until I found someone who didn't know me and give them the pretzel. They'd just look at me with this bored glare. Don't worry though, I only did that for like three days. Then I started doing my hair up with pencils, except only the inner graphite; I'd burn off the wood.)

Not's not Knot. I never talked to that therapist again

I went to a casino once. Hey Not, let's go down to the slots. There's better slots in life

Not's a little snot. It became dirty snot after I struck out at yet another contemptuous person. Not fought a lot

But I didn't. I mostly sat around. Parks, home, cars. I was pretty good at being able to spot somewhere to squat

Another name I like is Tilde. It takes most people awhile to figure out that one. Knot has nothing in common with not besides some letter. But Tilde? Hell, most people don't even know what to call the squiggle

Sometimes I'd go by Invert, just another step away from Tilde, but then people think I'm trying to get at Introvert. Which makes people think I'm being some loner poser

Not's hot. Except usually people like to keep it classy, by being cynical, and so instead it's Not's not hot. But I get my own laugh on that double negative, especially when thinking of Polish notation

How much do you want? Not a lot. HAHAHA, really? Of course not!

Hey Not, got some pot? STOP ASKING I'M ALL OUT, OKAY?

I caught Not getting bought. Yes yes, gigolo joke rhymes are sooo funny

I'll be laughing when I've got Not's Yacht

I'm a blot in the system. Just a dot out of place. Left behind to rot. I sought a taut cott, but only found robot job cooking carrots and shallots

I brought you flowers. I punched their face for that one

I went out once with some people who had some cheap plot to frot. Now people think I'm sansculotte, but that's only because they forgot that other night they had with a sweet cocotte

I'mn't; get staked

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